I often see this question being asked on social media groups that I belong too:

“Why are people who have awoken still so horrible?”.

My answer to this question is very clear and straight forward:

“Because they are humans”.

But such a short reply will not please the seeker of deeper spiritual understanding.

When we start to realize that astrology is more than the Woman’s Weekly columns’, we have taken our first baby steps.

When the bubble of our life suddenly explodes, because we come to realize that all our material possessions won’t fill the void of our inner emptiness, we have taken another baby step.

When we start questioning the very foundations of our society, of religions, philosophy, medicine and the rest, we only start walking.

Then comes the quest for more…

“What about light beings? And aliens?”

“Oh dear, I forgot to clear my crystals on the full moon, that must mean bad luck right?”

“Doreen Virtue rejects her past work because she found Jesus, what does that mean? Should I through all my decks away?”

“I might have to become vegan but I love my cheese so much. Can a spiritual person still eat meat?”

There, instead of running with confidence, we slow down and start stumbling…

If we want to start running too fast too soon, we will get hurt. Especially if we push other people away because we think they stink!

Awakening is coming to the realization that there is something more to our materialistic life, that there is a different way of living.

It is the first glimpse of the depth of wisdom that lies beyond the veils of our illusions.

It is often distressing and confronting to realize that our belief system is now obsolete.

What can we believe in then? What can we trust?

Anger, frustration, and a sense of isolation will start rushing in.

We no longer relate to our family members, our friends, our colleagues. We put our whole life into question.

The first moment of the awakening process is like an explosion. It is powerful and destructive.

Even if we have different awakenings at different times in our lives, I see the same distress in all the conversations I come across in spiritual circles.

Why is that?

It is because we start seeing for the very first time and what we see if so damn difficult to understand that we go into freak-out mode.

We become the “Neos” in our own Matrix”.

Neo couldn’t bear to see the truth, so what did he do?

He vomited!


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