quantum fractal

We each have a unique quantum blueprint which is made up of frequency codes, spiritual templates, thought patterns and emotional patterns. 

I have been guided by the Arcturians to channel this new wisdom to the world and share the Fractal Reflections theory that they teach me about.

The theory of quantum fractal reflections tells us how we can find more inner peace and love by observing the fluctuations of our human, from the centre point of our fractal. The fractal represents us. It is the self in all that we are. The centre point of our fractal is the heart portal, it is our soul!

In this transmission, I dive deep into the theory of quantum fractal reflections which has been channeled from the Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans and Pleiadians. Learn about the architecture of our soul and how we can ascend and evolve by allowing our human to feel emotions instead of blocking them. 

I share how we can observe our emotions from our centre so we can remain balanced & experience less intense oscillation from our upper and lower fractal reflections.

May you receive this information from your heart portal residing in your sovereignty!

Why learn about “fractal reflection in the matrix systems”? 

There are five main reasons which I outline for you below.

  1. To live in true happiness and freedom

The first reason is to be able to live in the moment, in true happiness and freedom. If we know there is an infinite amount of matrix systems, it is very important to be really anchored in our own truth and sovereignty no matter what!

No matter the restrictions in the outside world, no matter what others are projecting and what the government is saying, we’re still free.

  1. To stay connected to our loved ones in our own sovereignty 

The second reason is to stay connected to our loved ones and the world while being fully anchored in our sovereignty. A lot of us are experiencing fears of losing our loved ones in the process of ascension. I want to reassure you that this is not the case! There is a bigger picture to all of this. May you receive this information effortlessly from a place of divine knowledge that you and your loved ones are safe to evolve in your own individual rhythm. 

  1. Taking aligned actions for ascension based on high frequencies 

The third reason is to take aligned actions. If you are reading this, you are most likely coded as a divine revolutionary and divine warrior so I trust that you already take aligned actions to follow your heart’s desires! 

When we take aligned actions and align to love, not allowing ourselves to be lost in emotional waves, when we go back to the centre point in our heart and act to anchor our dreams, we start shifting very fast. The faster we shift, the faster we anchor our highest identity and therefore we can serve others on a deeper level.

  1. Experiencing accelerated evolution in trust and peace

When we start anchoring fractal reflection theory, we can start experimenting with greater precision and clarity on how to connect and co-create with quantum technologies, star races, ascended masters and other collectives which is always very exciting!

  1. To experience unity consciousness

The last reason we learn about fractal reflections is to experience unity consciousness now with all species on Earth. We can experience bliss right now and sustain it for extended periods of time, no matter what happens in the collective. Many ascended masters have shown the way! 

We don’t need to reside in a cave to experience this, we can experience it now. This system of fractal reflection that I am so happy to channel shows how to really anchor this bliss into every single moment we experience and with every breath. 

Fractal reflection theory

This is a fractal depicted in the image below. The fractal can represent something microscopic or something extremely big. 

The fractal self is who we are in this reality, this moment, including all our 4 systems (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). We are a fractal of consciousness experiencing within the matrix systems present on earth now (3D, 4D and 5D).

But the fractal can also be a cell, an organ or a bone; the lymphatic system, the adrenal system, the brain, the heart etc… It can also be a collective or group of people or a group of souls. It can also be planets, a galaxy or the universe. 

For the purpose of this transmission, we will talk about the fractal as the self, as our human self.

At the centre of our fractal, the centre point is our heart portal. This is the portal that we connect to our soul with. This is where we receive the seeds planted by our soul to direct our destiny. These seeds of desires are here to help us align and we feel them with our intuition, the language of our soul. 

The place in the quantum where souls are created 

In one of the travels through the quantum that I have experienced, I was taken back to the place where souls are actually created, within the heart womb of the Mother Creatrix. 

All of the codes to create a soul are all there, residing together in frequency form, as part of the infinite Love of Source. When divine masculine will becomes activated within the dark womb of the Mother, some codes come together to create a new cosmic heart. This cosmic heart is infused with deep unconditional love, freedom, abundance, connection and many more codes. 

The heart becomes a soul. Then the soul gets to choose where it wants to go in the universe, depending on its coding. The soul has a certain frequency signature, a blueprint that allows it to choose a certain star race to start its experience in a certain realm. The heart is literally the portal of the soul. 

The architecture of life

The centre point of the fractal is actually a portal. This portal starts as a black hole and as we enter it, we can start to navigate the quantum. We can connect to all. 

We have a soul that is a projection from our oversoul network. You are one of those projections, experiencing life as a human being in this current reality. Through the heart portal, as we connect to our oversoul network, we can instantly access any of the other projections coming from our oversoul. 

The heart as a portal

We are already wired in our heart centre to be connected directly to our soul and all the souls that reside in the quantum. Through this heart portal, we can also directly connect to Source consciousness, Earth consciousness and so on. 

The heart is literally a portal and we can learn to access it as we get deeper and deeper in our meditations and as we choose love as our guiding force.

Lower fractal reflections

When we look at the architecture of our fractal as a circle, with our heart portal in the centre, we have an upper quadrant and a lower quadrant. When we are completely lost in physicality, we identify with the lower quadrant fully. This is the human suit that we can completely identify with. People who we would say reside more in 3D, residing in the lower fractal reflection, are more cut off from their emotions. They understand their own emotions to a lesser degree than those residing in the centre or upper fractal quadrant. 

When many of us start awakening, the range of emotions we experience increases. We become more compassionate as we start to perceive frequencies from other people. This can be really difficult for us! When we start awakening and the rainbow 4D bridge begins to open to take us to 5D reality, we can feel trapped in these waves of emotions. This can also happen to people who are not awakening yet!

