The oversoul network & activating our crystalline divine genome

In this transmission, learn about the architecture of the oversoul network, how to embody its algorithm of it and the activation of our crystalline divine genome. 

After this transmission, you will have a much deeper understanding of this amazing engineering that each of us has and how we can use it to access more of our soul gifts and talents to accelerate our ascension and embrace the unified field.

  • Are we part of alternate realities?
  • Do we have parallel lives?
  • What inter-dimensional connections do we have?
  • What is the purpose of our life in this incarnation?
  • Is my crystalline divine genome activated?

All of these questions and more will be answered!

What is the oversoul network?

The oversoul network is a gigantic frequency. It is the whole that we are.

We can think of it as an algorithm of God or Source Consciousness. 

Source Consciousness projects itself into different time and place realities and becomes a unique algorithm.

Each of us is a unique projection of Source Consciousness with our own algorithm. There are an infinite amount of different algorithms that could exist. 

We can think of each algorithm as an oversoul network and the oversoul network projects into different realms of reality. You as who you are in this life, as this incarnation, is just one of those projections from your oversoul network.

All the different lines represent different incarnations.

You are a projection of your oversoul network that is also projecting in other star systems or it could be past lives and so on. All of these projections are whole alternate realities.

We then create our own parallel lives from this one projection (the horizontal lines). 

We are also a source of life, so without knowing we have interdimensional connections with other aspects of our multidimensionality.

The unique algorithm of our oversoul network

Our oversoul network has all of these codes that are organised in a totally unique and very specific way. The purpose of our life is to evolve and embody this algorithm.

soul embodiment free meditation

Perhaps in this life, we embody 10% of this algorithm. Maybe we embody 1% or maybe we embody 75%. It’s very hard to know precisely and it is not something we need to worry about.

The per cent that we embody represents the number of unique codes from our oversoul that are already present within ourselves.

Our codes represent what comes naturally to us

For example, some of us are talented artists, we are good at drawing, writing and singing etc. Then others of us are more psychic with telepathic abilities whereas others may have an advanced understanding of quantum mechanics and science. Some of us are better at connecting with the animal realms and nature. We may be natural-born healers, leaders or caretakers. Maybe we are amazing at tapping into our power and sexual energy.

This is what comes naturally to us.

We all embody certain aspects of our oversoul in unique ways. Because we come from Source frequency, we can access everything, but it isn’t necessary. It simply isn’t needed in this incarnation to evolve in the ways we came here to evolve.

It is simply about embodying our unique soul blueprint which we do by being at one with the unified field.

Just because we aren’t telepathic or a healer, we can’t access the unified field.

The more we open up to receiving more of ourselves and our unique codes, the more we are at peace. The more we are at peace, the more we open up our channel to then receive even more of ourselves. 

the oversoul network

This is all that matters! This is all that we are here to do, there is nothing else. We are here to discover who we are, what excites us, what brings us light and joy and what activates peace.


During this time of accelerated evolution and ascension, our column of ascension is opening up even more and we are receiving a higher per cent of our oversoul network in this incarnation. We are receiving MORE access to ourselves than ever before.

Our Crystalline Divine Genome 

Our soul descends from the oversoul into physicality to create a human! As our soul descends we take certain codes in a certain order. These codes come into our DNA. 

Our DNA is coded with information from our oversoul network. Within these codes, we receive access to information about past lives, alternate realities, and our projections in other star systems, such as a Pleiadian or Arcturian. We might receive access to codes from projections in Atlantis or Ancient Egypt and so on. 

ALL of the information about all projections is contained within our oversoul network. 

For our current incarnation, all of this information is placed within our DNA. So all of the information and codes from our oversoul network are present within our crystalline divine genome. 

BUT not everything in our DNA is activated. A lot of the information is dormant and that is okay. We don’t need to be worried about activating it all the time, it happens organically as we embody more love and peace. 

Our Carbon based DNA

Our crystalline divine genome is wrapped around our carbon-based DNA. We have crystalline atoms, neutrons, electrons etc. All of this light is woven around our carbon-based DNA.

We have 12 strands of crystalline divine genome DNA, not 2 (which is what is currently thought of as our DNA). 

2 strands are very limited and give us very little access to the truth of our multidimensionality. 

As we access more of our DNA, we access more of our crystalline DNA which then starts to become the main operating system of our current incarnation.

This means instead of our carbon DNA running the show, our crystalline DNA will slowly take over.

This has all been preprogrammed by our soul. The more we do the inner work to remove density, heal and alchemise density and bring high light frequency to our being, the easier it will be for our crystalline divine genome to become the main operating system.

Once that happens, our number of DNA strands will increase. 

Many of us will go all the way to 6 strands of DNA, and some of us might go to 12 strands of DNA. It is undefined. 

In our crystalline divine genome, we have memories of past life gifts, and incarnations in ancient civilisation where we could teleport and do all sorts of things. We have that present already within, it is just dormant. 

Our DNA and Ascension

As the planet continues to be flooded with solar light codes, the Schuman resonance is off the charts and the ascension process into higher frequencies speeds up, the tap to our oversoul network is more open than ever. 

What this means is that we can receive more descent into our physical body and our crystalline DNA from our oversoul.

Our crystalline divine genome is starting to emit stronger signals as well so more and more is going to come to light. 

The goal is to feel more of ourselves

When this happens, we can access greater levels of our gifts, talents, qualities and higher frequencies. 

The goal is not necessarily to set something on fire, levitate or do any other superhuman ability. We might be interested in this, however, the goal is actually to feel more FREE, to feel more RELAXED and to feel who we truly are at each and every moment.

From this place, we feel more at peace and have less resistance towards ourselves and life. This is what we are here to be doing!

The other gifts will simply come as we embrace more of the unified field. 

What is the unified field?

The unified field is a state of BEINGNESS.

It isn’t a place, a thing or a dynamic. It is a way of feeling which is living continuously in the present moment, in peace and at one with everything. 

This means being at one with the self, with nature, with others and with life outside this reality.

We can drop the concept of living in 3D, 4D and 5D. I have been receiving instructions from my team to stop using this type of terminology because it is misleading.

If we are experiencing resistance, we are resisting the flow of our divinity to experience itself through us. 

Be hollow like bamboo

This is like being hollow like bamboo. Bamboo is hollow, yet it is very strong.

When we are hollow like bamboo, all we are is a vehicle of God and of life. We allow our unique soul blueprint to flow through us and experience life through us.

When we are like this, we operate at a very high level of frequency. When we maintain it over some time, we witness our external reality changing accordingly.

soul embodiment free meditation

Supernatural gifts are never to be pursued

They are to be rewarded to us as gifts for maintaining enlightenment, mastery and the unified field. 

Instead of looking for and pursuing gifts and talents, look within yourself and explore any resistances you are rubbing against. 

What systems, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, are calling to be listened to? 

This can become a playful game where you continue to discover more about yourself. 

What are your qualities, how do you interact with life, how does your energy function with yourself and with others? What does your heart say, what do you desire, what does your body need right now? 

Doing this will help your crystalline DNA to open up.

How to access DNA upgrades

To access these DNA upgrades that are happening during this ascension process, we don’t need to do much as it happens automatically.

What we do need to do is relax and give ourselves the space to integrate them. We can do this by simply enjoying life, dropping resistance and dissolving density. 

Go with the flow, surrender and find a deeper level of faith in yourself, your upgrades, knowledge and wisdom but also faith in the divine supporting you along the way.

Remember you are not doing this alone. 

It is happening anyway. Your soul has got you and many of your alternate realities are co-creating with you to help you. 


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