advanced quantum teachings

Why is it so powerful to receive channeled content that resonates with our own heart and sovereign soul? 

It is because this content is coded at such a high frequency that it will bypass the mind and all the limiting beliefs and fears present and locked in our system.

In this post, I share how we can create new neural pathways in the brain by receiving highly coded content from spiritual leaders, as we receive this content directly within our heart portal. Learn about how the brain works and why it can be difficult for us to receive highly coded information if we were to just use our brain.

I also share how it is up to us to use our own discernment when receiving spiritual and advanced quantum teachings from me or any other mentor, coach or teacher. This is how we reclaim our sovereignty and learn to receive information that will expand our consciousness and assist us on our own unique pathways of evolution.

May you receive this transmission from the openness of your heart portal.

Receiving advanced quantum teachings from the heart portal

These teachings, being channeled, are going to penetrate the heart portal, which is actually the connection to our soul. We were born from the codes coming to create the cosmic heart which is within us. When we know that, we reclaim our sovereignty when receiving teachings from spiritual coaches, mentors and teachers.

This coded content bypasses the mind completely. If we start engaging through the mind, it doesn’t make any sense. This is because our mind is very limited. It is powerful, yes. We love our mind and we always talk about it with gratitude. 

The functionality and limitations of our minds

Our mind is intelligent! It allows us to think, to rationalise life, to find solutions. We are so resourceful! But the mind is still limited from the 3D reality that we live in. It is limited by our subconscious mind, our fears, society and also by our neural pathways that are not yet fully accessed. 

When we start receiving advanced quantum teachings and analysing them with the mind, then it creates a lot of heat in the head and we might start disregarding it as not making sense and being woo-woo whack. This is because the mind doesn’t understand!

This is why it is so important to be able to open the heart into receiving content. If it feels good and we feel this opening up of our field, then it means that what is shared is part of our inner truth. We feel it!

Increasing our level of consciousness by reprogramming our DNA

When we feel it, we don’t need to understand it immediately. When we allow these feelings to come, we align our human into a receptive mode, these frequencies start coming literally inside of us. These frequencies will come and penetrate all our cells all the way to our DNA, and even the subatomic levels. It’s going to start reprogramming all of our DNA and particles with higher frequencies.

The shift then happens within our physical body and within the brain. These new frequencies are the ones that are going to initiate the awakening of certain dormant neurons in the brain. When the neurons awaken in the brain, they start firing light and all these neurons start creating new neural pathways. 

All of a sudden our consciousness increases which increases our ability to understand with our human brain. So when we receive a transmission again, it makes more sense. We can actually understand it at a high level. This is the energetic biology of receiving advanced quantum teachings from the heart.

Practising putting in place a filter of discernment

Our role is simply to have higher discernment of the frequency felt. If we feel that we are closing up, that something within us is strongly reacting by showing an increase in fears and limitations, it means this information is not beneficial to us. 

With every piece of content you receive, practice putting in place your discernment filter. Feel into the frequency that you feel when receiving transmissions. Notice whether you feel an opening up or a contraction. Practice this with all content, whether it is mine or any other channel, healer or spiritual teacher out there.

We are in the midst of the great awakening

As we know, there is a huge awakening happening. So many of us are downloading, connecting with advanced star races and our intuition is expanding tremendously. That’s absolutely wonderful. It’s happening! 

Because all of this is new for so many people, they don’t know how to really have this filter in place to receive information certain information. I have filters in place so I only receive information from certain star races for certain purposes.  

Doing the work to receive access to higher levels of frequencies

A lot of people don’t really know what they’re doing and the quantum is infinite. There are all sorts of frequencies out there, from very low frequency to very high advanced frequencies. A lot of people don’t understand the principle of quantum resonance between the microcosm and the macrocosm. They haven’t done enough work on themselves to be able to access higher levels of frequencies.

Because they don’t do the work on themselves, they’re not stabilised. Remember, our microcosm creates our macrocosm. Our internal world, our thoughts, emotions, dreams, create our external reality.

So if I still have a lot of anger and judgement and I don’t work on myself to become more relaxed, loving and free, then the downloads I receive will be of a lower frequency and the power and clarity are not there.

This is why it is important to place this discernment filter when receiving content. Does your soul resonate with this information? Is it expansive and a big yes or is it a no? For me, most of the time it’s a no when I receive from other channels, because of that reason. Because I feel that their inner reality isn’t of the highest frequency and that therefore they channel messages that increase fears and limitations in others rather than uplifting humanity in higher levels of Love and trust.

The people who channel information are amazing souls and there is nothing wrong with them. They are downloading things that are beautiful and amazing and will serve a certain pool of frequency of people. But for me, the pool of frequency that I’m choosing to receive from is of the highest level available on Earth. I will continue all my life to work on myself so I can become a more crystalline oracle and teacher for the ones aligned to the frequency flowing through me. That is my purpose!

This is how we reclaim our sovereignty and filter information.

There are many ways to explore different pools of frequencies and if anything is a big fuck YES for you, go for it. This is why I only work with people who have 100% devotion to their spiritual journey and they know within their whole being that they are ready to work with me. This is the level of devotion to my service and the souls I work with that I have. I am not there for the money, I am there for the heart connection. 

This is something you might like to place in your reality so you can serve with more divinity, humility and reciprocity.


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advanced quantum teachings

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