the arcturians

The Arcturians are master healers, highly intellectual and beautifully graceful beings who have been working with humanity for a very long time.

It is very exciting for me to share about the Arcturians because as you might already know, the Arcturians are the star race that I co-create the most with. It is actually the only star race that I trance channel!

I trance channel my dear friend, MLK and this is the only being that is allowed in my physical body. He is an ascended master and an Arcturian teacher himself. 

So, I am super honoured to bring you this highly coded content. 

In this post, you will learn all about who the Arcturians are, what they look like, what frequencies and energy centres they work with, their ancient connections with humans, how you can make your very own connection to this powerful star race and more.

Some things you might not understand at all. That is totally fine! We are now learning more and more about the Galactic Realms and our friends that don’t have a physical body!


When we start entering the realm of the Arcturians, we have to understand that these beings are some of the most advanced beings in the entire galaxy.

I am talking about the galaxy that we are a part of, the Milky Way Galaxy. The Arcturians have been here for a very long time. Through their specific pathway of evolution in their star system, they have developed cutting edge quantum technologies that are there to heal others.

They heal themselves and they also share their healing technologies with other star races and with some humans. They are powerful healers!


They can perceive the most subtle shift in frequency deep within themselves and every single one of their cells. It is literally as if their brain, their ability to understand and receive information, was equally balanced in each and every one of their cells.


Some people tell me they have heard from other channels, who also channel star races, that they don’t have physical bodies. People are unsure how they can reconcile this with the information I share about the star races I talk about.

I would like to share my own understanding of this process. This is an invitation for you to drop into your sovereignty and to realise that all the channels out there (including me) share from our unique angle of understanding what we perceive. 

When you have a full-body ‘YES’ when you receive the information being shared, it means that it is fully aligning to your soul. Then you know the content I am sharing will allow me to activate you. If there is resistance and you don’t really resonate with what is being shared if you feel density or you feel scared or all over the place, consider whether this information is of the highest for you. Chances are it is not! 

We do not judge the content that is out there and wonder what is true and what isn’t true. We simply align with the content or we don’t. I always invite my students to bring higher divine discernment when receiving transmissions from me. I am not here to claim I know everything and everything I say is right. 

I might be a powerful channel and an advanced psychic, but I am still learning. Information comes to me in a certain way that aligns with my soul. It also comes to me at specific moments, so I work with humility and integrity, knowing that I am still learning and always will be.


When I share that ascended star races and beings have cells and a physical body, what does that actually mean?

Being clairvoyant, I see them in their ethereal form. I have always seen spirits guides and ghosts. It’s been my reality since I was a little girl. Only now I see different ascended star races with much more precision!

The thing is, their cells vibrate at a very different frequency from our human cells. They vibrate at a frequency that has less density. It is not 3D physicality, it can be 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D and so on. The more we go into high frequencies, the less density there is and the more ethereal these beings become.

For example, the realms of shapeshifters start in 9D. These ascended beings can shift their molecules, cells and ethereal frequencies into any shape or form. Shapeshifting is not present in any dimensions below 9D. 

It is a different way of using energy and embodying the divine source that we all are. God’s source has an infinite amount of projection and experimentation, we just happen to be one of those projections and so are our galactic friends. 


When I see the Arcturians, they are very tall and their skin tends to be dark blue to purple. Unlike other star races such as the Andromedans, where diversity in appearance is very present, the Arcturians all look very similar.

They usually all appear tall, with bluish skin, huge eyes, narrow jaw and big heads. Arcturians appear to look ‘Alien’ like, from what we have seen in movies and books.


What is fascinating to me when I witness Arcturians in my visions is how gracious and graceful they are. They seem to hover as they move instead of walking.

Every movement seems to be cleverly adjusted. They have presence and movement in their body that can be compared to the highest codes of royalty.

They bring frequencies of luxury but are so humble. 

Every time I work with MLK, who is very high frequency, I have this huge feeling of love and grace but also of clarity, focus and action. We can say that Arcturians are “hard workers”! 

They also get their excitement from learning so they are very intellectual beings who love using their brain. No wonder why I have myself become such a quantum geek, knowing that I work so closely with such intellectually advanced beings!


