Part 3 of Anchoring the golden age of miracles on Earth Series

Welcome to part 3 of this 3 part mini-series where I will channel wisdom from our dear star families. They are here to share insights about what it means to live in a golden civilization, from their own perspective, as they help us transition into the new Golden Age of Miracles that is upon us.

Now is the great transition! We are going through a mass awakening process and it is a very exciting time.

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The Pleiadians

In this transmission, I will be sharing a message from the Pleiadians about how we can transition into the Golden Age of Miracles from their unique perspective. 

The wisdom they share with us is about creating more conscious communities and how that is going to bring pivotal momentum to humanity as we move towards the new golden age.  

I previously shared about the Arcturians and their perspective on entering the Golden Age of Miracles around healing as well as the Andromedans who shared about connecting with Earth Frequency and the Earth’s soul. 

These transmissions were so potent and beautiful and I would love to invite you to read them as well if you haven’t already.

Today the Pleiadians want to share about conscious communities. I know that so many of my friends are already activating these new structures here in New Zealand, in Australia and in other parts of the world. 

The Pleiadians have been working closely with humanity for a long time and it is interesting to observe that at the moment this is one of the first anchors of the New Earth that is actually starting to happen. 

You might already have this heart desire to live in conscious communities too?!

Message from the Pleiadians 

This transmission is here to help recode you into unity consciousness around conscious communities. We love you so dearly and we have so much compassion, respect and admiration for you as we see your struggle, pain and effort and we see your hearts calling to experience something more. 

We see that you want to have a deeper level of connection, freedom, abundance and love where you connect together with like-minded people.

We would love first to bring you information about the fact that to create conscious communities is to respect all humans equally

It is to acknowledge the fact that all humans are a spark of the divine and that if some humans seem to be of the darkness it is only because of their own pain and their own suffering, as they are unable to heal and grow.

Humans have the opportunity to feel more compassion and love for the ones that suffer, to open their heart to unconditional love.

At the moment we notice within the collective an increasing template of separation coming from judgment by putting people in categories…

None of that is unity consciousness, all of that is simply the repetition of separation of outdated paradigms of reality coming from your low vibrating 3D matrix system

Release judgment of others

Please dear human, every time you find yourself judging another for their decisions and their belief systems, notice that. 

Ask yourself the question, ‘How can I shift my perspective around that? How can I allow them to be?’.

Yes, we hear you when you say you don’t understand and that this person is objectively evil because of their actions, they have done the unspeakable. 

We say we understand your reaction and your reaction shows that you are passionate and you have the calling to find more peace and to be around people that are of the light.

How can you observe that the amount of the negative actions that someone takes is simply a reflection of the pain and separation that this person has endured not only in this lifetime but in many lifetimes before? 

Observe that this person needs love and compassion more than anyone else to be able to break through the density of this experience that is creating pain.

Plant high-frequency seeds in others

All souls are here to return back to the light eventually even if they don’t choose to do it consciously in this lifetime. 

They will eventually. 

If these types of people experience true compassion and divine love coming from you, it will open up a crack in their armour of pain. They might not have ever felt true acceptance and respect from anyone else on their path before. This will plant a seed of high frequency, of divine remembrance about what unconditional love is, and that they can be accepted and forgiven no matter what.

Forgive yourself and release shame

Remember a time when you did something very bad yourself. 

You knew you were guilty, you were ashamed of yourself and that weight was so heavy on your shoulders. 

You might still feel it now? 

The weight of guilt, shame and regret for having done something bad to someone else or something bad to your own self can be very difficult to carry. 

Perhaps there was a time you felt angry, frustrated and were violent or emotionally dysfunctional and passive-aggressive or you closed your heart from receiving love from others.

Do you see where we are going with this? 

Do you know how easy it is to forgive? 

Don’t you want to be fully forgiven and have this burden lifted off your shoulders? 

It is your birthright to remove all of this at once and it can be done as you forgive yourself.  

When you forgive yourself you have no more shame, regrets, doubts or fears. 

You are reborn anew and you can walk on the new timeline of miracles.

When you forgive yourself you can also forgive others for you know that when you open the door they can see a glimpse of hope and forgive themselves. 

the pleiadians

Why are you here?

Are you here to be an agent of change? 

Or are you here to be the judge of all the ones that suffer deeply? 

Are you here to create conscious communities based on love and forgiveness? 

Or are you here to try to build broken communities, built from a broken society where templates of separation continue existing because you do not want to see beyond the veils of illusion?

When you reside fully in your sovereign power, you can be with anyone, anywhere unaffected only radiating who you are, which is the magnificent light of the divine source consciousness itself.

Let go of fear and surrender to the divine

Have no fear dear one

Have no fear about forgiving yourself and forgiving others for the choices they made and the experiences they chose to experience. 

Always allow yourself to be reborn anew and allow others to be reborn anew as well.

When you can start finding this level of unity consciousness within the self, then you know that the communities that you are going to call together are going to come from the same level of purity of intention. 

