quantum travels

In this post we are going to learn the 5 steps of the Quantum travels formula which is a game-changer in spiritual evolution!

Our travels in the Quantum take us to the infinite realms… It’s so vast that a simple description of what can happen when we work in the quantum is simply impossible. How can we describe the infinite?

For the purpose of clarity and effectivity, we can mention what concerns us and affects us now, such as our connection with star races, with loved ones that have passed, our connection with Quantum technologies, with our activated soul business, connections to our soul mate and friends, and so much more!

The 5 steps of the Quantum travels formula need to happen one after the other. We are going to learn about each step, in order to travel safely and efficiently in the Quantum.

This formula that I am sharing today also comes with a recorded channelled activation during which I guide us through the 5 steps, so we can receive the codes and integrate them with ease. 

After reading this post, access the activation by simply skipping ahead to 27 minutes in on this podcast episode or on my YouTube video here, or at the bottom of this post.

quantum travels

Quantum travels formula step 1: Find inner peace

For this, we need to sit in meditation, learn to silence the mind and be present within our heart.  

There is so much about this subject of finding inner peace all over the internet and in literature that I’m not going to explain this foundational practice here. 

My mission is to deepen, expand and bring new content that hasn’t been shared before that is in-depth, practical and accessible. This is what we will dive into! 

If you need to learn to meditate, please anchor that in first before starting to play in the Quantum. We must have control and precision to be certain that we access the highest levels of frequencies available to us when we start travelling in other realities.

Once we have the techniques in place to be able to find inner peace when sitting in meditation, the first step of this formula is to basically sit down, breath and meditate to reach that space of inner peace. This is when we feel relaxed, that we are dropping in ourselves fully. No need to try to reach all the way to the blissful state, inner peace and quiet is already perfect!

This way, there is no agitation in our field and we are not mentally processing a lot of information.

Quantum travels formula step 2: Activation of our column of ascension

I also like to call the column of ascension the pillar of light. The column of ascension is literally anchoring us to the heart of the ascended earth and the heart of the supreme consciousness, source or God.

With the column of ascension, we start from the heart. We breathe from the heart and we draw a silver magnetic cord (or whichever colour comes up for you) from the heart all the way down through the spine and Muladhara chakra. We set the intention to connect to the heart of ascended Gaia, or Earth. We feel and visualise this connection to Gaia and to the vertical axis below.

Then we go back to the heart and we draw a silver magnetic cord all the way up higher and higher until we feel that there is a connection to the higher realms on the vertical axis above. For me, this comes like an electric current where I instantly feel it.

As you connect to the vertical axis above and below, I encourage you to drop away from the mind and simply start feeling the vibrations in your body, as this is what connects us to our multidimensional self.

Anchoring in the column of ascension

Once we have created and strongly established this three-point connection between our heart, the heart of Gaia below and the heart of the supreme consciousness, this vertical axis becomes more like a pillar of light or a column of ascension within us. 

We can direct this column to increase in diameter so it becomes very strong and we can feel the energy flowing from below all the way up and from above all the way down.

When the pillar of light is anchored in our field, we consciously know that we are fully soul-aligned. We don’t need to know exactly what it means but we basically are fully anchored in our unique soul frequency. This means we are fully protected and fully connected to our soul and our soul family.

If you have a meditation practice you might like to add this step of activating your column of ascension every single day to make sure you are fully aligned to yourself no matter what arises.

Quantum travels formula step 3: Start connecting to your Galactic team

Depending on how connected to our intuition we are, we will receive this connection differently. Some people are more visual, some people hear more, some people feel more and for others, it’s simply instant knowing flowing.

When we start anchoring ourselves into our intuition and connect to our galactic team, we can really feel them around us. 

Maybe you can see them, hear them or feel them now already as you simply read these lines?

If these pathways are not fine-tuned and you would like to dive deeper in the field of intuition and psychic abilities, and therefore have a clear connection with your Galactic team, have a look at my online course the Galactic Intuitive.

This course is accessible for everyone and will help you maximise your intuition and understand your soul mission with so much more clarity!

Our Galactic team is always there for us

Even if we can’t see, hear or feel our Galactic team around us, it doesn’t mean they are not there. We can still acknowledge them and thank them for being there.

Our Galactic team’s soul mission is to be there for us. This is their own pathway of evolution and why they do what they do. Working with us and helping us is how they evolve themselves to new levels of frequencies. 

The least we can do is acknowledge them and thank them! 

It doesn’t matter how close we are in terms of intuitive connection, they are here and they help us. They are our team, our non-physical family, we co-create with them and they love us unconditionally.

In this 3rd step, we call out to our team and ask them to come and help us travel in the Quantum. For a lot of the members of our team, this is actually their role, to open up portals and gateways.