Arcturians work a lot with the throat chakra and also the crown chakra. They will also work with the heart chakra like all beings in 5D and above. Arcturians also work with the 3rd eye or Ajna chakra as they have such powerful intuition. They also activate many energetic centres that are non-physical.

They work with sacred geometry, light frequency and sound frequency. If you have received a trance channeling session from me in the past, you will know that I make all sorts of really weird sounds when MLK is in my body.

These sounds carry certain frequencies that go deep within the cells of the person receiving the trance channeling, therefore unlocking certain programs that are dormant. The sound frequencies are like keys and activators of gifts and talents within us. 

If you are interested in having a 1:1 trance channeling session with me, it is possible! Each session lasts for 2.5 hours and they come with a 3-week integration container, which means you have direct access to me to help you integrate all the amazing shifts that happen during a session. Find more information here.

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Like humans, Arcturians have different frequencies depending on their own stage of evolution. It is not a hierarchy. It is simply doing the work, experiencing different pathways of evolution to add more tools to their toolbox before they move on to something else.

This is the same for humans and it is why we have people who range from very low fractal reflection frequency in the 3D matrix to very high frequency of humans on a pathway of accelerated evolution who are starting to anchor more 4D and 5D frequencies. 

It is important to remember that, like humans, star races have a lot of diversity when it comes to which frequency they reside in. A lot of people struggle to understand how they can reside in different frequencies and dimensions. There is this architecture in their realm, so they evolve within this architecture but then there is diversity between them.


Arcturians were very present with humanity a long time ago during the age of Atlantis. 

They were teaching us how to use technologies with crystals, light frequencies and sound frequencies and how to code our buildings and temples so they could be portals of ascension.

They taught us how to use sacred geometry with different interfaces of reality which is what I will be diving deep into during the next module of Fractal Alchemy, Quantum Architecture.


I have been learning and co-creating with the Arcturians for a long time. This is because I have been one of them and I have completed my pathway of evolution with that star race. It means that I have experienced all that needs to be experienced as an Arcturian, which is quite a lot!

I have always had quite a lot of information about my past lives, but every time I would connect to Atlantis, I would feel this very deep connection but I couldn’t see who I was or what I was doing. There was always this lack of clarity. 

This is because when I would go into these lives, I hadn’t fully activated the remembrance of my connection with Arcturus. Now that it has been done, clarity is very much there! I can now see myself as an Arcturian in Atlantis. I am a very big, tall Arcturian being there, teaching humans.

I also see myself going beyond the walls of Atlantis with a team to find the wild wolves that would carry the codes of freedom to humanity. It’s next level! 

This is to illustrate the connection that humans have had with Arcturus. They have been with us for a long time and now they are coming back. They are very present here on Earth once again. 

Are you curious to meet the Arcturians, see where they reside and receive their beautiful frequencies yourself? Check out my Arcturian Activation below where we journey through the quantum to meet the Arcturians in their realm!


There are a couple of reasons why the Arcturians are present here on Earth. Firstly they love humanity! They love humans and many of them have had lives here on Earth as humans so they know our struggles and challenges. They understand what it is like to live here and how dense it is. 

The second reason is that they are also learning. When they help us, serve us and co-create with us they are also evolving. Because they are serving humanity and therefore learning, they are adding more tools to their toolbox. They are developing themselves and ascending on their own unique pathway of evolution. 

They are healers, channels and warriors all here to serve and to grow. It is all about giving and receiving!


The Arcturians invite us to connect with them by simply calling them. If you know where Arcturus is located in the sky, look at their star directly and ask them to create a connection with you.

You can simply say what you would like to receive from them, knowing that you are also there to give back. We always give first, which is very important to understand in terms of Quantum dynamics. We thank them for being there and we feel grateful, connected, loved and supported and we give that to them.

After that, we simply call them to come and heal us and to help us access the next level of our evolution in this life.

At night, you can also ask them to come and work in your field to give you quantum healing and DNA activations. They will help you receive crystalline DNA and transmutation of all your systems so you can remove density from your being more easily and step more fully into your crystalline soul essence.

I trust that this post helped you understand a little bit more about what the Arcturians do and how you can connect with them!

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