The oscillation of emotional states as we start awakening

One day we may feel very sad which is a low-frequency emotion, residing in the lower fractal reflection. We may feel sad, angry, lost and frustrated. We ask questions constantly and we don’t get the answers we are looking for, making us feel even more lost and frustrated! Therefore, we stay anchored into the lower quadrant of our fractal. This happens when we identify with our emotions and our mind and allow them to take over. We become a victim, therefore anchoring deeper layers of separation within ourselves.

Then on another day we might feel excited, joyful, happy, connected and feel our purpose. In these states, we are residing more in the upper quadrant of our fractal. 

What can happen is during one day, or even one hour, we navigate up and down and up and down again and again between the upper and lower quadrants of our fractal. The fractal becomes lost! When we are experiencing this type of volatility of our emotional and mental states, we can sometimes feel love. But love is just one emotion amongst all of the others, it isn’t the all-encompassing unconditional love that brings bliss and true happiness.

Learning to reside in the centre point of our fractal

This theory, which has been channeled, says that humans must learn to anchor into the centre point of their fractal which is love and inner peace by observance. This is not new teachings, only this quantum architecture is! This comes from sayings such as ‘live in the present moment’, ‘observe your emotions’, ‘be detached’ and so on. 

When we start observing the fluctuations of our emotions and thought patterns, we can learn to reside in our heart, therefore choosing to observe them rather than identify with them.

In this way, we can actually place ourselves as the angel of our human. We are here residing in Love and what we do is love our human through all that it is experiencing, the good and the challenging.

As our human starts feeling lost and exhausted, we can observe our human and what our human is experiencing as it is feeling lost and sad. We can then comfort our human and make our human feel like everything is okay and it is okay to experience these feelings.

It is the way we accept all that arises equally, without judgment. We love our human self no matter what, with compassion always. This ability to hold ourselves while experiencing deep challenging emotions and thoughts is truly life-changing. We do not try to alter the experience, we allow it to unfold, with as much detachment as possible.

When this happens, we could say: “my human is super triggered right now… Human, what do you need?”

Observe our human’s emotions from the centre point of our fractal

All of these frequencies reside within us so it is okay for our human to feel them. All of these frequencies reside within our fractal, our fractal cannot escape emotions in physicality. This is part of the human experience. 

If we block our low-frequency emotions, we will stay stuck in the lower realms/the lower fractal. There is no way we can ascend like that! 

Instead of trying to reject our emotions by blocking low-frequency ones, we simply observe them from our heart portal, from the centre point of our fractal. We start walking the talk of connecting with the advanced being that we are. 

Do you trust that you are an infinite soul? Do you trust that you are a spark of the divine? Do you trust that you are eternal, that you are born from love and that you are returning to love?

Allowing our human’s fluctuations to exist

We are a fractal of Source’s consciousness, we are unconditional love, we are learning to return to that state of beingness within physical form. Our job is to stay anchored at the centre point of creation within our heart. When our human experiences fluctuation in the fractal, we allow that to exist. We don’t fight it! 

This has completely changed my life! I was a person who was constantly fighting my emotions. I thought experiencing these emotional fluctuations wasn’t spiritual, I thought masters do not have emotions and so we shouldn’t. And if I did show emotions I would stay trapped into the lower realms of density.

This channeled body of work has completely changed my life because I can now allow myself to feel. To relax and hold myself in all that I am, with love and equanimity! 

When we reside a lot in the lower fractal, we are feeling low-frequency emotions such as grief, sadness or anger. We can observe our human with so much love and allow ourselves to experience what is there. 

When we observe our emotions from this place we can allow our human to be in that place to process those emotions, to grieve, to scream into a pillow, to hold ourselves. This helps us to master our emotions!

Increasing the centre point of our fractal 

When we feel really strong emotions coming, we allow them to exist. The more we practice the presence in the fractal, from the heart portal, observing the navigation of the human through different frequencies of emotion, we start increasing the frequency of Love, the centre point of our fractal. The centre becomes bigger and we are more and more anchored into love.

There is no limitation to the amount of love one can feel! There is always the next level, and a next level, and a next level!!!

Our fractal will balance out the frequencies of emotions that we feel

We can ask our heart to vibrate more into the higher levels of frequencies. When we reside in the upper quadrant, we feel joyful and excited, we also want to observe that. With the frequency of excitement, if you’re like me you may be a very excitable person! I literally cannot sleep at night if I have something that I am super excited about. After those feelings of excitement, the fractal needs to balance itself out to find inner peace again. 

If I’m always buzzing with excitement in the upper quadrant of my fractal, the fractal is going to balance itself out by tapping into lower frequencies, for example, exhaustion or feeling sad and lost. This is a typical reaction that a child would have before a birthday. They go from feeling extreme over-excitement before and during their birthday, then they crash, have a big drama. This is an example of the fractal balancing itself. 

Observing upper fractal frequencies from the centre point of our fractal

When our human is excited, that’s great, we can allow our human to feel this excitement, it is beautiful. Excitement is a high frequency anchored into the upper fractal reflection. It is a penetrating force that calls in higher manifestations. But we still observe our human’s excitement from the centre point of our fractal and hold space for the human to feel excited.

When we do this, we won’t crash as the fractal tries to balance itself out. We allow the experience to happen and for the emotions to fluctuate but we don’t completely identify with them. 

We observe what is happening with pure presence and take steps to calm our human down such as going for a walk in nature. We can be like the angel behind the human saying ‘you are so cute little human, your excitement is contagious!’ without getting caught up or identified in those feelings.

When we connect more and more to the centre point of our fractal, alchemy can start to happen!

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