what is the moon

Today I would love to share with you a magical story about the creation and the purpose of the moon. 

I have had many people ask me during trance channeling sessions what the moon is. There are many stories about what the moon could be and why it has been created. 

I hope that you will find the resonance in your heart about the connection that we have with this advanced sacred being, the moon.

We are in the midst of a great awakening

At the moment we are entering The Golden Age of Miracles, the New Earth, as we ascend to 5D. It is the journey to returning to the divine self and to the sacred.

Sacredness is present everywhere if we align our heart so we can see it, feel it, hear it and perceive it with all our senses.

It is easy for us to start tapping into lower frequency narratives coming from our own fears and anxieties or from other channels that don’t have access to information residing in higher levels of frequency. These channels can start tapping into lower realms of information where all sacredness is removed, making us believe that we are doomed and everything we cherish and feel in our heart is a lie. 

How to receive spiritual transmissions

I would love for you to always go back to your own sovereignty whenever you receive any kind of information. I say this about my own transmissions as well as anyone else’s transmissions out there. 

People don’t necessarily lie, make things up or are low vibes because of some information they share. I have deep respect and appreciation for all the souls out there genuinely intending to share some channeled information that they might seem is important for others to receive. Everything has a purpose and certain information coming into your awareness is there to allow you to bring this information into your field and to allow yourself to see how it makes you feel.

How to tell if what you are receiving is in alignment with your soul

If the information you receive makes you feel sad, stressed or anxious and misaligned, then this information is probably not of the highest for you. If however, you find yourself receiving information that makes you feel happy, connected, joyful and full of love then it means this information is a fuck yeah for your soul! This information is going to land beautifully for you as this alignment is there. It makes it easier to receive the codes shared effortlessly, as you consciously align to the information coming in your field.  

Allow yourself to receive this story about the moon from your heart’s intelligence.

Your heart is the portal of your soul, so we don’t need to understand what I share intellectually because it is pretty out there! 

A lot of the things that I teach inside my university and in my programs are advanced quantum teachings. This includes oracular predictions and advanced wisdom that comes from my soul and from ascended masters, my High Council and many star races I co-create with.

When people start receiving free content from me, they share that it makes them feel more anchored in their sovereignty. It makes them feel expansive and anchored into trust which allows them to start receiving more of the advanced content that I share.

This transmission has been trance channeled from the Arcturians

I have trance channeled this transmission many times and for this post, I have channeled it again for you as every time I share it, it comes with more refinement and precision.

The creation of our galaxy

From within the womb of the eternal consciousness, resides all of creation. Within this high vibration, divine womb of the creatrix of all things and no-thing, resides all algorithms of life that one wishes to experience as a return to the self, “to know thyself”.

This is how galaxies come to be created, from the desire of the One to know itself. Therefore, there is the divine penetration of masculine will, blossoming from the desire of the feminine womb of no-thing to create life in a certain spectrum of frequencies. This allows us to experiment with life. 

There was once this powerful will with its own understanding of the desire of the heart of all things and no-thing, to experience itself in this existing galaxy. 

This created a penetrating force coming from this black womb of nothing. This created a huge vortex or galactic centre. This is the solar centre of our galaxy, which is also a black hole, the return to no-thing.

This black hole projected all of creation from its centre

Our galaxy is projected from this point. It is like our galaxy is connecting through an umbilical cord to the womb of the One. From the womb of no-thing, the eternal consciousness, this galaxy came into existence. 

There was a huge force field coming from this point and a descent started happening, which created this galaxy out of this womb. This divine masculine frequency force created the explosion of life unfolding within the womb of the new galaxy being created.

Scientists call this the big bang.

The evolution of physical planets

Lifeforms started coming. There were many different algorithms coming to life! The 3D algorithm of physicality as we know it now was also there. There are physical planets that are existing in 3D. 

Round planets are actually very advanced masters, advanced beings that have had countless incarnations in other galaxies that we can no longer trace. They come from far beyond the creation of this current galaxy.

All of these advanced frequencies residing in the womb of no-thing, had this desire to start creating life themselves together as a collective. It is much like a human collective, but rather a collective of stars and planets that work together to create life. 

The high conscious collective that is our solar system

This high conscious collective started emerging here in this galaxy. They came into a 3D collision of matter that was the result of the first explosion of life itself. Chaos was there as the divine architecture of the new galaxy was created. There was matter all over the place because it was not stabilised. The algorithm of stabilisation of our current galaxy took aeons to allow one universe to create life from its own microcosm.

