This post is inspired by my recent participation at the Wanderlust Festival in Taupo. Big gathering for yogis, I had the chance to meet many internationally recognized teachers, mentors and musicians. I could talk for hours about each one of them and their teachings. They all had an amazing experience in their field and were able to share their great knowledge to all of us who were there. On our way back home, me and my friends talked the entire way about our own experiences and views of the Festival. You can imagine 4 girls in a car for more than 4 hours talking non-stop: pretty intense! Yet, our conversations quickly evolved around the vibe we felt at the Festival. It wasn’t so much the knowledge shared or concert that rocked the place but more the energy of all the people who were present.

From the speakers, to the teachers, from the student to the vendors of food, from the people selling their art to the volunteers helping around, every single person seemed happy. The happiness was just so present that I am still smiling;-) It was obvious to us that the speakers and teachers absolutely loved what they were doing, that the Indian lady was just so happy to sell the food she made to people who were loving it, that the volunteers loved helping around people, that the students were very happy to have so many things to choose from, all of them of great quality.

Indeed, the biggest lesson I took from the Festival was that yes, it is possible to live a happy life, to embrace what you do so much that it stops being your ‘job’… it becomes your way of living. As Confucius once said: “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”, it became pretty obvious there that it is achievable. I feel very blessed and privileged to have experienced something like that: happiness in its purest form. Now I feel inspired. I already do something I love: I am a massage therapist and spiritual healer. And it is going to get even better: I am starting my yoga teacher training in April! It is a journey that is never ending…

So what I would like to finish with is a strong encouragement to all of you, who just like me and like everyone else on this earth wants to be happy: find what makes you vibrate and spend time doing it, because that will give you energy, that’s your fuel… It doesn’t mean leaving everything behind just like that but more finding what’s good for you and what you love and then do it. It can be a pass-time that will provide enough happiness into your life to carry on other duties with more ease; or changing road completely to spend all your time doing what you love. Don’t let fear hold you: fear is not necessary and only blocks the flow of life (except if a bear is running towards you which is very unlikely here;-). In any case, you will be surprised at how easy that is… I mean how easy things flow when you spend your energy doing what you love. If you have no clue about what’s good for you and what makes you vibrate with joy, start meditation, it’s a fantastic way to know yourself!

Here are a couple of amazing people I got to know at the Festival, if you ever want to know more about them: Tiffany Cruikshank, Duncan Peak, Cameron Shayne, Suzanne Sterling, Nakho and medicine for the people, Xavier Rudd, Daniel Fransisco… and here in Wellington: Cathy Gamba from Pause Yoga, Kathleen Filo from Wellness retreats

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