pathways of evolution

This transmission is here to activate you into finding a greater level of soul alignment, and understand how to work with the architecture of pathways of evolution.

How does this relate to embodying more of our soul essence and sovereignty?

As you may have noticed, things are a bit chaotic in the world and many of us find ourselves being easily destabilised. We are looking for what is true, what to believe and what not to believe. We are wondering what is going to happen to us, our family and humanity in general.

All of this is part of the great transition, the great awakening! It is happening now. This is very exciting but it means that this perfect architecture that is offered to us, this intense instability, chaos and distortion of separation in the world, is here as an offering to help us reside more than ever in our full sovereignty.

We must know who we are and how to continue anchoring our own reality no matter what. We can feel and perceive with greater depth that something profound is happening in the collective as we are in the process of ascension from the 4D bridge to 5D frequency.

Everything that happens creates pathways of evolution 

The purpose of this transmission is to help you understand, through this quantum architecture of pathways of evolution, that everything that is happening in specific areas of our lives, but also as a collective, is here offered to us as pathways of evolution. 

When we feel lost and insecure and there is a lack of clarity in our lives, we need to refine the connection with our soul and anchor back fully in our sovereignty. Our soul knows the way. Our soul is infinite divine consciousness, a unique spark of God. You are that, I am that everyone is that. 

But how can we embody that?

Embodying the divine spark of God within

We are learning to embody our soul by surrendering more into trust, into divine knowing. If you have been drawn to this transmission, maybe you like to increase your consciousness, your understanding of the mechanisms of the universe. With knowing comes reassurance.

Knowing also gives us tools to be able to have more of an eagle eye about the situation that is unfolding on Earth. It also gives us tools of reassurance about what we are learning, the gifts, talents, keys, codes and frequencies that we are receiving and activating inside of ourselves.

We become more soul-aligned, more powerful, we know more about ourselves and why we are here now.

We are here on Earth now for a reason

If you are here now, your soul chose to be embodied into physicality. We chose 3D Earth at the time of the great transition. This shows that we are badass souls and we came here for a reason.

Most of us came to open up the 4D bridge, so we can transition into 5th-dimensional frequencies where humanity is heading towards. We must learn to rise up to what we came here to be!

There is a lot of oscillation happening in humanity at the moment, which encourages the dynamics around separation. We can all observe that very strongly at the moment. 

What are Pathways of Evolution? 

Pathways of evolution is a 4D quantum architecture offering us 4 different stages of movement through a certain experience, as we transition from the basic expression of a heart desire to the transcendence of that experience.

The 4D bridge

This architecture of pathways is anchored on the 4D bridge. Everything that happens on the 4D bridge is here to teach us consciousness. For example, we consciously learn to heal and alchemise emotions. We consciously learn how to evolve and to discover more and more who we are. Everything is about increasing our consciousness. 

In 3d, most humans would live 90% of the time from the subconscious brain, repeating old paradigms of reality over and over again. This has nothing to do with being intelligent and powerful, it’s just that we don’t have an understanding of the neurological pathways and their connection with the heart portal.

The conscious increase of frequencies opens up new ways of being in the world so we can start transitioning into 5D. In 5D, we live from the heart exclusively. This gateway between 3D and 5D is open now!

A giant pathway of evolution for humanity

There is a lot going on to help us become more conscious, which is why all of these dynamics are happening in the collective. This collective dynamic of the situation that we all know about is one gigantic pathway of evolution for humanity.

We are being asked to become conscious of how we personally relate to what is going on, so we can shift and heal ourselves to rise up to be the free beings that we are.

It’s not so much about knowing what is true or not, it is about realising there are different belief systems everywhere and that it is okay. Everyone can have their own belief system, we don’t need everyone to be the same as us! That is not unity consciousness, that’s more dictatorship.

Unity consciousness is the full honour and integrity that allows each soul to reside fully in their own sovereign experience no matter what! When we reside in unity consciousness, we are so soul-aligned and so sovereign in our own frequency that we can allow others to also do the same. 

We know that each individual is free to believe what they choose to believe in with their own level of consciousness. This is the fifth dimension!

I am here as a quantum teacher and I offer many programs, events and workshops to teach people to transition from 3D to 4D to 5D.

Why is it so important to understand the architecture of pathways of evolution?

It is a great key to use when we experience feelings of being lost, and when we start dropping our frequency. We can also use this key of pathways of evolution when we might question what is wrong with us because we aren’t shifting fast enough to get to where we want or when we keep making the same mistake again and again, stuck in a toxic loop.

This self-judgement anchors us into lower frequencies, lower vibes. Instead of being soul-aligned, we drop our frequency. We are not fully sovereign. When we are not fully sovereign, it is very easy to buy into narratives of distortion and separatism. 

It, therefore, often becomes a never-ending cycle of feeling more or less lost in this world. We then don’t know how to anchor a better reality and what to trust any longer. We keep living a life that might not be bad, but that is mediocre because deep down we aren’t satisfied, we aren’t evolving…

There are two dynamics that we can use pathways of evolution for.

  1. When we have no idea what is going on 

We can use it when we don’t have a clue what is going on with an area of our life. We don’t know how to move away from a situation or why it keeps on repeating itself.

