A few weeks ago I got a pretty bad cold. It had been years since I actually had a cold… Yes, years! I’m one of those people who like to think that all the healthy eating, exercise and meditation routine keep you strong and safe from bugs. I’m as well a strong believer that ‘a cold just going around” is actually not at all an excuse or reason to get ill. It’s just finding normal to have a weak immune system, disempowering us from our rights – and responsibilities – to look after ourselves on a  daily basis so we can face the change of seasons without hiccups.

Yes, so I’m one of those people right;-) So when the cold hit I was appalled, ‘omg, I’m actually no superwoman’! Weeks of stress, massive life changes and a huge drop in my yoga an meditation practise allowed me to be weaker, less in tune with my intuition, and more encline to get that bad cold that was obviously going around, not willing to miss me and my not-so-humble attitude towards my own humanity.

After days in bed and then days cancelling clients or finding covers for my yoga classes I was still feeling weak, exhausted and pretty low in my mind too. I was starting with the ‘poor me – what a life’ attitude – but, I still had enough awareness to grasp that and decide that actually it was now more my mental attitude than my cold that were slowing me down and preventing me to recover fully.

So I went to my first hot yoga class in a week, pretty hot yoga actually and I said to the teacher “I’m gonna take it slowly because I’m just recovering, I might spend quite some time in child pose today”. I didn’t do a single child pose during the whole of the class… taken by a big rush of energy and happiness, I found myself sweating like crazy and being fully present in my body, my breath and my mind. I was struggling to breathe well but I didn’t have time to focus on that limitation. The radical change in me was so impressive that I actually realised pretty quickly that it was all that I needed to end this nasty cold and find more energy… to move my behind from the couch/bed, get on the mat with an attitude of actually not expecting anything from the class (“being detached from the results – Varagya”).

As the fantastic teacher (Helen Guissane for the ones who know her;-) explained towards the end – and what had crossed my mind – is that the lymphatic system was particularly targeted in the class especially because of the fact that a lot of people felt bad with the change of season. Talk about synchronicity!

In the Yoga Sutra of Pantajali it is said that the first distraction, or obstacle, in a yoga aspirant’s life is ‘Vyadhi, or sickness which disturbs the physical equilibrium – Sutra I.30‘. It is pretty obvious. You must stay in bed if that’s what the body needs and the doctor recommends. Get your health back to the degree that going into a yoga class doesn’t put you at risk. Then the fifth obstacle ‘Alasya or laziness’ is mentioned as another obstacle on our yoga journey, and that’s exactly what I targeted here when I decided to get off my couch and sweat it out; to push the creeping laziness away. With the cold lingering, I as well experienced ‘Styana – a lack of mental disposition for work, languor’ which is state I easily go in when tired; the feeling that only me hiding at home will solve my problems.

So I sweat my cold out. I went back to more classes, including some yummy yin sessions, kept on drinking chai tea, got lots of rest. But the heaviness in the head stayed, that congestion resulting in feeling that some fog had invaded my head forever. Some days were better, others were pretty bad with big headaches and a feeling of not being completely awake, coupled with crazy and seemingly uncontrolled emotions. My meditation practise was still not regular and I just couldn’t get on top of this on my own anymore.

So I called my friend kinesiologist and had a session with her, called my other friend who gave me a session ‘access consciousness’ and then an other friend for thai massage… It did it, I was totally healed, helped by talented and caring people!

What I found out is that when our defences are low, it’s not only on the physical level that we need to heal, on a deeper level something has shifted; it can come from our attitude towards the illness and from the weaker energy in the body that’s more receptive to low vibrations, hence attracting similar low vibrating energies like magnets, making the recovery even harder. By clearing the energy field, working on the mind and soul, by pampering ourselves and removing what’s left of the low energy, we can experience a true transformation, get back ont track and even more, move to yet an other level of consciousness and happiness!

But let me be clear here, I don’t recommend that you go in a hot yoga class with a full-on cold. Get better first, you don’t want to end up collapsing because of the heat, sneeze and cough on your fellow students or actually make yourself worse. I’m just talking about that moment when you actually feel a lot better, can get out of bed, but still feel that cold lingering, still feel crap and low but ready in your mind and body to take action to recover fully. Look after yourself people!

My friend Cecilia Ling, Kinesiologist: 021772780

My friend Mira Tempelton, Access Consciousness: 0224676472

My friend Tina, Thai massage: 02108652306

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