Different members of our Galactic team have different roles. Some are here to protect and comfort us, others are here to teach us about the Quantum and our soul journey and mission, some keep codes for us, we have healers and many more amazing beings in our field.

It is absolutely life-changing to be able to connect to our Galactic team more precisely!

The language that I use when guiding students through activations is very precise and refined. This brings the heart desires of the human into clear language for the star races that we work with.

When we are connecting with our team, it is important to use our own language. Our team knows us and they know that we are learning. They will be able to translate what we say because they know us so deeply and they can see that we are curious to explore a greater level of connection with them.

Why is it important to connect to our Galactic team?

We don’t have the tools in our toolbox yet to be able to travel in the Quantum, by ourselves, with precision. So, we rely on connecting with our Galactic and soul family for our travels because they know how to keep us safe and what we need right now on our evolution journey.

When you start travelling in the Quantum, the heart desires placed in our heart are the exact ones that are going to call in new experiences so we can receive and learn what we need. 

We must acknowledge and consciously bring our heart desires out, honour them consciously and wholly. We then ask questions about them, so answers can start flowing in. More about that will be explained below.

Quantum travels formula step 4: Ask to travel up or in

The next step is to simply ask to travel up. I ask to travel up because when I work in the Quantum I see myself going up. Some people see themselves going in, which is also fine. They are equal. 

The microcosm within us is the same as the macrocosm outside of us. When you receive the recorded activation mentioned, remain open and see whether you remain inside of you or start travelling outside of you. 

Discovering our own unique Quantum space

When we start travelling we will get to a very special place that is magnificent and perfectly aligned for us. 

This place is our very own Quantum space. Somewhere out there or within us, there is a space that has been created especially for us. It is a space that has all our soul codes present. It is the space that vibrates at the highest level possible for us right now, a reflection of the upper portion of our fractal self.

When we get into that place, we will be able to see what it looks like and hear and feel what it is like. It will be so unique and delicious, a bit like returning home.

This is the base or the launching platform for all our Quantum travels. It is safe to start travelling from this space because it is uniquely ours and highly protected.

For me, my Quantum space is just infinite white, like a canvas. For others, it is like Earth with the sea and the trees, and for others, it is like being in the stars in space. 

Your very own Quantum space is going to be revealed to you as you listen to the guided activation!

Quantum travels formula step 5: Ask a question

The questions we ask in the Quantum simply come as our heart’s desires. 

If we have a heart desire to know more about our Galactic team, our soul mission and the soul connection we have with our partner or children, it means that these questions are there as heart desires, expressions of the pathways of evolution available to us now. 

We can also ask about our health and our children, about anything really… But the more we are able to align to our heart, the higher frequencies the questions will be, therefore unlocking higher potentials and resources for us.

Asking questions is an art. Being able to ask precise questions will help us unlock specific codes with more accuracy.

For example, “what is my soul mission” is very broad. It is better to ask more precise questions to be able to receive accurate and applicable answers. For example, “is the job I’m currently working at part of my soul mission”?

We can ask more questions to get more answers around the same theme, for example, if the answer is yes to the question above you could ask, “what percentage of my soul mission does this job relate to”? Maybe it is 5% or maybe it is 50%!

We want to be able to find what in our everyday lives is already part of our soul mission, and also what aligned actions can we take to anchor in more of that soul mission now.

Connecting with our Galactic team and doing soul work is great, but if we don’t take aligned action in our everyday life to actually embody these codes then nothing is going to change in our reality.

We must remember every area of our lives somehow relates to our soul mission. We have to constantly understand and wire into our conscious mind that our everyday life is our spiritual life, there is no separation. Every action we take, every relationship, every activity, having children, all of that is part of our spiritual life. 

Before you listen to the activation I would like to invite you to find three questions. Make them all linked to one subject. If it is about your soul mission, find 3 practical questions about your soul mission.  

There you have the 5 step formula to travel in the Quantum!

This will give you great access to the Quantum. It won’t necessarily give you access to the infinite Quantum, due to the level of frequencies that information resides in. 

Even though all the information exists there, we are not going to be able to receive answers if we don’t vibrate at the frequency of that information.

When we do the work on ourselves through our spiritual growth journey, we receive access to more and more information. 

If you vibrate at a very high level, it’s because you speak your truth, take aligned action and are generous and loving. Not only towards others but also towards yourself. You do the work of becoming a better person with every breath you take, therefore you increase your vibrations, it’s as simple as that!

This anchor in higher frequencies is done from a place of surrendering, of flowing with life and loving and feeling ecstatic about life!

I personally have access to high frequencies in the quantum because of the devotion I show for my life as a human being, as a servant of the divine, a teacher of light leaders.

Thank you for reading, please listen to the audio recording of this transmission so you can start embodying the Quantum Travel Formula now!

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quantum travels

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