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This post has been created to deliver important messages for humanity to help us reach a field of united higher consciousness.

In the first section, we are going to dive deep into our belief systems and projections from the density of the 3D Matrix. After reading this information please watch or listen to my 40-minute transmission which is available below.

In the second section, I take you through a 35 minute guided meditation & activation to help you purge the density of the 3D matrix. We anchor in Unity Consciousness and start creating the templates for the New Earth!

How exciting!

​​The 3D Matrix System and Our Beliefs Around COVID

This transmission is most likely going to make you uncomfortable in many ways. I invite you to welcome this discomfort as a beautiful and potent pathway of evolution.

We can learn to reside in our curiosity and accept that we are experiencing discomfort as the signs that some of our belief systems are being challenged. 

The transmission is here to encourage you to reside more into your sovereignty as we move through so much distortion and separation in the world now.

The purity of this unified field of consciousness carried in this message is acting as cosmic surgery into your brain.

The Architecture of the 3D Matrix

In the video below, I  share with you the greater architecture of the matrix systems and how we identify with these matrix systems through our beliefs around COVID and other situations arising in our field.

We often hear messages about destroying the matrix, removing ourselves from the matrix, dissolving the matrix. But these concepts are not anchored in an understanding of what the matrix really is.

I share information about what the matrix really is that we are residing in and what it means to be in the 3D matrix system. How do our belief systems affect how we perceive the architecture of the matrix? I share how to reside in our higher fractal within the matrix and expand & shift our matrix structure with our heart desires.

I discuss how a broader range of belief systems and interpretations are being born as our matrix system expands and shifts as we evolve. No one is actually right or actually wrong in their varying belief systems.

We are awakening to the outdated 3D matrix

As we are now experiencing a great transition. Many of us are awakening and observing the many distortions of our current reality, our current 3D matrix. We can therefore feel that we must destroy and unplug from it entirely to be free.

But in reality, a matrix is simply an algorithm comprising all frequencies of a certain range residing on earth now and in the past. It is a gathering of thoughts and beliefs. There are so many of them that are low vibration that it is challenging for most humans to see beyond the current matrix. 

We are a part of it, as we also emit thoughts and receive information from the matrix.

The 3D matrix has reached its peak in terms of density, so many souls who are awakening are looking for something else.

The 4D matrix is of higher frequencies, it is the 4D bridge of ascension. Where we learn to regain control and power over our own energy, our own thoughts, emotions, dreams and actions. 

The 5D matrix is now available for souls who have learned to master the energies of the 4D. This matrix is of even higher frequencies. There, love, abundance, freedom and connection reside in higher states. This is where we are heading!

We must learn to shift through higher levels of consciousness and mastery of the self. This is why I’m sharing this transmission with you.

We must find ways to see what the matrix is offering us 

Firstly, find gratitude and all the good things of our current reality – and there are many!

Secondly, as things are starting to get intense in the world, people feel lost because the anchors they had to their reality are being removed. We are now seeing many people experiencing problems within the primal codes of love, connection, freedom and abundance. 

Basically, we are unplugging from the outdated 3D matrix. 

One of the friction points is that many of us don’t realise that we have been given the opportunity to change our belief systems. This allows us to tap into our inner power and rewire our life to create what we truly want. 

Instead, people start entering deep fears and very dramatic scenarios regarding the world, our societies and their own individual lives.

We are currently bombarding the matrix systems and the COVID situation with all of our lower fractal belief systems. This creates so much separation for humanity. 

There is a division between those who believe in the ‘conspiracy theories,’ and the other ones who believe in COVID. Who is more ‘woke’? Who knows the truth? What is really happening? 

These are only narratives and belief systems that are running through the webs of the 3D matrix. They are not the truth, none of it actually is. One human simply plugs into one thread and starts defending the chosen narrative as if their life depends on it.

That is not free thinking. It is simply tapping into the lower density templates offered to us by an outdated matrix starting to crumble down.

Remember that what we think, we are and we create. We project our reality, as it is anchored in the divine law of quantum resonance. We attract experiences, people, situations that vibrate at the same levels as our fractal self.

When we work on the self, we upgrade our reality 

When we dramatise our external reality and see only low scenarios unfolding, then we anchor low vibes in our fractal self. In return will project even lower scenarios of reality. 

That is the Law of Life. “Know thy Self” and you shall be free.

We must reclaim our power by freeing our mind beyond all outdated templates of reality offered by the 3D matrix system. We must tap into the 4D and 5D matrix systems instead. We are now learning how to do it, and I am here to help you.

