2 ways we evolve & grow

During October there is a powerful gateway with Arcturus which peaks on the 17th of October. Therefore, in this post, I will be exploring the subject of evolution in 5D frequency with the help of the Arcturians. 

What does it mean and how do we get there?

In this transmission, I share how we evolve in 5D frequency consciously, through our own decisions and how we evolve unconsciously through pain and suffering. I share an exercise to help bring you greater awareness of your patterns of evolution and share how you can step into being a beacon of light, even in darkness by celebrating yourself.

How have you been evolving in your everyday life so far?

We would love to invite you for a moment to consider what you have consciously done in your life to evolve. And what have been more unconscious pathways of evolution? Unconscious pathways of evolution can be thought of as things that happen TO us, that we don’t necessarily want or ask for.

Conscious pathways of evolution

Take a moment to pause and contemplate all of the ways you have consciously evolved in your life up until this point. Examples of these could include choosing to study a certain subject or degree, saying yes to a public speaking opportunity, taking on a new job or career path, telling someone how you feel and so on.

Times when we consciously evolve are the times when we overcame challenges, felt terrified or nervous, and made important decisions that facilitate growth. These are the times when we find the courage, confidence and strength to go for something or to change and do something differently.

The conscious evolution process happens when we say YES to embracing a brighter version of who we are. We say YES to following our voice, our inner guidance. 

2 ways we evolve & grow

Unconscious pathways of evolution

Unconscious pathways of evolution are ways in which we evolve that also bring us pain, trauma, wounding and density. These are the things that happen to us, that we do not call in or choose.

Examples of these include losing a loved one, an illness, having an accident, losing money or losing an object of great meaning. It could be the break up of a romantic relationship, or parents getting divorced. It could be intense family or community problems. Perhaps it is a natural disaster or economic crash that affects you personally or collectively.

These are circumstances in which we have very strong emotional reactions that are perceived as negative and perhaps uncontrollable.

These are all things we do not call in. Why would we consciously choose to experiment with pain? This is not to say that it’s ‘good’ to experience pain and trauma.

I have gone through a lot of pain, trauma and suffering which has helped me to evolve tremendously. But if I have the choice to do it again, I would say no! Even though I have grown a lot. However, inevitably, these experiences are how we grow.

Evolving through grief

When my mum got sick and then eventually died, it was so bad. And I have not completely recovered and I don’t know if I ever will. When we deal with grief, it comes in these big waves. The pain never goes away, we become stronger and we learn to deal with it.

3 years have passed since losing my mum, when I look back I can now see how I was evolving, but mostly it was unconsciously. I knew because of the work I’ve been doing for years and from the conversations I had with my mum before she got sick that I was getting stronger going through this pain.

I was learning to put my feelings and emotions aside for a while so I could be a big girl. I said yes to spending all of my money and time going back to Belgium to see my mum be so sick and die, even if I didn’t want to do it.

I learnt so much!

I learnt what true suffering is.

This was the most painful experience of my life. But it was a huge pathway of evolution.

2 ways we evolve & grow

Many of us don’t understand the dynamics of evolution

The Arcturians really want me to emphasise the fact that both of these pathways are extremely potent. However, humanity does not understand the dynamics of these two pathways properly. We don’t understand the architecture of evolution as conscious beings when we are swallowed by pain and trauma.

Even if we know to a certain extent in the midst of suffering that we are learning, it is like a tiny little dot in a sea of trauma and sadness where our nervous system is completely out of whack.

Many of us develop depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and even suicidal thoughts and attempts etc.

It’s like, welcome to fucking humanity, right? 

Unfortunately, because humanity doesn’t understand these dynamics, these mental states keep being perpetuated. 

Exercise: Grab a pen and paper

How have you consciously evolved?

Take a moment to pause and consider all things you have done that were conscious pathways of evolution. Try to come up with 20 to 30 of them.

Remember as far back as you like! It could be the last year or it could be back until you were a small child. As long as you have a vivid memory of overcoming a challenge, evolving, saying yes to trying something new, opening your heart and communicating something and so on. It doesn’t matter if what you did worked out or not, all that matters here is that you said YES to evolving.

