Our Centre located in Johnsonville, Wellington, has a designated yoga studio and a treatment room. Cendrine and her team of teachers offer Hatha Yoga level 1 and 2, Power Vinyasa level 1 and 2, and Yin yoga; so everyone can find the most appropriate class to their needs.

At the moment, there are three therapists using the room for treatments such as different massages, Reiki, Healing, Reading and more. Cendrine, Manami and Victoria each have different yet complementary skills.

Did you know that the Centre is totally eco-friendly and nearly 100% vegan? As much as possible, the most eco-friendly options were used in the creation of the Centre, from the bamboo flooring, to the palettes wall, benches and desk, to the props and mats used for practice.

The yoga mats are 100% biodegradable yet have a fantastic grip and padding, moreover the company Jade commits to planting a tree per mat purchased! Some mats are for sale for your home practise. The blankets are 100% organic cotton and especially designed for yoga, as well as the chairs. The chairs are a special features of the Centre; you won’t often find chairs in other studios around Wellington! They have been especially designed for yoga practise by the Iyengar institute, as well as the straps, blocks and blankets. We chose the best equipment because we believe that quality helps longevity, which reduces the need to replace equipment when it wears off. Those props should last a lifetime! Come to a Hatha yoga class, using those props, your practise will reach yet an other level!

We recycle and do composting as well. We look after our plants with love and care. Cendrine is vegan and wanted the Centre to reflect her way of living. There are always options that allow the consumer to choose products and services that will have the least impact on the environment. The only non-vegan products in the Centre are the bolsters. Nevertheless, they come from locally sourced wool and are a local New-Zealand brand. “Globe Artichoke” has created a brand of home-made high quality products and has become a leading brand in the yoga community around New-Zealand. No better alternative could be found and we trust that no sheep have been harmed in the process.

Everything is a choice in life. There is no right or wrong, just the choice that will fit the lives we want to live. Being a conscious consumer is part of Cendrine’s journey and this is therefore part of her business’ journey too.

Get to know the studio and its philosophy in this video. We would be very happy to see you for practice or a private session!

Yoga Studio Johnsonville
Yoga Studio Johnsonville
Yoga Studio Johnsonville
Yoga Studio Johnsonville
Yoga Studio Johnsonville
Yoga Studio Johnsonville


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