  1. We really want to manifest something

We can use it when we want to level up in a certain area of our lives.

These two dynamics can present themselves as interesting starting points to start using this architecture of pathways of evolution, to receive more details on why this certain situation is happening and how to access new levels in our evolution. 

We can learn to consciously close a pathway of evolution and then activate a new one. These pathways of evolution are interwoven because we need to close something to be able to access something new. 

This is the quantum law of giving before we receive. We clear, we create space, making room for the next stage in our lives to manifest.

The four sides of the architecture of pathways of evolution

Pathways of evolution are represented by the four sides of a square. A square represents work that is to be done consciously which is therefore on the 4D bridge. We access and open the gates between the subconscious and conscious mind as we work with this architecture.

The four stages of the pathway of evolution

First stage: Expression

The first stage is expression. Expression is coming from all the seeds of desires that are placed in our heart. Our heart desires that come into our awareness are seeds planted by our soul so they can blossom. These seeds of desires can be an expression of a new pathway of evolution that is available for us. 

This is interesting to know because sometimes we aren’t sure whether we need to address all of our desires. Some of our desires may not seem to be fulfilling, they aren’t happening. Do we really need to keep cultivating this desire? Or do we need to remove these desires?

For example, if we want to be in a relationship and have children but it hasn’t been happening for a long time, do we keep this desire in our heart or is it better not to think about it?

A heart desire is a seed planted by the soul because our soul knows that walking on this path, to fulfil our dream, will allow us to heal and alchemise past traumas, to learn new skills, gifts and talents, to meet people and to evolve. The desire is the destination, but what matters the most is how we are going to get there.

So, this expression of a desire is the first stage of a pathway of evolution. We don’t remove our heart desires, we hold them like a beautiful seed that is going to blossom into a flower.

The soul is going to activate these desires at certain stages of our life because we are ready to learn and enter an evolutionary portal.

An expression can be anything

On a personal level, it can be learning a new language, entering a romance or working to get that new car really like. 

For humanity, the expression is for example experiencing more love in the collective, deeper connection to others and higher levels of consciousness. That’s the pathway of evolution that humanity is on right now.

This stage may seem simple but it is extremely important. 

There are heart desires that can be challenging to accept if they come in contrast to our belief system, our values and everything we have learnt from our past conditioning.

Not all desires that come are easy to accept. It’s because our growth resides behind our comfort zone. We must learn to accept our heart’s desires fully and honour them, even if it’s a lot to take in. Then, we do the work on ourselves to heal and alchemise our resistances, so we can continue on our pathway of evolution, to learn and evolve.

Honouring our heart desires

The first stage is about honouring our desires and as we feel this expression in our heart. It is important to have integrity and sovereignty within our own self. We can stay in this stage of expression for as long as we need to. We don’t need to act upon our desires straight away, there is no rush!

Some pathways of evolution happen in one hour or one day and some of them happen over one lifetime or many lifetimes. These are the greater pathways of evolution of our soul purpose.

Second stage: Experimentation

When we start receiving this expression into our heart, then we can move on to the next level if we choose to experiment with life around this heart’s desire.

In this stage, we start experimenting with taking aligned actions to enter into this new dynamic. For example, we might start experimenting with a new romantic partner or experimenting with new studies. We can start experimenting with new belief systems, a new business, creating a family and so on. 

Here experimentation can also take many different colours and different periods of time. 

Navigating through this architecture

For example, I may have an expression of a heart desire to help people with the awakening process. I may have no clue how to do that or if I am good enough to actually help others. This is the first stage. 

Then I will start experimenting perhaps by finding a coach, learning reiki, experimenting with quantum teachings. It is here that we collect data and figure out what our thing is and which direction to take. We find out what is aligning easily with our desire and what isn’t. 

On the other hand, we are going to come across certain teachings that are not as interesting for us. We may easily integrate and transcend certain things. This is how we navigate through this architecture.

Stage 3 & 4: Integration & transcendence 

Figuring out when integration from experimentation is happening

Back in the day, I expressed an interest in learning reiki. It was super easy to start learning reiki and find people to connect with to start receiving sessions and begin my training.

Then I started experimenting with reiki, I had people coming over for sessions and received all of my reiki levels up to reiki master. But very quickly I felt that I had integrated everything that reiki had to offer me. 

For me, I quickly realised that it was okay to feel like that about reiki. I wasn’t feeling like there was anything wrong with reiki and that it was boring but I felt that I had learned everything that I needed to learn. 

Moving into transcendence

I figured out that I had moved into the transcendence of this pathway of evolution of learning reiki. I realised that I was ready to transcend reiki and move on to something new. 

I understood that when I was having Reiki sessions with people, I was going into light language, drawing sacred geometry all over their body and connecting with galactic races and other beings. At this point what I was practising had nothing to do with reiki anymore!

This was a transcendence point to this pathway of evolution.

After that, there was a new expression of interest in learning more about quantum realities and all other disciplines that I have learned about since.

You can see and perceive that in your life, at times, we can feel that we are transcending an experience and that this is okay.

When we reach transcendence, it is a point of feeling complete.

New heart desires blossom and we enter yet another pathway of evolution!

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pathways of evolution

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