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At the moment there is a buzz around accessing your galactic intuition. As planetary alignments encourage us to connect to our soul and also to our non-physical friends. Our intuitive doorways and channels to our third eye are much more open, so we can start experiencing a greater level of awareness and galactic intuition.

Many of us are awakening to our connections with star races from advanced civilisations. But very few of us actually know how to communicate with them.

When we trust our channel and our connection with our galactic team, we feel their messages with all our being. It can be a shiver, an image or a word, and we know with absolute certainty that it comes from their divine loving guidance.

This helps us choose between different paths with greater clarity and confidence, therefore shifting faster on our journey. 

If you could take aligned actions from a place of excitement, knowing that your Galactic team has your back and will keep on giving you guidance, how fast would you shift?

In this post, I am sharing three tips and tricks to access your galactic intuition. These are the unique ways I connect to my soul family. They have helped me learn to fully and always trust my intuition. I have integrated and embodied all of these tips into my life. This has allowed me to shift completely to a new level in terms of intuition.

I could talk about intuition for hours on end, which is why I have created an amazing online course called the Galactic Intuitive which includes everything I know about intuition plus Arcturian trance channelled activations. 

For this post, I am going to focus on the most fundamental and basic tips to increase your intuition that you can start to apply in your life today.

Bypassing our mind with our intuitive heart centre

90% of the time the decisions we make are based on our subconscious mind. 

There is a lot happening in our 3D reality that is working with the mind. We are hacking the subconscious mind, rewiring our brains and practising positive thinking. However, it can take years to rewire our brains in this way. These mental practices are really important but are limited in terms of making massive quantum shifts and changes in our everyday lives.

When we start working from the heart we can literally bypass the mind. We learn to feel in the body what is good, not the mind. When we start receiving limiting beliefs and negative thoughts we simply identify them as such and we don’t pay attention.

We wire ourselves to follow our intuitive guidance residing in higher frequencies such as trust, connection, abundance and love. As soon as we identify something as low vibe, something that feels limited or restrictive in the body, we simply set that aside and don’t pay attention to it.

When working with the heart portal, it is easy to make huge shifts, it doesn’t take years and it’s not complicated. 

My teachings around intuition are easy to apply in our everyday lives and literally change our entire reality. 

Tip #1 to access your galactic intuition: Keep your physical body healthy and clean

The physical body is and always will be the most important tool for tuning into and increasing our intuition. 

All of our intuitive messages are filtered through our physical body. We hear with our ears, we feel the goosebumps on our skin, we feel attraction, repulsion and restriction through our physical body.

We are human beings experiencing physicality. So, we must learn to really be friends with our body. This is a lifelong journey! To get the physical body onboard in order to become a powerful intuitive, it is very important to have a super extra healthy body. 

Having a good diet, eating lots of fruits and being vegetarian is really the basics of becoming a powerful intuitive. Animal products are extremely low vibe and drop our frequencies. We can use our critical thinking when it comes to deciding what food and drinks to put in our body and we need to supplement when needed. 

Exercising and getting a sweat on, drinking pure water, sleeping well and not using any alcohol or drugs are also very important. This will help you make the physical body the pure channel that it is intended to be. It will help you to understand your intuition so much more. So keep on refining your diet and everything that concerns your physical body over the course of your whole life. 

We perceive intuitive messages through our physical body

When we receive a strong intuitive message, often we will really feel it inside the body, like having goosebumps all over when you are in a certain location or talk about a certain person. This is our body alerting us to pay attention to what is going on around us right now. 

For example, if you are talking to your friend about cryptocurrency and have goosebumps all over, this is an amazing signal that cryptocurrency is probably aligned with you right now. 

If you go into a location and get the goosebumps, pay attention and tune in to the physical body and ask what is arising here. Is it restricting? Which is an alert to get out or not engage. Or do you feel expansive, energised, joyful and connected when you tune in? That is the body telling you that this is aligned to you right now.

Keep doing the work to constantly tune in to your body. Give it what it is asking for, rest if you need to rest, exercise when you have the energy and drink plenty of clean water.

