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If you are drawn to spirituality, you might have heard that we are multi-dimensional beings. But what does it mean?  

First, I would like you to consider the fact that we are multi-dimensional beings right here, right now.

What are the ‘basic’ dimensions we exist in here and now, as we read these lines? 

1. Physical dimension: We exist in the dimension of physicality (we can touch our body, an object, breathe…) 

2. Emotional dimension: The spectrum of our emotions ranges from low frequencies such as depression and anger to the highest frequencies of love and trust. When we tuning in with our emotions, with our heart portal, we start entering the fourth dimension. This one we can’t see or touch, but we know it does exist because we can FEEL so strongly!  

3. Mind dimension: The mind is also part of our multi-dimensional being. We have the lower mind and the higher mind. With mastery, we can reduce the impact our lower mind has on our lives, and accentuate the connection with our higher mind. Emotions and the mind work closely together, but not exclusively. For example, identifying ourselves as ‘being a victim’. The mind presents that reality and therefore creates strong emotions that are felt, reinforcing our belief that we are indeed the victim of a situation.

This multi-dimensional processes between emotions and the mind are so fascinating that I would love to write a book about it one day! But for now, let’s continue with understanding the quantum concept of multi-dimensionality in our everyday lives.

4. Energetic body dimension: This is made up of our chakras and 7 layers of the energetic field. 

5. Light body dimension: The light body is our crystalline body that contains all the codes waiting to be integrated and embodied.

We are all multi-dimensional beings right here, right now. We actually don’t need to go anywhere, or to do astral travels, or to fight within the quantum with our sword to be a multi-dimensional being. 

The over-soul network  

Our over-soul network has thousands of soul projections. We are only one of these projections.  

We live this reality know but at the same time, we are living in many different parallel realities.  

The first time I started downloading all of this information, I really did not like it. It triggered a lot in me.  

But now, I have come to realise that we choose to have an experience. So we are placed exactly where we need to be to learn the lessons that will help us on our mission.  

We continue travelling over and over again. Our soul projections are constantly coming to earth or to other star systems, simply because our over-soul wants to have experiences there.  

The greater consciousness created itself to experience, over and over again. Ultimately, this is why we are all here, a multitude of facets of different realities experienced by the greater consciousness. 

Consciousness wants to experience. As we created ourselves, we placed ourselves here. But we also placed ourselves in different Earths through different dimensions and in parallel lives.  

In parallel lives, we might have the same body, but we might have a different family. Or we could have a very different body, living in a different country, speaking in another language. It could be 2020 as I am recording this but it could be 200 years ago or 2000 years in the future! 

Everything happens at once because the concept of linearity only exists in physicality right here, right now. In the quantum, there is no such thing as time and space. Everything happens at once and this is why it is so triggering for so many people to start thinking about this information.   

Embodying our multi-dimensionality now

We are being given the possibility to self-actualise in every single place we travel to (in this context, ‘self-actualise’ means realising that we are a multi-dimensional being).  

We are all on a journey to realise that everything is based on love, connection, abundance, and freedom. No matter the experience, we can choose to perceive it through these high vibrating frequencies, and therefore embody more of our divinity in our current reality. 

Knowing that by choosing my vibrations I am going to receive them equally, gives me courage, strength, motivation and devotion for my path.  

As a fractal, we have our centre point in our heart. When we anchor ourselves through our heart portal, through love, we actually access all of our multi-dimensional selves in different realities.  

It is like a web between me, here and now, and all my other selves, all connected from our heart portals. 

Connecting to the over-soul’s projections

When I am connected to my over-soul network’s projections, I can receive codes from alternate realities, therefore collapsing timelines. It means that I start cultivating these higher frequencies and anchoring more of 5D reality, here and now. I start living from a place of love and flow and abundance and manifestation and freedom. 

I am elevating myself and consequently, I am anchoring myself in a higher level of frequencies/

All the other versions of myself also receive my high vibes. This means they will also be more connected to their heart portal, and again send back high frequencies to me.  

With this process of weaving time and space, there is a collapse of timelines. This means that I am going to start reclaiming more and more of my codes, bringing greater unity within the Self now.  

The unity point is inside of myself, the centre of my fractal. Because I feel the unity point when I connect to my heart centre, I can start working with myself living in different places, how exciting is that?! 

I can have access to myself living in ancient times in Lemuria. I can have access to my inner child in this life to heal and alchemise all that happened to me. I might like to ask my future self some advice on how to better anchor my soul mission now and receive my own embodied wisdom! 

This is what being a multi-dimensional being means!  

Through this new body of work that I am channelling, I learn how to play with my own multi-dimensionality and how to teach these advanced concepts to my students. 

The only thing that matters is present in each unique moment. It is not about thinking constantly “What am I doing over here? What am I doing over there?”  

It is every single zero-point that I am experiencing here with pure love and trust that triggers the time and space weaving with other higher realities (zero-point meaning pure presence in the heart). 

Fractal Reflections

Fractal reflections theory is the foundation of the body of work that I am channelling and teaching my students. 

Every cell is actually a fractal; every organ, every physical system. We, as an individual human, are also one fractal.  

Fractal reflections are the actual architecture behind the words “as above so below”. Every life force entity has an above reflection that contains the highest frequencies residing within that entity. The below reflections that include the low vibes. 

We each have a different range of frequencies within the different fractals that make us who we are. This gives us access to different experiences in our reality. 


I would like for you to consider really embracing this multi-dimensionality on an everyday level by alchemising yourself right now, without thinking about anything else.  

Here are a few questions that trigger the alchemy of the self: 

  • Who am I right now?  
  • What is this body?  
  • How is this body vibrating?  
  • Am I residing in the highest frequencies now? 
  • Is there anything I can do to heal and alchemise my body? 
  • How can I channel higher levels of frequencies to feel more joy and more love? 

So start alchemising yourself on a physical level. Then start alchemizing your multi-dimensional self through your emotions. We are always going to feel a whole range of the emotions that are within our fractal.   

All of our lives, we are going to keep on feeling sad, triggered and sometimes frustrated and angry. Even if when we reach mastery, those emotions are still going to come in our field. 

The shifting point when we become so present that we feel those emotions coming, but we stay anchored at the centre point of our fractal, in our heart portal. We see the emotion coming, but we don’t identify with it. We do not identify with it because we are not it. 

We feel emotions because we are humans.

We perceive them coming from our outside world, from the collective, from a family member or a friend.

People get angry, frustrated, wounded, and feel like victims. Whatever comes into your field and makes you react, allow it to exist. Observe the emotion with compassion and detachment, love your human for feeling. You are the angel, the presence behind, diluting the exacerbated reactions of your human. 

We don’t have to judge ourselves and we don’t have to accept all either. When we are stuck into the lower fractal reflection of our human (low frequencies), we are not free. We are completely jailed by our own victimhood, by our own wounds and anger.  

Reclaiming our freedom  

We need to reclaim our freedom now. Because we were born free beings, right?  

Being conscious that we are multi-dimensional beings is absolutely amazing! It really helps us to be more detached from our reality. But it does not mean that we have to detach so much that we do not care.  

It means that we alchemise what arises and depletes our energy. We connect to all that we are by understanding more of our unique quantum soul blueprint. 

Therefore, we connect deeply to our soul mission, which makes it easier to take aligned actions, because we know exactly what we are here for!

We were born a free fractal! We can reclaim that power now, simply by residing in our heart, aligning our life to the highest levels of frequencies available to us right now: Love and trust! 


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