This is my purpose and I will serve the light always. I am here to show the way for all the souls ready to follow me onto the 4D bridge of the rainbow light. Here we get to reach the 5D of unconditional Love and anchor the New Earth together.

Using the pandemic for ascension

As we know that the Universe always has our back, ALWAYS. And it has offered us a pandemic as a potent accelerated pathway of evolution. 

It has created a huge shift in the available narratives and each human can choose to bring in higher frequencies. We can start perceiving the distortion that we were in before. But instead of doing that, people have started attacking each other. 

People have been offered the possibility to plug themselves into higher levels of frequencies of unity consciousness. But we don’t know how to do it. Instead, they have anchored themselves back into outdated matrix paradigms. These are based on separation and of “I am right and you are wrong”. 

This transmission is here to stop you from going back into outdated paradigms of reality that you want to shift away from to start with! 

When we start feeling unified consciousness that resonates so deeply with our soul, we must learn to stay there and plug into our soul. Our soul who knows exactly what is happening. Our soul is already wired into the highest frequencies available and our soul is taking us there. 

We must become the observer and allow our human to follow our soul, who always knows why, where and how… Surrendering is one of the most potent aligned actions one can take now, as well as cultivating equanimity.

Allow yourself to choose the option of observing the matrix system. Choose to dance with it and be so grateful for it. Always ask yourself in each and every moment, ‘how can I embody the 4 primal codes of love, freedom, abundance and connection no matter what?’


New Earth Meditation and Activation

In this transmission, we are going to go deep into an activation/meditation journey,

I invite you to watch the video or listen to the podcast on the 3D Matrix and our beliefs around COVID-19 before continuing with this activation, as it is extremely relevant and important for today’s transmission. 

I am here to serve all light leaders and architects of the new earth, weaving webs of divine light all over the planet so we can create a new reality based on the four primal codes of love, connection, abundance and freedom.

After reading this post you can either watch or listen to the activation/meditation by skipping ahead to 14 minutes into the YouTube video or podcast episode at the end of this post. 

What is going to happen during this activation? 

Before we go deep, I would love to share with you some information about what is going to happen, which will make it easier for you to stay fully present in the vortex of this transmission and not overthink things.

This transmission is highly coded. Sometimes people blank when they receive transmissions from me because of the high frequencies flowing through me. That’s okay! Please watch or listen to it again and again until you can stay conscious, which means that your frequencies have shifted massively to be much higher!

This transmission is going to recode your avatar, live more from the heart and start creating the New Earth from your heart. 

Reclaiming our sovereignty as the creator of our reality!

When a reality is presented to us, it doesn’t mean that we have to take on that reality. It is not our reality, it is the reality that someone is sharing with us. 

The expression of ‘get real!’ is void because what does that even mean? It doesn’t mean anything, my reality is different from your reality. We all live in different realities, we live in the reality that is inside of us!

The way I see the world is different from the way that my sister sees it, or my children, or my friend… We each see our shared reality differently and that is absolutely perfect and beautiful!

To become a powerful creator is to reclaim that power and to literally choose the reality that we create. 

When the algorithm of the macrocosm presented to us is of such density, widespread, receiving strong engagement, most humans abide by a similar narrative. The more people share the same narrative, the stronger it becomes until eventually, most people think that “that is real”, “that is the way/truth”.

Whatever narrative people buy into and project as their reality, they often want to convince others that their reality is the only reality existing.

But it is only coming from the mind, which is a projection of their own limitations and their belief systems. It is not theirs. They can believe whatever they like, bless them in their reality but that is not what we have to choose for ourselves. 

During this transmission, we are going to go deep into reclaiming our sovereignty as the creator and creatress of our reality. This is a potent algorithm of quantum manifestation.  

Quantum Manifestation

At the moment over 90% of the world’s population is going into very low vibes narratives about what is going on in their reality. It can go from one polarity to another about what is real and true and what is not. There are very few narratives that actually present the possibility of a reality that is completely different.

I’ve literally not heard a single person present this reality. If someone was going to talk about reality like that, straight away you and other people around would start projecting negative beliefs like ‘how can you think like this, it’s not possible! Look at what’s REALLY going on!”

For example, I’m giving you a reality where in two months time I’m gonna buy a ticket and travel to Australia to see my friends and we’ll spend a month together travelling around. I’m going to be so happy and will travel back without any problems. Not only that, but I will not wear a mask or have to get any vaccine. Nobody will ask me anything! Not only that but people will be talking about the situation of COVID as in the past. 

