quantum relaxation

Welcome to this post on quantum relaxation!  

Why would I use the word “quantum” in this instance, you might ask?  

Very good question! 

The meaning of Quantum in my unique transmissions 

I use the word “quantum” when I refer to the conscious understanding that our microcosm always influences our macrocosm and vice versa.  

When we think about our microcosm, we think about our inner world.  What’s happening inside us? This includes our energy, our frequencies and our vibrations. It’s the way we are able to place ourselves into our heart but it is also our physical body, nervous system, and our conscious and subconscious mind. Basically, it’s everything that makes us who we are as human beings.  

Then we have the macrocosm. The macrocosm refers to the outside environment. It’s our home but it’s also our friends. It’s the activities we engage in and it is also the thoughts that we project outward.  

There is a movement of going inward within our microcosm, within our inner world, and there is a movement of going outward, outside in our macrocosm.

Conscious relaxation has a huge impact on our reality

I would like to emphasise the fact that when we relax consciously, it has a huge impact on our reality.  

When we live in the now by doing things consciously, everything gets amplified. This is because when we live in the now we have access to an infinite amount of energy, infinite resources and infinite access to the whole that we are.  

When we consciously relax, we feel content and happier. After a couple of weeks of conscious relaxation, we’ll witness our reality literally shifting and start experiencing more ease and flow. 

When we surrender inside, it is much easier to receive ease and grace around us. It is easier to start exploring new pathways when we are in a relaxed state. It is also easier to receive new friendships, love, an opportunity for work,  money, abundance and new manifestations. 

Relaxation is the key to accessing the potential of our DNA

First of all, it is important to note that when we are fully relaxed our DNA coil literally opens up.  This means that we have greater access to our inner resources and to everything that our genes have to offer that’s been dormant. 

When we have access to all of our inner resources, we can respond to life with greater ease and flow, but also with greater conscious awareness of the environment and of what is happening outside of us in our macrocosm.  It’s literally going from living in the head to living in the heart.  

When we live in the head, it’s very easy to observe our mind. We are constantly thinking about ‘this and that’. We start going into projections and we start analyzing things. We think about the way we are too much or not enough and so on. 

All of that mental chit-chat actually shows up as stress and anxiety in our system. It’s very much being on autopilot, nearly all the time right?  

This stress and anxiety have often been built up since we were born

We become congested and suffocated under years of internalised stress and anxiety. Not only that but high levels of stress are normalised in our society. We think it’s normal to be stressed and it’s normal to be anxious. I say that it is not!!!

It might be the norm, but that doesn’t mean it should be. This is certainly not our natural state of beingness. Our natural state of beingness is to be in the flow, to be relaxed and to, therefore, have infinite access to the whole that we are.

Our reptilian brain keeps us stressed

There is a part of our brain called the limbic system which is very much a reptilian brain. It has been beautifully created because we need to experience fear and stress to survive in dangerous situations. If we are under attack, we need to be freaking stress out so we can get out, escape, start running away for our lives, literally. 

Also, when we know that there is danger around, our reptilian brain activates before the actual danger has manifested, so that’s beautiful. We want to keep that. There is nothing wrong with that. 

But there is a bug in our system 

Our nervous system ends up constantly being on high alert. When the nervous system is unbalanced, we don’t have access to the part of the nervous system which is called the parasympathetic nervous system. 

When the parasympathetic nervous system is activated we feel relaxed. This helps us feel present, experience inner peace and surrender to life. We want to consciously relax so we can balance our nervous system and keep our adrenal system under control. 

We literally have an infinite amount of resources when we face challenges and experiences in life that are outside of our comfort zone. 

Create your Quantum Reality

Quantum relaxation is extremely powerful if we want to start consciously creating our quantum reality through powerful manifestation. This is why I’m sharing this content with you now because so many people are missing this powerful key. 

They miss this foundational step of understanding what quantum relaxation really is. Therefore, it’s a lot harder to bring conscious manifestations into our vortex and actualize them into physicality.  

Relaxation and soul-alignment 

It is important to emphasise the fact that when we are relaxed, we are also more likely to be soul-aligned.  

Why is that?  

It’s because our soul is infinite, our soul is all-knowing. We are the divine spark of God. We are the creator of our lives. To be able to do that, we need to be able to be the observer of our reality.  

When we are in a constant state of stress, agitation, and anxiety, we are attached to our experiences. Therefore, we keep on repeating the same stories running through the same programs all over again and again. 

Then we wonder, “Why the hell am I stuck in this loop?”  

We are stuck in this loop because the nervous system is stuck in its response to being stressed.

