the blue avians

Welcome my dear friends!  

Today, I’m going to share with you about the Blue Avians star race

The Blue Avians are a unique star race that has only recently started to connect more with humans. They are simply magnificent, gracious beings who are usually perceived as birds.

The Blue Avians hold the frequency of unity consciousness very strongly, they never take sides and are here to help humans find unity and move away from separatism.

In this post, you will discover the special characteristics of the Blue Avians, what they look like, why the Blue Avians are making themselves more present here on Earth and so much more.

the blue avians

The current galactic energetics beaming onto Earth

Can you feel that the galactic realms are opening up and sending high-frequency energies onto the Earth? 

The Earth (with the Schumann resonance), its dynamics and architecture are creating new energetic waves for us to be supercharged with high frequencies. 

So many of us are now opening up to the understanding that indeed, we humans are not alone. Even though we kind of suspected that, the fact that so many of us have had this calling to discover more about their soul family and their origins is a strong indicator that ascension is well underway.  

Not only that, but many people are also starting to channel, and sometimes like me, trance channel galactic beings. It is showing that humans can now access more superconscious states.  

I am here to teach people how to get greater access to the Quantum and be more empowered in their superconscious states. I am here to help anchor the templates of the neo-humans, which are there for all of us evolving to the next stage of humankind.  

This is so very exciting guys! This has been predicted for eons and now it is happening!  

Let’s all remember that whatever arises in our reality is here to serve us, to help us find freedom within the heart and unity amongst ourselves.  

The current timeline of separatism on Earth

As I write this post, we are still experiencing so much separation and distortion, coming around the virus. My heart goes out to all of you people. 

Being able to be neutral and to simply observe the different choices that people have when it comes to their own physical embodiment, brings more unity than choosing a side.  

And isn’t it what the world needs, more unity? 

These experiences arising in our field are here to encourage us to get back into our own sovereignty.  

Remember that we each live in our own unique reality and we each make our own choices based on certain data that run through our systems. We don’t know what our neighbours, what our friends, or even what our partner is really going through, as we transition into more challenges from the outside around our sovereign rights to choose for ourselves.  

So please, remember that we were all born free, that we are here to reclaim the power within! Remember that love, connection, abundance, and freedom are the four primary goals that are a part of all living creatures on our beautiful planet. 

On our journey, we learn to stay anchored in our unique soul blueprint, in our sovereignty and we also honour the fact that everyone else has the right to own their own choices, their sovereign will. We can all choose freely!

I wanted to share this with you because these are literally some very powerful messages that the Blue Avians are here to share.

The Blue Avians are very unique with certain characteristics that set them apart from all other star races!  

The Blue Avians are royal birds/hybrids

When the Blue Avians come into our awareness, many channels witness that they look like birds. Sometimes they are humanoid hybrid birds. For me, they look more like birds with very long legs and huge wings.

Basically, they look very different from our dear friends, the Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans, and Pleiadians, whom I have shared about in previous posts.  

If you are interested to know more about them, I would simply like to invite you to visit my different social and content channels, which are all linked at the end of this post. I record this information in my podcast,  on my YouTube channel, and also written on my blog. I also offer many free masterclasses which you can sign up for through my website.

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When we learn about the Blue Avians, we know that they have this beautiful, magnificent appearance. They have a very royal way of carrying themselves. They look like birds, but like a royal bird, really. The Blue Avians are so gracious, so luxurious, so abundant!  

Are you curious to meet the Blue Avians, see where they reside and receive their beautiful freqeucnies yourself? Check out my Blue Avian Activation below where we journey through the quantum to meet the Blue Avains in their realm!

The Blue Avians are unity consciousness ambassadors

The second dominant characteristic is that the frequency of unity within the Blue Avians is the most predominant. Blue Avians, through all timelines and realities that they have shown me, have never taken sides. When there was a conflict amongst different star systems or now with humans, they have always moved away. They remove themselves from the equation. Whereas a lot of other star races would say “I’m going to help them by doing this”, and other star races would say “we want to help them by doing that”.  

It’s not that other star races will easily enter conflict either. It’s kind of like, we understand that we each have differences, and we respect each other’s differences.  

The Blue Avians have always been at a higher level of frequency than all other star races. Most of the ones I connect with are way past the 12th Dimension, which is the first anchor of unity consciousness within the quantum. 

These royal birds are God’s messenger of unity. They come and fly around as they share their frequency with us while doing so. They have all of these sparkles, this frequency, this light force energy that I see so clearly when they enter my field. It’s kind of like glitter around them, and they simply share that with us.  

The Blue Avians come to help us find unity

Every time we feel separation, every time we feel that we are being dragged into having an opinion that is going to be against someone else’s, we have the opportunity to call on the wisdom of the Blue Avians.  