It will be gone! Everybody will be like, ‘we had a fright there, what on earth happened? I don’t know! But I’m so glad we’re on the other side.’ As soon as I say that, all of you here are going to come and say, ‘get real, it’s not going to happen, we’re going to have to put up with masks for many years…’ and so on.

Basically, what’s going to happen is that as soon as I want to share the reality that I’m creating for myself, I’m going to be bombarded by other people who are going to make me ‘get real’. 

We self-sabotage by projecting density from the matrix

We all experience this and we all do this to ourselves and others to a certain extent. We do it to ourselves because even if we want to believe it, straight away, bam! Self-sabotage comes and we drop our frequency. Our mind is going to come and say ‘no way can you dream about that! No way you can buy a ticket now because things aren’t going to change!’.

We self-sabotage but we also project this algorithm of density from the matrix inside our own reality. That is not being a sovereign creator, my friend. This is literally putting on the baggage and density from the macrocosmic algorithm of density. 

Reaching the tipping point together as light leaders

This journey that we are going to go on, is going to change your life. Please watch it and do it every single day! If 99% of the population has the same narrative of density, even with polar opposite scenarios, and only 1% of the population is anchoring the reality that I’m sharing here, this is very unbalanced. We need to shift the balance here!

Shifting the balance is actually going completely to the other side in visualising earth anchored into love, freedom, abundance and connection. It is also about removing outdated thoughts and belief systems and fears that prevent us from being anchored fully there. That is the work that we do! 

This is our training. We were born to do this! We were born to reclaim this. Light leaders and architects of the New Earth are not here to keep projecting shitty realities. So please join me in creating potent webs of divine light on the planet by holding those templates with me.

This journey will teach you how to anchor new 5D templates 

This journey is so highly coded that you will feel the shifts all the way to your cells, your skin, your organs, all of your physical body and energy field. 

The more you do this, the easier it gets to hold the vision and therefore the frequencies you anchor into. 

Every time you will face other people projecting their low vibe reality, you will cut that out from your field straight away and politely change the subject to something high vibe. This is how we change the narrative, we don’t engage at all with the low ones, and instead, we offer some high vibe conversations.

The more people who can anchor the template of the New Earth now, the faster we shift the algorithm of the greater 4D and 5D matrix systems, bringing the tipping point to here and now!

We are the divine creators! 

If you know 100% that you create your reality, if you know that you can hold those high-vibe templates all the time in your heart with so much trust, confidence and willpower to manifest it, it will accelerate the shift of all existing timelines. 

Next thing we know in a few months time, the tipping point has arrived and literally we can rewrite our stories.

channeling abilities

Quantum Technologies

During this transmission, you are also going to receive potent quantum technologies. Quantum technologies are here to serve you! You are going to feel the frequency shifts as you’ll receive them. Please honour them, respect them and use them!

Quantum technology 1: The shield

You are first going to receive a shield, so every time you come in contact with people who bring with them low vibe narratives, you will be able to stay anchored in your own truth, your own reality. 

Quantum technology 2: The sword

The second quantum technology you will receive is the sword! Because we are warriors here on earth now.

You are going to receive this sword of light and every time you find yourself falling into the wormholes that are going to be presented to you, you’re going to visualise simply cutting cords with your sword. 

Observe if you are going down a train of thought that is taking you into a low-vibe reality, immediately cut the cords from that thought train and put up your shield. 

These two quantum technologies literally work like that.

The sword is a piece of quantum technology that I received about 25 years ago, so I’ve had a lot of use with it and it is still one of the quantum technologies that I use the most. Use your sword and reclaim your power as a warrior of light!

Quantum technology 3: A crystal for unity consciousness

Later in the journey, you’re going to receive a very special guest in your field, this guest is going to bring a crystal representing unity consciousness. Unity consciousness, God, Source, the divine, is the highest connection that we can have. 

When we are lost and need help, we can pray, all the time. We pray hard. In those times of the great transition, we must pray more. 

To bring back unity consciousness we can connect to the divine inside of us and we call to the divine. 

This crystal/quantum technology is going to be presented to you by a very special guest and it is going to come in a form that represents two things in one such as the yin and the yang symbol showing polarity.

It could simply be two colours in one crystal or two shapes brought into one. This quantum technology is going to be very unique to you. It’s going to come and merge with somewhere in your body. My friend, please connect to this every single day. Feel unity consciousness and ask this technology to be fully activated. This technology is going to help you shift faster and stay locked in with greater ease into unity consciousness, oneness and connection with god.

Watch or listen to the activation on YouTube or on my podcast below. Find yourself in a comfortable seated position and then fast forward to 14 minutes 40 seconds to dive straight into the activation:

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