what are archetypes

Archetypes are symbolic representations of high-frequency figures that have incarnated on Earth or been spiritually present to help bring about massive shifts in humanity. They are often divine revolutionaries and represent divine leadership.

We can connect to the primal projections of these archetypes through the architecture of our oversoul network and also our personal soul’s connection to Earth Consciousness.

In this post, I share what archetypes are, why so many people believe they have been archetypes in a past life and how we can consciously connect with them. Learn about how to work with archetypes, why archetypes incarnate on Earth,  and why new archetypes are being born right now.

The quantum architecture of archetypes 

The architecture of the self in the quantum world is made up of the soul and the oversoul network and then there are many more layers of the architecture of life itself. Archetypes come from one of the first layers, as more direct projections/fractals source consciousness.

They are a gathering of high potency codes and data. These archetypes have many projections throughout their oversoul network. More and more people can go through this network and start plugging into the primal projection of that archetype.

The two ways souls on Earth connect to archetypes

Thousands of people claim to have been Jesus in a past life, for example, because they are plugging into the primal projection of that archetype. It is a remembrance that comes from quantum resonance. They have the information within their electrons (which we all have), and it matches the frequency of a connecting point to a certain archetype.

This is also about tapping into Earth Consciousness. We all have crystals in Earth consciousness and these crystals are starting to emit and redistribute information. Many of us have this embodied experience of receiving information from the Earth. The Earth stores all data from all experiences from each and every single life form that has been present within her realms. Yes, that’s a lot of data!!!

So many people think they have been all of these archetypes in a past life, but who is right and who is wrong? Everyone is actually right, everyone is receiving information from their Earth crystal and from their oversoul. The crystal gives us a sense of embodiment and the oversoul network above gives us clarity over the information we receive. 

These archetypes can have thousands of projections at each and every single moment, so there could be thousands of “Jesus”, “Isis”, “Buddha” etc… It doesn’t mean that everyone is embodying these codes at the highest, not at all. It means that the access is there if the human was to do the internal and external work needed to align to that very high frequency within her/his lifetime.

what are archetypes

Archetypes are here to shift humanity

The archetypes give us a purity of codes that are shifting humanity because they have shifted humanity and entire civilisations in our past linearity. This is why we write about them in books and why we know about them.

Archetypes are leaders, ascended masters and archangels that many of us know about. Some examples of archetypes include Isis, Hathor, Toth, Metatron, Poseidon, Triton, Green Tara, Quan Yin, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and many more. There is a lot of symbolism that comes with archetypes. 

They can also be half human and half animal. A lot of times that are actually star races that came here! They may also have been human hybrids who had different physical representations of humans. 

Archetypes bring us symbolic gifts

When we start connecting with archetypes, they always come with many gifts for us. We know we are working with archetypes if they bring us many gifts! 

They have this level of frequency which allows them to instantly manifest a quantum technology that represents one aspect of their archetype and then hand it to you. For example, Triton’s trident, the wings from Isis or the halo from catholic archetypes. Anything that an archetype may have in terms of quantum technology that represents them could become a quantum technology/a gift that they share with us through initiations.

When we work with archetypes, we are also working with them as leaders. They are leaders and we are leaders. When we meet each other there is this exchange of power as it activates that within us, that which is already there.

The archetype frequency creates shifts in civilisations, literally. If there is an archetype very present, fully activated in her/his mission, it is very possible that an entire civilisation will completely change and enter a new age.

New archetypes are being born

These archetypes existed in physicality at certain stages to create instant change in civilisations. They say that archetypes are now being born in this reality to change the world. Not born in the womb, born in that they could be you! They could be me or anyone on Earth. 

Through the hard work and devotion of the pathway of evolution we have chosen, we can become an archetype for future generations. We can ignite in us the archetype that is already there, as we are indeed, infinite source consciousness. People in the future could be calling upon us in the quantum to guide, heal and teach them.

This is because we are currently going through an accelerated pathway of evolution and we need leaders who are going to anchor new civilisations. The Golden Age of Miracles is being anchored now, and a wave of very high-frequency souls are being woken to their true calling. 

Archetypes are the architects of the new earth! They are here to teach an entirely new system to others.

Galactic Realms

If you are an architect of the New Earth and would love to start working with archetypes in the quantum, connect to advanced star races, travelling through time and space, receive quantum technologies and anchor in your soul mission, I invite you to enrol in my online course, Galactic Realms

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what are archetypes

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