Yes, everything is a practice. 

You might not know how to fully communicate from the heart yet or how to move beyond your past doubts, remorse, guilt and shame. 

Express that and surrender that to the divine. 

Pray and ask for help. 

Ask for your soul to allow you to consciously remember that it is easy to surrender. 

The past bad actions that you might have taken weren’t really coming from your divine self, it was coming from your hurt human… These are simply experiences from the past. Today you can be reborn because you can choose differently with every action that you take and therefore embody your highest identity at this moment. 

Return to unconditional love

Everything is practice. 

Everything is a pathway of evolution

Remember that your birthright is to reside in unconditional love and that you are unconditional love. You are simply returning to that. 

Allow other people to be a mirror of your own beauty. 

Allow yourself to receive many gifts and to ask for support. 

Allow yourself to give and give and give if you feel generous and your heart wants to give. 

Equally receive and equally give, entering the infinite circle of unconditional love.

Communicate your shadows

To be able to anchor conscious communities on earth now, as you are entering the new Golden Age of Miracles, is to be able to communicate from the heart about all your shadows as your shadows are your light. 

They are one in the same thing. 

The shadow is simply a puff of smoke encouraging you to activate your divine willpower of courage to find the light that resides behind and beyond the smoke.

As you choose to connect to that light within yourself beyond the shadows, you instantly activate a new layer of your evolution. Therefore, when you connect to yourself on this level of authenticity, clarity and purity of intention you can do the same with others.

Observe interactions with yourself and others

Remember that the interaction you have with other people is simply a mere reflection of the interactions that you have within your own self. 

If your interactions are violent and difficult, we would love to invite you to observe how you resist being in deeper communion with the intimacy of yourself. 

If you find your interactions with others to be poor and lacking depth, observe what is the depth that you want to experience within the reunion with your own self. 

How can you be in unity consciousness with your own self? So you can also experience deeper levels of connection with other people. 

Attract your tribe through quantum resonance

If you want to find your tribe, remember that it is through quantum resonance that this happens. 

You attract what is a vibrational match to you. 

As you embrace more of your divine magnificence, your birthright as a sovereign soul to live in abundance, freedom, joy and compassion you will attract humans around you who also have the same values and heart calling.

They might be at a different stage in their evolution but you will find the purity in their soul and you might share some codes with them and therefore allow them to activate that within themselves. 

They will then be able to align more to their own sovereign soul and become a closer friend as they open to their own remembrance about their own magnificent sovereign soul. 

The more you connect with other people from a true, pure and open heart, the easier it is for humanity to heal. 

It is easier to create like-minded communities when everyone has a voice and everyone feels honoured, respected, loved and nurtured.

the pleiadians

Have faith in your ability to love all unconditionally

Us Pleiadians love you so dearly, we are always here for you through the activation of your heart portal. We would love to invite you to have faith in your ability to love all humans equally no matter what.

You do not need to like them or hang out with them. Here we mean unconditional compassionate love that surrounds all.

We would love to encourage you to have faith in your power and ability to be that and to receive that level of connection with yourself and with others so you can start activating the new timelines of the evolution of the Golden Age of Miracles that is upon you.

We see you, we feel you, we hear you always. 

We know what lies ahead for you and we rejoice as love always wins. Love is the encompassing fabric of life. 

The fabric of life itself is love frequency.

 Everything exists because the Source Creatrix of all things chose to birth these frequencies within her own womb. 

Now she is calling you back through unconditional compassion, love and support for yourself first and for all other humans that walk in your reality for one moment or for a lifetime.

Unity consciousness is what will create conscious communities

You will create conscious communities, it is already happening now. 

To be able to be successful in promoting communities and allowing them to blossom, it is important to remember this message of unity consciousness. 

Enter the vortex of your own evolution with no shame, regrets or doubts. 

We love you dearly and bye for now.

Closing comment on how to experience unconditional love

When you find yourself in doubt or not knowing how to feel unconditional love and compassion for certain humans, firstly I would love to invite you to have detachment about the fact that it’s a work in progress. 

We are a work in progress. 

There is no such thing as an end to our evolution in this earth realm, there is always more.

We can always experience more love, as there is no limitation to the amount of love one can feel.

Ask for help and always be honest. Surrender into the knowing that your soul knows and choose that. 

Choose love as your guiding force and be curious to see how you can embody that more.

Open yourself this way. Do not try to think of a way to consciously activate compassion and love. This is something to surrender into knowing that even if you can’t feel it right now, it doesn’t mean that you are incapable of feeling this unconditional love for all one day.

Don’t identify with your judgement, hate or discrimination. Observe that they are there but that they are not you, they’re simply unwanted guests, lingering in some shadowy parts of your multidimensional being. 

This will allow you to embody a higher level of unity consciousness and to leave room for growth. 

I hope that you enjoyed this message from the Pleiadians 

I love you dearly! 

Remember to share this message of divine wisdom from the Pleiadians around as it is a beautiful message that I trust will serve so many.

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