Welcome to part 2 of this 3 part mini-series where I will channel wisdom from our dear star families. They are here to share insights about what it means to live in a golden civilization, from their own perspective, as they help us transition into the new Golden Age of Miracles that is upon us.

Now is the great transition! We are going through a mass awakening process and it is a very exciting time.

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In this transmission, I would love to share with you some wisdom coming from our beloved star family, the Andromedans. They are here to help us understand how we can create the Golden Age of Miracles on Earth, from the perspective of the connection that we have with our planet.

The Andromedans

I absolutely love working with t and receiving their guidance. Everything about them is purely magical. Their main planet is sparkly, it is full of glitter and neon lights, and they are very much a reflection of that! They are a very advanced civilisation that has reached a level of unity consciousness with their planet that is unprecedented! 

Andromeda is a different galaxy from our Milky Way altogether. We call them the Andromedans but it’s a little bit like if we were to call our entire galaxy the humans, which is not quite right. But I will continue to call them the Andromedans as this is how we know them for now!


Andromedans are starting to work more and more with humans

The Andromedans have many different planets. From my own understanding of how we co-create with them, it’s mostly the main central planet that is now co-creating with Earth. But very recently, more and more planets on this Andromedan Galaxy have started to create connections with humans. 

It is amazing for the Andromedans to be able to understand how they can experiment with their pathways of evolution by becoming teachers and activators for humans. It is the Andromedans who mostly love to send us crop circles! They are not the only star race doing this but very often it does come from them. 

The Andromedans that I work with are usually architects. They teach a lot about sacred geometry and different structures. This is absolutely fascinating! 

The Andromedan Collective on our connection to Earth

Today I will be sharing from a different kind of Andromedan collective. They want to share with us all about the unique way that we are entering the Golden Age of Miracles from the lens of understanding our connection with our planet. This information is mesmerising!

I have already shared a transmission from the Arcturians in which they were sharing about the transition to the Golden Age from the perspective of healing. Now the Andromedans share from the perspective of co-creating with our planet. 

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A message from the Andromedans

“To understand how to start entering the stage of living as an advanced civilisation from the angle of co-creating with your planet dear humans, we would love to share with you that the body of the Earth is very much like your physical body.”

The Earth has a soul! 

The soul is not really inside the Earth but it is the Earth in itself. The soul of the Earth is everything. The soul of the Earth is every material thing, animal, plant, physical being that you can perceive and so it is you too!

It is interesting to understand that you are born from the matter, the atoms that come together to create your divine physical temple so you can receive the descent of your soul from your oversoul network. Therefore as you exist, all your atoms have all of the information from the Earth, all civilisations, all plants, all animals, all cycles, all seasons and all elements. 

Everything resides within you always. 

The Earth consciousness is everything

There is no separation within the earth’s realms. The Earth consciousness breathes through every leaf, through every tree trunk, through every animal, every mushroom, all algae, everything! The Earth breathes through everything. The Earth breathes through you too.

Thinking you are separate from the Earth is one of the most fundamental templates of separation that you can experience. Your physical body is bound by the cycle of the Earth and your body will eventually return to the Earth.

Within your atoms, you have information about all of the Earth realms. You also have all the information about your oversoul network. Therefore you are entirely unique! There is no one else like you that has the same descent of the soul from the oversoul network and the same creation of perfect physical structure coming from the Mother Creatrix of all things.

Earth is a magnificent planet

Earth is very advanced! To be able to become a planet, a soul must become an ascended master in many different galaxies and finish many different pathways of evolution to enter the degree of mastery needed to become a creator able to birth life.

Life is birthed by Earth by receiving the desires of the souls coming from the ether, the womb of the creatrix of all things. These souls desiring to experience a certain holographic civilisation come to Earth because they want to experiment within the realms on Earth.

The souls on Earth love it here!

When souls come to Earth and then keep on coming back it is because they love it here. You came back because you love it, you love Earth. You didn’t come here because you are trapped in the cycles of karma. These are different teachings that we are not going to share in this transmission, but we would love for you to remember that as a sovereign divine being, your choice matters. And you chose earth as your current planet so you can evolve and grow, not because you were forced to be here.

Co-creating with the Earth

We want to remind you that Earth’s consciousness is in everything. Therefore it can be easy for you to start opening up your telepathic abilities to co-create with the animal and plant realms and all life forms on Earth.

Simply find that within yourself. Go deep within your heart, your womb and your cells and ask the remembrance of telepathic communication with Earth consciousness to be fully activated.

Ask for support, talk to the Earth, hold ceremonies and bless her! 

We would love to invite you to enter into communion with Earth simply by lying down on her surface on your stomach. Allow your heart to beat into the Earth, and to beat with the rhythm of her heart.