When we drop down from the head and into the heart, we instantly feel so much calmer  

The heart is the portal of the soul, literally. 

Through the heart, we can start channelling, tuning into our intuition and receive our own inner guidance. 

When we are fully relaxed, the information that arises from our heart, and possibly also from our galactic team and spiritual friends is of such purity. This makes it a lot harder for the mind to come in with lots of fears and limiting beliefs. However, it will still happen.  

Becoming fully soul-aligned

 When we are fully soul-aligned, it is so much easier to understand our unique soul coding, our unique quantum soul blueprint, and our soul mission. It gives us a deeper sense of empowerment to be able to feel that we reside fully in our heart. 

When we reside fully in our heart and when we are completely relaxed. If we’re going to start having a challenging conversation with someone who is not receptive to the information we want to share, we will be able to maintain a non-reactive state. 

That is the key to the quantum transformation of our reality. 

When we are in a nonreactive state, it means that we are so relaxed and soul-aligned that we literally observe our human having a reaction. However, we are so present that we don’t go into a specific reaction. 

We don’t go into an outdated part of ourselves that is so wounded and so traumatized that it needs to be angry and sad, it needs to cry and manipulate and argue to make a point.  

We are simply observing the dynamic of the conversation unfolding. Then we are able to observe our own emotions and take full self-responsibility for them, which is very important.  

Taking responsibility for our inner-world

When we take full self-responsibility for our emotions and feelings that arise when we are having a challenging conversation, it means that we literally can take mental notes on the inner work that we are going to do after the conversation. 

This is going to lighten up certain areas of our lives that we are working on. Doing this work is very enlightening and helps us alchemize our inner world to become more soul-aligned, present and happier. We can then become powerful creators of our quantum reality. 

Allowing stress to flow

When we come into a difficult conversation, our stress levels may increase but we can literally use that energy. We can allow the stress to flow and observe it without being in a reactive mode because we know the stress response is temporary.

When the stress is completely maxed up and we have no breathing room, we start going into reactive mode. 

For example, if we are running around all day with the kids, our partner is pissing us off, our the car has a flat tire, and then on top of that after we managed to drop the kids at school, the school rings an hour later and we have to pick then up. You get the picture, right?  

When we are in this kind of mode and we are maxed up with stress, we’re going to be super anxious. Chances are, we are not going to be kind, loving parents. 

We always do the best we can with what we have, right? But in this situation chances are, we have too much to deal with!  

We might say to ourselves, “I cannot be the best mother right now, and my partner is pissing me off.” Or, “I’m so stressed out right now. I cannot even hear what he wants to share with me. I’m not interested. I have no space for the ones I love.” 

This creates guilt and shame inside of us and is an endless low vibe loop. , 

So, the very first step is to actually consciously practise relaxing every single day.  

Key 1 to make relaxation your reality: Practice relaxation techniques 

To start with, every single day we are going to create in our calendar at least a 30-minute window of relaxing time. We can choose morning, lunch or afternoon.  

This is the first key and the most important one! 

We don’t create changes in our lives if we don’t do the work. It’s as simple as that. Yes, we might go to see that psychic, that healer, have that Reiki session, and so on. That will temporarily help. But it’s just going to be a drop in the ocean because we are not shifting our internal programs to start with. Basically, it’s like putting a little bandage on an open wound.  

So, we need to do the work! We need to bring aligned discipline! 

When we start creating relaxing time in our calendar, what do we do? 

The first thing is to meditate. We meditate to clear the mind. There are lots of meditation techniques out there and I just invite you to start researching and practising different ones until you find the one that aligns with you the most.  

Yes, it’s challenging. Sometimes we procrastinate and procrastinate before we meditate or have our relaxation time. But we are the boss of our mind. We are the boss of our lives. We use the 5-second rule — 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and we do it. No excuses!

Using Yin Yoga to relax  

Yin Yoga is another effective practice to help us relax. In Yin Yoga, each pose is held for 3 to 10 minutes. When we draw our mind within, we start observing all sorts of shifts happening in our physical body as we hold the poses for such a long time. 

It’s absolutely wonderful. I love Yin Yoga for this because it’s such an inward experience. During Yin Yoga, I put on some soft music but I’m completely inside. I’m not watching TV. I’m not talking to anyone. I’m not singing. I’m not on my phone. No, I am inwards.  

Relaxation is the movement of going inwards, most of all with our thoughts. 

For example, I love being outside and just looking at the sea and the clouds passing by, allowing my thoughts to wander. That’s a different kind of relaxation that I really enjoy because I’m there and I simply allow my thoughts to come and go. I don’t hold onto them. 