The dragons came to create order out of the chaos

It stabilised because dragons came for these advanced beings that chose to be embodied in consciousness as physical planets. The dragons’ purpose is to stabilise the elements. They do this with their wingspan and by flying in a specific way that allows them to use the potent electromagnetic energy starting to emerge from atoms’ field. The dragons came to create order out of chaos. 

They follow their inner guidance which is directed by ether. The element of ether is the primal element that births all the other 4 elements. Ether is a frequency that directs life, the greater architecture of creation itself. It’s like the greater choreographer of the beautiful symphony of life.

The dragons organised smaller collectives within our gigantic galaxy. 

The organisation of star systems

The first star systems began to be organised. Arcturus was one of the first star systems to stabilise, it is extremely ancient. This is why Arcturians are some of the most ascended star beings that currently exist within our galaxy.

Earth was the new kid on the block! There was this desire to continue creating with certain elements that were still experiencing chaos in parts of the galaxy. The dragons came to organise our own solar system. I can see myself there as a shapeshifter, sometimes a dragon, sometimes my most ascended consciousness as ether, Halayna, riding a master dragon. 

We started organising this solar system by flying in certain directions to allow cohesion around the central sun that is born from the fire of the dragon.

All planets have dragon frequency residing within their core as dragons come every now and then in a more physical frequency when elemental stabilisation is needed. This is why so many of us feel a strong connection to dragons at the moment. Their frequency is coming back to help us stabilise into the Golden Age of Miracles. 

The balancing of the masculine & feminine frequencies in our solar system

The dragons organised this solar system perfectly because they are divine. They are some of the most advanced messengers of the divine creatrix of all things. 

Our solar sun was coded with highly divine masculine frequency. To balance this divine masculine frequency, as the penetrating force of life itself, Luna, feminine frequency was needed so life could be birthed on Earth.

Other planets have their own moon and the moon is the stabilisation force in this microcosm of each planet. It is the direct representation of divine masculine and divine feminine frequency. The divine masculine sun and divine feminine moon, allowed the Earth to be stabilised.

How the moon was made

The moon comes from a part of the Earth. There is a certain physical mass that becomes more stabilised as it takes a round shape as it is rotating with the velocity of its own electrons residing within the Earth in itself as a physical form. The spirit of the Earth comes down and goes into a birthing process. The Earth is a mother.

The Earth was first spinning in an unbalanced chaotic way, so the dragons came and they chipped off a part of the Earth which became the moon. The moon also started rotating at a certain degree of velocity so it took a round shape. A soul then also came into the moon!

This is a very interesting process of creation!

The moon is the feminine frequency, the Earth also has a feminine frequency as the birther of life but would not be able to hold and sustain life if it was without the masculine divine frequency of the sun.

Why the moon is there 

The moon, therefore, helps to organise the rhythm of the womb of the Earth, the rhythm of creation. The moon is there to remind humans of their own sacredness, about their own polarities and the aspects of the father and mother that always give a part of themselves for their children. The Earth gave a part of itself to be able to birth its own child, the moon, which represents its own divine feminine frequency.

All beings are divine and sacred, and so are our planets, moons and stars!

The moon is a very advanced and sacred being. There is actually life on the moon, but from our 3D matrix system and because of the consciousness that most of us reside in at the moment, most cannot see it.

The moon has been desacralised over and over again. The moon is fine with that by the way, it knows that this is part of its purpose! 

Ancient civilisations understood the moon

Ancient civilisations had a lot of knowledge about the sacred frequency of the moon. 

We know this in our genes, all the way to our DNA, all the way to our atoms. Many of us are old souls who have walked on Earth for many lifetimes and we were in civilisations that understood the rhythm of nature as created by the moon, the sun and the Earth. 

This is trinity consciousness! 

It is important to be able to feel this truth that we know resides inside of ourselves. Does this information makes you feel happy and connected?

Is the way the moon affects us on Earth negative?

People who are asking me questions about the moon were asking because they have heard negative things and conspiracies about the existence and purpose of the moon. 

Children and animals can become upset and disturbed according to the cycles of the moon. We can also very strongly feel intense energies during the different phases of the moon. This may seem like a negative thing as it is an external force that is directly affecting us. 