This will allow you to be together in communion with the Earth and to listen to the murmur of her soul running through the soft grass or the warm sand. Lie down in the snow, on the crust of the Earth, lie down even for a few breaths and surrender completely into the embrace of the mother, receiving you. 

Reaching a point of homeostasis with the Earth

As you do this frequently, your entire physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems will reach a point of homeostasis. This profound reconnection with the self transcends all limitations, all mental structures, all fears, doubts, regrets, sadness and anger. 

Asking the Earth to absorb what you no longer want to carry

As you lie down on the Earth ask your mother, the birther of your own life to take away from you all that you are carrying and that has become too heavy for you. Ask the Earth to take away your doubts, anger, judgement and fears. Ask the Earth to take all diseases, all your density and feel the Earth absorbing it. She opens her heart to receive all of that as a gift, as the mother loves to receive gifts. 

You give something away to the Earth, you give your pain, your sorrow, your doubts and frustrations. Give your limitations, fears and beliefs that no longer serve you. 

The quantum law of giving and receiving

The more you give away your pain, the more the Earth receives it. Through the infinite quantum law of divine receiving and giving, as you give, you create space to receive something new, of higher frequencies.

As you give away all that no longer serves you as you lie down on her surface, in an embrace of unity consciousness as you reunite with your mother, you create so much space within the self. As you lie on the Earth, observe the space, the nothingness where nothing resides, which is where the whole potential of creation lies.

Receiving regenerative energy from the Earth

As you lie down in the space of no-thing, after giving away all that no longer serves you, simply observe your heartbeat. Ask your heartbeat to connect to the heartbeat of the mother. So your own rhythm and your systems can be fully re-energised and activated into pure electro-ecstatic vibrancy. Your whole being can therefore receive regenerative energy from your planet.

Your mother has an infinite amount of love for you. When a mother has an infinite amount of love for her children, she will do everything in her power for them to feel safe, supported and to have faith and trust in their own path. Your earth knows your pain, but she also knows your strength. She knows your courage, strength and power.

Aligning to unity consciousness 

The more you create ceremonies with your planet, the more you respect all life forms, the more you will feel unity consciousness within you. How can you destroy your planet and think you are an earthling? How can you kill and eat other lifeforms and think you live in unity consciousness? How can you destroy life and think you can embrace and anchor 5th-dimensional frequency? 

Co-creating a completely eco-friendly civilisation

As you enter the new Golden Age of civilisation, you are going to learn to use your resources for promoting life of Earth with her, always. Together you co-create beautiful houses that are completely eco-friendly. Cars, planes, technology that is completely eco-friendly can also be co-created. Do you think this is not possible? Dissolve that at once! That is just a limiting belief.

Living in harmony with the planet in Andromeda

Advanced civilisations like our own never create something that could cause damage to our planet. That would simply not happen. In our systems on Andromeda, we live continuously in perfect harmony with our planet. Therefore, when we need some material to build our structure, or we need some clothes, we connect with the planet and we ask her where we need to get the materials from and how do we give back to her and preserve her own homeostasis. 

There is nothing that we do that is against our own planet. Therefore it is very easy for us to experience miracles always. We co-create as one race with the one that gives birth to us. It is like that for each and every planet in the Andromedan system. 

Why Andromeda is so beautiful

In our galaxy, everything is beautiful. We are beautiful and all our built structures are beautiful! Everything is beautiful because we only create out of joy, love and the highest level of respect for the one that provides everything to us humanoid, to our animals and plants so we can embrace ecstatic bliss, joyful evolution within our realms.

Do you want to experience joyful liberation within your own realm? It is possible! 

Embrace the pathway of reconnecting with the soul of the mother

Earth is an eternal being who is ancient, sacred and highly advanced. She has been here for billions of years, creating life, shifting her structure, promoting life over and over again. Your earth is much older than your records say. Your earth is still going to be there for a long time because it is here to allow you, humans, to experience a new civilisation.

The Earth is playfully experimenting with evolution and encouraging all of her children to become one and to stop fighting. 

The Earth has seen her children fight for as long as she can remember. But she also knows that once they reach maturity, they will see and understand how they can co-create together by using all their resources to promote life instead of destruction.

We Andromedans are here to help humans on many different levels. 

This transmission is about co-creating with your own Earth. We trust that you receive this effortlessly. Create ceremonies, pray to your sacred mother often, have faith in her, have faith in your civilisation, have faith in humanity. This is the only way to experience the miracles of the transition into the New Earth timeline that is upon you.

Rejoice, dear human, because we know that what lies ahead is full of joy, excitement and potent co-creation as you rediscover how powerful you are. 

We love you dearly and we serve you always!

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