I find that at the moment with what’s going on in humanity, we can learn a lot from our beloved friends, the Blue Avians because they completely transcend all systems. They transcend the human mind and all the structures of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual systems.  

They are simply the pure embodiment of unity consciousness. So, when they come, they are literally sharing this unity consciousness with us all.  

They say that it is okay not to have an opinion, it is okay not to take a side because this is not necessary. It is not necessary to find unity, to find happiness, to find connections and it is not necessary to take sides. No one is right and no one is wrong. We live in our unique realities. They can be polar opposites, yes, but we can learn to unify our world by accepting that fact.  

The more we ascend and evolve, the more we reside in our sovereignty, and the more we understand that it’s actually none of our business what other people think and do. 

We are not in a position of judging and analyzing, and rationalizing the decisions that others take because again, as I have mentioned before, we are not them. We don’t have their data, we don’t have their story, we don’t know their emotions and we don’t know their relationship with their inner beings.  

The Blue Avians come like a beautiful touch of God

With this frequency of unity Consciousness, they say that when you reside in your heart, accept yourself fully and find unity within the self, that is all that matters. You’re then going to start radiating that out into the world. 

When you start going into some template of outdated reality that encourages you to take a side against another side, you can simply take a breath, go back in your heart, and activate unity inside your microcosm.  

My teachings are always quantum teachings

I always teach that you create your reality from understanding your own microcosm, your own systems. These are your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual systems.  

When you understand your unique structure, the unique architecture of yourself, you can embody more of your soul blueprint and reside in your uniqueness. When you do that, with humility and love and connection to the self, you simply radiate those codes. You radiate your own divine self. Then, you start shining that out around you, therefore, encouraging others to do so themselves.  

When we encourage others to be more empowered, to be more unified, to find more oneness within themselves, then it will uplift the whole of humanity.  

Falling into old paradigms of separation

I see so many coaches, mentors, light leaders, spiritual teachers, falling into outdated paradigms of reality. They take one side against the other side, criticise and say all of this is the will of demonic forces.

That is actually not at all the embodiment of unity consciousness! That is literally staying stuck in outdated paradigms reality. If you feel that you have gone there yourself you will have more awareness of that pattern after reading this transmission. 

When you have conscious awareness of a pattern, you have the ability to choose differently. So, next time you want to take sides, judge, criticise, find the evil in others, take a breath and call in the frequency of Blue Avians. Ask yourself, is this coming from Unity Consciousness?  

If the answer is no, simply don’t go there. It’s as simple as that. Don’t talk, don’t think, and don’t act upon any impulse coming from the template of separation. If it doesn’t come from Unity Consciousness, it means it doesn’t come from your soul.  

Take some time for yourself, learn, alchemize, heal, transmute frequencies first, before you start sharing with others.  

Especially if you say that you are a mentor, a teacher, or a coach because other people look up to you! When other people look up to us, it is our duty and responsibility to do even more internal work. We are not here to continue spreading separation, so don’t do it. 

This is the frequency of Blue Avians!

They want me to share their messages with you, are you ready to receive them? 

“You have that unity in yourself. You are a master already”. 

A master can observe all fluctuations of the field, all fluctuations residing within their fractal. Simply observing them and being there for the human self, holding the torch of light within the heart is unity consciousness embodied.  

There is no need to drop the frequency into the lower fractal, which is basically taking sides and having an opinion on every life experience. 

Blue Avians have infinite access to all realms and star systems

Another interesting characteristic about the Blue Avians is that they actually don’t have a star system. I see them travelling in the quantum, in spaceships. Some look like spheres and some are triangular. It depends on what they do and if they are working with other star races.  

They use portals, to be able to time and space travel. The Blue Avians are the ones who have access to all realities. They don’t have much contact with humans at all. 

I do have access to Star systems that are not in contact with many humans and they are starting to consider opening their realms to find ambassadors on Earth. They want us to start receiving their codes, knowledge, and teachings. Very few humans have started connecting with new star races.  

The Blue Avians are the only star race across all time and space realities that has access to all the realms because of this Unity Consciousness that they represent. They never take sides and never have any judgments and they only receive guidance from their soul and from God’s source.  

The Blue Avians are seeders of consciousness

Blue Avians also have access to new planets and star systems that are just being birthed. They are the ones who are going to bring the first seeds of consciousness to these planets.  

That’s what they did on Earth as well! I was myself one of the first conscious beings on Earth, with thousands of others. I was in the sea for a long time. I really loved it here and just wanted to be rocked by the waves for all eternity. I then ended up entering the reams of plants and animals to experience and collect data.  