To which the Arcturians say, with their beautiful sense of humour and precise poking skills, why is it actually negative? Why is it bad that we all get so affected by the moon? Maybe all we really want and are yearning for is to get outside in the elements to revere the sacredness of the cycle of the moon.

Does our inner being crave to actually follow these cycles consciously to reach a new level of soul embodiment in this current reality where we have forgotten about sacred rituals performed at specific times?

This is why our nervous system is wired to feel the moon energy.

Our entire system is wired to be influenced by the moon

We are made of water and the moon influences the water in our bodies (amongst other things). Because we are the sun, the sun influences our particles. Plasma photon light influences our inner being!

So why do we think it is negative to have this sort of reaction to a full moon, where we are unsettled and can’t sleep? It is simply because we have forgotten.

In many ancient civilisations, they had ceremonies and the whole of the community would gather for the entire night with the animals and the plants to celebrate the cycle of the moon and the earth. 

The earth is a sacred highly advanced being

We live in a sacred place where the earth is the most advanced being in the whole of creation because she is the one who gives life to us all. This life has many different forms, we have beautiful plants, all sorts of animals and humans. There are many lifeforms that we don’t perceive with our 3D eyes and consciousness at the moment but many of us are feeling. This includes dragons, mermaids, fairies etc. All of these beings are present here on Earth.

The Earth is the birther of all realities, the creatrix of all the life we see around us. She is able to do this because she lives in union with herself, and with the lunar and the solar frequencies which she co-create with.

Creation in physicality can only happen in co-creation. Apart from the unity consciousness that holds all things and no-thing, everything else comes from the co-creation of divine forces that operate with quantum resonance and polarities. 

Everything is sacred! 

Now it is for us to remember that sacredness. Because that sacredness that is out there in nature, in the elements, is the same sacredness that is inside of ourselves. So many of us are searching for sacredness. Many of us know that we are divine light beings and yet we struggle to reconcile that with certain information we receive. This information wants to make us believe that humanity is doomed where we will turn into robots and live in a virtual reality. Or that the moon is not sacred and it is actually a spying station or that it is a reptilian spaceship and so on.

What you believe is your reality, so if you believe that, chances are you’re going to be very strongly negatively affected by those narratives that you follow. There are many conflicting narratives out there that anchor us in even more fear of the future because of their dramatic scenarios. None of them are anchored into the sacred and if we go deep, we can often feel that it doesn’t resonate with our heart as we are sacred divine beings on a path of remembering who we are and what creation of life really is.

Oracular predictions

We each have a divine purpose for sharing what we share and it is for you in your own sovereign inner guidance to follow the messages, the oracles that come and share the messages coming from their own angle of connection with the whole that they are.

A lot of predictions that were done recently, in the last 300 years, are anchored in the Newtonian Paradigm of separation, reductionism and materialism. When that comes into quantum resonance with the microcosm of people that predict low vibe timelines, it creates this oracular prediction of low frequency. 

High vibe predictions for Earth’s ascension 

When we look at predictions that were anchored in Golden Civilisations, and there are many including the Mayans, the White Buffalo Tribe, Mary Magdalene and so on. These are predictions that come from souls that resided in very high levels of divine communion with the self. 

These predictions all say the same thing. This is a message that I also share, which is a message of hope, trust, of choice and of remembering that now is the time that we have all been preparing for, for sometimes thousands of lifetimes. 

We prepared for the ascension of planet Earth as a star nation civilisation coming into existence. 

For the very first time in the history of our planet, humanity as a whole, as one race, is going to remember and together we are going to pave the way, which has already been traced by Love.

Love has already shown the way

We are already there, we simply need to follow the way that has been prepared by love for love. This is the return of the self through the self for the self to experience communion with all beings that are on Earth. 

Where we can all use our own inner resources, intellect, heart intelligence, gifts and talents to create and sustain life, to promote life and to choose love as a guiding force for humanity, we will truly become a civilisation! 

This is what we are going to experience as it is already happening now as part of the great transition. 

These are the oracular predictions that flow through my own heart. If you resonate with this prediction and you can feel it, even though your mind has no understanding about how it’s going to actually happen, that’s okay! We don’t need to know precisely how things will unfold, we just need to feel it. Every single day we align to that uplifting future timeline by doing everything we can to stay aligned to our sovereign soul.

This is a message of a return of sacredness

We return to sacredness by remembering what the moon truly is, what an advanced being it is and what advanced beings each and every one of us are. 


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