But what it gives me is a very good indication of what I am working on now as a human being. If the same thoughts keep coming, again and again, I will observe that and inquire within. 

What is the inner work needed now? Why is this coming to my mind constantly? What do I need to shift in myself so I feel complete with this mental loop? 

This relaxed state gives me a really good indication of the programs that are outdated and that I’m working on clearing right now. Therefore, I can shift more consciously and shift my reality fast!

Other relaxation techniques I love 

I love relaxing with my Shakti Mat. I have an eye pillow and listen to Solfeggio frequencies. I lie there for 30 minutes to an hour, and I’m completely zoned out. This is one of my favourite practices.  

Another practice I love is to walk in silence. I walk in silence, no music, no friends, nothing. I don’t think a lot about stuff but instead, I try to create space in my head as I walk. I listen to the sounds of each of my steps in contact with the ground and listen to the sound of my breath. 

I listen to the wind. I listen to the birds. I make my walk a full sensory experience where my mind is completely relaxed. I feel this ecstatic connection coming from the heart with all my surroundings.  

Those are the few techniques that I personally use to relax. 

What relaxing is not!

Relaxing is not watching TV, it is not going on your computer to watch YouTube or Netflix. It is not reading either because that stimulates the mind. 

When I relax, I basically remove all of that. The only music that I would listen to is music that has no words and its only Solfeggio frequencies.  

Burn the fire first

When we have a lot of fire inside of us, it means that it’s going to be impossible for us to actually do these relaxation practices that I have mentioned.  

So what do we do?  

Well, we burn that fire first! 

We can go for a run, go to the gym, go to a sauna. If we need to scream because we’re very pissed off and frustrated and angry, scream into your pillows, scream at the wall (just not at a human being).  

Express yourself, write in your journal.  

It’s very important if you have a fire in you to actually allow this fire to purify the mental, emotional and physical body.  

This will make it a lot easier to relax.  

Here is a very interesting process… 

Remember what I mentioned when we are fully relaxed our DNA coil opens up?  

When that happens, the cells start removing low vibrations or toxins. All of these low vibrations and outdated programs are going to be cleared.  It’s important to note that we also have genes that we carry from our ancestors and that are sometimes not of the highest vibration. 

This can lead to the awakening of our internal Agni fire. Our body is perfectly designed to burn these toxins away.  

So if we feel fiery, let’s allow this powerful energy to exist!  

Saunas are wonderful for removing toxins. Exercising and sweating are also very needed to be able to remove all outdated programs for our systems. When that is done, we feel so calm, right? We feel so relaxed! 

The body can now let go and surrender even more! 

After we experience our fire burning, we can consciously relax.  

When we consciously relax we observe how our muscles are relaxed, how soft our mind is, how easy it is for us to smile, how receptive we are to our environment, how in love we are with life.  

We are so in love with life, we’re inspired by life. We receive so much inner guidance from our soul. 

Life becomes so much more ecstatic when we are relaxed.  

So, this is the first key to find relaxation. We create space for relaxation. We exercise. We meditate. 

Key 2 to make relaxation your reality: Aks yourself: “How can I be more relaxed in this situation?

The second key that I would like to give you is a key that is going to change the whole game.  

Sometimes there is an energetic build-up during the day, even after we practice our relaxation techniques. 

For example, around four o’clock we find ourselves in this difficult interaction with another human being. We find ourselves being really stressed out and anxious in this situation. All of us are like, “What happened with me?” Nothing. It’s life happening.  

Life always brings us outward experiences necessary for us to evolve in our inner world, which is exactly why these experiences happen. 

Life is saying, are you going to be able to stay relaxed in this situation? Are you going to be able to step into the next level of your evolution and therefore become a powerful quantum creator of your reality by stabilizing your frequencies, being such a powerful observer of the interaction happening?  

When we have all the inner resources to hold the light and the frequency at the highest level during this interaction, we will rise up and become an embodiment of our highest identity now.  

Life says: “Are you ready?”  

Challenging experiences will come

Sometimes, yes, we are ready. We are fully relaxed and very conscious of the process. The other person is very pissed off and showing a lot of emotions, but we are so present in our heart that not only do we not judge that person or ourselves, but we also understand that this experience is a gift to us so we can listen with a greater level of presence. 

We can love that person. We can see beyond that person’s trauma. Therefore, we don’t react and we don’t attack back. We are not sad and we are not triggered. If we are triggered then we observe that so we know that later we’re going to do the inner work. 