So there’s no surprise that I love ocean swims so much! Even in winter, like it is now, here in New Zealand, I still love my ocean swim because of this ancestral. 

The Blue Avians work with other star races when God opens up a new pathway of evolution and says, “Okay, this planet has settled, there is a sustainable environment to experiment with certain frequencies of life, so let’s go play and evolve, who’s ready?” 

God waited for our star system to settle then asked the Blue Avians to bring some seeds of consciousness onto Earth. These seeds of consciousness would come from different star systems.  

We had mostly Arcturians, Sirians, Pleiadians, and Reptilians come to Earth.  

We were seeded in different elements to start with. It was not even in animals or humans. Humans were non-existent then. Life forms were simply the elements. We came to code the elements, to receive data about the elements and the sustainability of the ecosystem on Earth.  

After the Blue Avians mission on Earth was done, they left.  

Very few humans actually have connections with Blue Avians because it’s not their role to be here now training humans. that they are shy. They observe in the background.

Why are the Blue Avians present now and how do they help us?

The Blue Avians are now coming back because we are at this turning point in humanity. So now, for the first time since consciousness was seeded in primates, they are back!  

Unity Consciousness now needs to be understood at a deeper level. They are happy to help humanity understand and embody the foundational frequency needed to evolve into the 4th and 5th dimensions.  

We are experiencing so much separation in the world and in spirituality as well. So many ‘spiritual leaders’ are sharing different narratives and a lot of people find themselves lost. The Blue Avians are coming here to teach advanced souls about the embodiment and teachings of Unity Consciousness. 

Sometimes I can feel my Blue Avian friend, an ascended Master, coming into my field. She flies around me very fast! I can literally feel this swirling effect like I’m being blasted with this high glitter frequency that then comes into my skin and each and every one of my cells. All the way into my DNA and all the way to the subatomic level present within the cells.  

It’s literally being blasted with crystalline frequency from 12 Dimension and above. She also comes behind my back and wraps me in her wings and then bye, off she’s gone! 

She doesn’t stay in my field like my other galactic friends. She always comes every time I feel that there is distortion around this profound code of Unity Consciousness.  

Turn your gaze inwards

I would like to invite you to really tune into yourself as you finish reading this transmission,  

How does it shake you? How does it trigger you? How does it make you think and react? 

When we react, when there is movement in the field. When we have questions popping up from everywhere, it’s a sign that our consciousness is shifting.  

This is wonderful because it shows that your soul frequency is already being upgraded. It’s simply your conscious and subconscious minds that are triggered so you can go deep into understanding what to do with this information.  

You could say to yourself: 

“I trust that it’s possible. I don’t know how to do it. I am open to shifting and receiving.” 

You are a magnificent soul. Your role is simply to allow yourself to surrender and to trust. We don’t need to know all the answers to our questions. We will never know all the answers to our questions because the quantum is infinite! 

To connect to the Blue Avians, we can just relax and simply say:

“I want to feel more Unity Consciousness. I want to be in Unity Consciousness, always. Please, Blue Avians, show me the way. Please, help me, come around me, wrap me in your wings. Fly around me, share your sparkly 12-dimensional glitter with me so I can be recoded. It’s then easier for me to embody Unity Consciousness because I know that truly, this is who I am, the divine incarnated in flesh.” 

Because this is who you are, my dear friend reading this!  

You are a spark of the divine. Your soul is whole always, your soul is infinite. Your soul is already there, in the highest frequencies available to you! Your soul has already made it. It’s only your human catching up to that understanding. Catching up to the frequency of your soul.  

Keep trusting in your soul, keep trusting in yourself. Be the angel, be the presence of your human, and you will find yourself embracing this accelerated journey of evolution. That will literally anchor the templates of the neo-humans, and connect you to so much love, abundance, freedom and connection.  

I love sharing with you all!

And I would absolutely love to receive it back. There is always this beautiful, sacred geometry symbol that is anchored in every transmission that I share with all of you, my tribe. This is the infinity loop of giving and receiving. I’m giving you my time here, I’m giving you so much of my own frequency, of my love. I’m sharing some knowledge that I channel from the Blue Avians.  

All of these codes are free, but I do take time to create these videos. I purchase equipment, spend time uploading the videos and I have an assistant that I pay to help me with all of this.  

I share free and paid content, which is great because it’s also this loop of giving back to receive deeper, high frequency, advanced codes. 

May you be blessed my friend, and always remember that we are all in this together, that we chose physicality as a pathway of evolution, and that it is perfect, that it is beautiful, and that we are here for one another, always.  

I love you and I can’t wait to connect again with you, next time! 

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the blue avians

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