If you’re into personal growth, cleaning up your fears from your mind, as you tidy up your house after binge watching the new Netflix sensation, is the best thing you can do right now.

When I use to think about the word ‘fear’ I would instantly get the picture of a giant black hairy spider in my mind…

It never occurred to me that this fear was just the visible top of one gigantic bag of crap sitting in my unconscious mind, like a pile of books taking dust in the corner of my bedroom.

We don’t know we badly need to tidy up and clean it, until we can’t stand it any longer and along comes Marie Kondo, and her sparkling high vibes, to help us shift things and find joy.

I am an animal lover, an earthling who has deep faith in God and His creation. Hating spiders and insects was not really in alignment with my faith and my love for all living creatures. I knew I had to shift my mind to be a real nature lover.


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