These can be big things that happen or they could be small things that had a big impact in terms of evolution.

How have you unconsciously evolved?

Next, you’re going to do the same thing but this time with your unconscious pathways of evolution.

These are the things that you never wanted to experience that were thrown in your face. What happened to you that was super intense and if you had the chance to decide whether it would happen you would say no, even if you learnt a lot?

Dive into this process of self-awareness by coming up with as many things as you can, going back as far as you’d like.

Celebrate YOU

After you have done this exercise, which might bring up a lot of stuff (good and bad!), the Arcturians and I invite you to celebrate yourself! Celebrate yourself like the wild, amazing, fantastic, vibrant, glowing human being that you are.

All of what you have just reflected on has taught you so much. You are the person you are today because you evolved through it all whether it was conscious or unconscious.

You broke free from fear and challenges and you said YES to evolution. You tried your best to survive through the worst shit of your life.

Celebrate simply by having an intention to celebrate yourself. Or maybe you can celebrate by getting yourself some flowers, a massage or a beautiful bath. Anything that makes you feel like you’re giving your human so much love and gratitude.

>>> Click here to download a PDF worksheet for this exercise

Extract more of your gifts with this exercise

When we go through an unconscious process of evolution, we may be in this dynamic of suffering for months. It may have felt like the walls were caving in and you were swimming through mud.

It was like that for me with my mum. And before that, I also had a burnout with a yoga studio I used to own. I have also been through a divorce and for most of my life, I have dealt with extreme scarcity.

As far back as I can go I have had very deep periods of being in the shit hole, in the depths of darkness. Through all of that contrast, I still learnt something. I still evolved.

After you have done this exercise, you’re going to be able to extract more of the gifts that you activated for yourself by going through all of these processes.

2 ways we evolve & grow

Pathways of evolution in 3D, 4D & 5D

The Arcturians brought us this transmission because it is part of the opening of our consciousness into the understanding of evolution in 3D, 4D & 5D frequencyThese are the bandwidth of frequencies that humanity is experiencing right now!

This bandwidth is very broad and therefore we have access to many different dynamics for evolution. Exciting isn’t it?

The way we position ourselves is going to determine the quality of our experiences. The more we acknowledge that everything that happens to us brings evolution and growth in the whole that we are, the more we acknowledge our accomplishments and celebrate ourselves, and the more we call in conscious evolution.

Learning to choose the quality of our reaction to unconscious evolution

When we call in conscious evolution, it is much easier to ride the wave of evolution rather than feeling dunked by the wave or like being stuck in the mud.

Shitty stuff that we don’t ask for is going to keep happening to a certain extent. We will still have negative experiences happen to us. But if we have conscious awareness of the dynamics of the evolution process, we become the master of our reality and of our experience. We start to choose the quality of our reaction or motion. We choose to react differently the next time the shit hits the fan, instead of going into the depths of the density.

We start to hold ourselves at the highest and we start to more clearly perceive the bigger picture. 

The more we do this, the more we grow in power, maturity, confidence and courage. But also in kindness and compassion for ourselves and our hearts.

We learn to mother the self so we can be so deeply present for everything that arises so we can be the comforting presence that we need.

Learning to mother the self

Going through the process of losing my mum, is when I truly learnt to mother myself. In that process, all that I needed to help me go through it was my mum. She was the one I needed at the time, yet she was the one person who couldn’t be there for me.

And so I had to be that for myself. I learnt to be that for myself.

And because I learnt to be that for myself there and then, now I can be that for myself every single day, no matter what. I am my biggest cheerleader. I hold myself in so much love and compassion. I can mother my human like never before.

Becoming a beacon of light in the darkness

Through this process of becoming aware of the dynamics of our processes of evolution, especially the unconscious ones, we can start to find pockets of light in the darkness.

We find pockets of light in the density so we are not swallowed by the 3D matrix system of pain and enslavement.

These pockets of light become beacons of light.

Who turns on the light? It is ourselves.

We turn on our own light by consciously celebrating our accomplishments, all we have overcome and all the lessons we have learnt.

2 ways we evolve & grow

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2 ways we evolve & grow

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