Tip #2 to access your galactic intuition: Always remember your why 

Why do you want to boost your intuition?

It can be difficult to bring changes to our everyday lives, like big changes in our diet for example. 

So, always remember why you want to be intuitive and why it is so important to you to be able to understand, trust and honour your intuition.

Maybe you want to be able to fulfil your life purpose because you know you are here for a reason that is something bigger than simply enjoying life. Maybe you want to connect with a loved one who has passed or with your galactic team in other realms.

Perhaps you want to learn where you are from and you are curious about your past lives and alternate realities. Maybe you simply want to improve your life by allowing your intuition to be present so you can go with the flow with less resistance to what is arising in your reality. 

When you need to make big changes in your everyday life to enhance your intuition, always come back to why you want to increase your intuition. When it becomes difficult and the lower mind comes and tries to sabotage your efforts, remember why you are doing it. 

Writing in a journal or putting post-its with positive affirmations around the house can really help to shift your mindset to help train your mind to get out of the way so you can follow your intuition. 

Our likes and our dislikes can block our intuition

When we receive intuitive messages that we don’t like, for example, stop watching TV in the evenings with our partner, we resist. This resistance comes from the lower mind which creates all sorts of excuses. We may completely ignore the intuitive messages coming through because we don’t want to change or are worried about what might happen if we do.

If we continue to constantly discard our intuitive messages they will simply stop coming through as much and as strongly. Always honour and acknowledge intuitive guidance from your galactic team when they come through, even if you aren’t ready for them.

We could simply say “Thank you intuition, I hear you but I am not quite ready to do this at this moment in my life”. When we embody this reaction consistently, we keep those intuitive channels open and clear for guidance to keep coming through.

Simply do not buy into your likes and dislikes which have nothing to do with intuition.  They don’t even relate to our past lives, ancestors and alternate realities. We can recreate ourselves anew every single moment with every single breath.

If we choose to anchor new pathways and templates and change our reactions to events and experiences in our lives, we create a new reality and we are a new person. 

Tip #3 to access your galactic intuition: Silence

Only in silence, we can hear.

Being in silence is crucial to allow ourselves to be open channels. It allows us to receive a constant stream of intuitive messages from our galactic team.

If we always have music going, are constantly talking to people, always have the TV on or are always running around, there is no silence. 

Silence is a wonderful way to be simply present with ourselves. It is pure mindfulness. Doing household chores like folding clothes, doing dishes, eating and walking are all perfect times to practice silence. This allows the headspace to finally open and is free of clutter. This means that when our galactic team has a message for us, those messages will come through very easily.

When we are in silence with ourselves, we can feel more into our body. The headspace starts to open so much that imagination can flow in. We can hear clearly and we perceive more of the quantum realities that are available to us. Silence is so precious! 

Silence needs to be practised as often as possible. Even if you are in a situation where it is difficult to be in silence like when you are with your kids, try to create spaces of silence. Give them the space to talk to you and also create a time when they know you need silence. 

If you live in a busy city and there is constant noise around, just do your best. When you are in silence with yourself, you cut yourself from the background noise. 

Galactic Intuitive Online Course

If you can relate to what I have shared and if you want more, you’ll be happy to know that it is possible to study with me and reach the next level on your journey! 

My online course the Galactic Intuitive is a deep spiritual program focusing not only on expanding our intuition but also on finding our soul mission. 

The best part is that this course is filled with powerful trance channelled activations from the Arcturians! This program is so much more powerful than other online courses on intuition because it works with cosmic surgery. This works deeply in different physical and energetic parts of our body and in the quantum realms to fast track our evolution and opens our intuition.

This course is here to unlock the potential of the pineal gland, to increase galactic expansion and to allow our soul mission to flow to us.

Access the course here

Remember to stay lit and light as you are indeed a divine soul having a badass experience in physicality!

We are lucky to have you here, walking this earth with us all, because your unique essence, your smile, your dreams and your actions help co-create the New Earth that we are here to anchor.

With crystalline love, 


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access your galactic intuition



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