Basically, it’s the process of remaining in a state of beautiful focused inner peace during the interaction. That is possible, I swear. I’m experiencing this more and more in all sorts of interactions. It is literally freaking life-changing!!! 

Also, this second key comes into play when the opposite happens…  

Let’s imagine that we are in this interaction with someone difficult and we start feeling our reactions coming big-time. Righteousness, having to prove that the other person is wrong and that we are right and that we are enough. When we go full-blown into our limiting beliefs and traumas. We can see all of that but yet, we don’t know what to do.  

Now, you will remember this second key.  

The second key is a question. A question is a powerful quantum hack that can be used in any kind of situation. It literally opens up your field to receive new information, to receive new frequencies. 

So this question is, “How can I be more relaxed in this situation?”  

It sounds easy, but imagine having this intense interaction and at the same time having the level of presence to ask yourselves this question. It is already a huge step.  

So when you ask yourself this question during the intense interaction, be super proud of yourself. You’re doing it, my friend!  

Ask yourself the question, “How can I be more relaxed in this situation?” and observe the answer coming from your physical body. When we talk about relaxation, we talk about the physical body, right? Balancing the nervous system.  

The physical body could very well say, “I need to breathe right now.” And so you’re going to start taking deeper breaths and focusing on breathing from the lower belly and from the heart. You’re dropping the energy away from the head down. Start breathing more and more from the belly. 

As soon as the interaction finishes, you can feel your inner being saying, “I need space. This person is so crazy. I don’t even want to talk to her right now.” So you’re going to smile and politely say, “Thank you so much for sharing. I really appreciate you sharing your truth. Right now, I feel I need space to internalize it and simply understand what’s happening. I’m going to create space for myself so I can think about what you shared. Then I will come back to you when I am focused and soul-aligned because I will be able to meet you where you are now.” 

We find words to really honour the other person’s presence and to also show that we are standing up for ourselves and choosing to create space so we can internalize whatever happened. 

Me first! 

We choose to place ourselves first. It is always the way to go when we want to change our reality.  

Instead of being reactive, we draw our awareness inwards.  

After we raise this question, “How can I be more relaxed?”, we realise that the physical body often needs movement. It needs to move because the energy was so intense. We need to take some fresh air, to burn may be some fire, or to have a good cry because there is water inside that has been really shaken by this interaction.  

We give our physical body, our human, what it needs to be able to stabilize the frequency into a greater state of relaxation.  

It is only when we reach that greater stage of relaxation that we bring back the experience that was unpleasant. Then we are soul-aligned, heart-centred and we are able to be the observer of the interaction. Therefore, we can really understand all the gifts coming. 

What was happening? Why on Earth did I call this into my life? What do I need to learn? What do I need to shift? What do I need to remove from my belief system and my fears? What is preventing me from rising up to be a bigger person to reach the next level of my identity? How can I be the bigger person now?  

The quantum key for creation 

We only enter communication with someone when we are relaxed and soul-aligned.  

We do not initiate interactions and experimentations with life when we are out of alignment, stressed, anxious, frustrated, and all over the place. 

We become quantum creators that are extremely powerful and fully soul-aligned and anchored into the highest level of frequencies. We consciously choose to only interact with reality when we are fully soul-aligned.  

We only choose to interact with other humans, to create offerings, to mentor, to coach when we are fully relaxed and soul-aligned.   

Our role as infinite souls having a physical experience is to anchor quantum relaxation.  

This is a fundamental piece to be able to consciously shift realities.  

The amount of inner resources that are present within you is infinite. Why? Because you’re an infinite soul and you have so much talent, so many gifts, so much to offer in this world! You have so much wisdom inside of you. Everything is inside of you already, and you can access that in a relaxed state.  

Remember, being in a relaxed state is creating space every day to consciously relax 

Ask the question, “how can I be more relaxed in this situation?” often during the day even if you don’t experience anything intense.  

Sometimes just going grocery shopping creates a different energetic state. That’s the case for most of our interactions with life itself. 

So we can ask this question several times a day, “Am I fully relaxed? And if not, “how can I be more relaxed in this situation?” 

These are the two keys that I would love for you to practice in your everyday life so you can start observing the shifts happening, not only in your microcosm, your inner world but also in your macrocosm, your outside world. 

I trust that you enjoyed this transmission!

It is my great pleasure to share all of these codes with you because this is what I practice, and this is what makes my life so much better. Literally, these tools have changed so much for me that I really wanted to share them with you. 

I see a lot of people already shifting tremendously their lives simply by applying these keys.  

I love you very much and I’m sending you a lot of love and many blessings on this beautiful day! 

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