In what feels like an other lifetime, I was a uni students in Political Relations, after getting a bachelor in Law and before continuing with an other Master in International Relations. I read many newspapers, watched the news every day on different channels and talked about the world, politics and international issues with other fellow students and teachers.
Fast forward 25 years later… I don’t have a tv and never use my laptop to watch the news, I don’t read any newspaper at all, I can’t have a single conversation about politics, Kiwi politic or international – I nearly have zero clue about what’s going on in the world and I actually don’t give a damn about reading or watching any news at all.
OMG, OMG, I admitted it… It’s out there… I now won’t only face my mum’s outrage at my lack of engagement, at my lack of awareness and knowledge about world’s news; but maybe a good percentage of my readers too – oopsies…
Oh well… Hopefully I have learned not to care about what other people think – no offence to you my dear reader… We all deserve to have our own way of thinking and good on you if you dislike what I am writing. Good on you, because what you feel shows what makes you vibrate, it shows a side of who you are, it triggers beliefs, opinions, fears, passion and many other patterns that you are conscious about and most likely unconscious about.
Being annoyed and triggered is a good thing because it shows that there is learning happening, it shows that something in you wants to come up to the surface and don’t want to be ignored any longer.
Believe me, I use to be very passionate about the world, getting outraged at politicians getting into power even though they were obvious pricks; I used to have tears in my eyes watching children in war zones losing all they had – for what? I couldn’t watch a news without having a strong emotion; I couldn’t hear people talking about it without jumping in to share my own opinion on the subject and feel part of the ambient emotional turmoil.
I often felt I had to know what was going on to stay in control, to have my intellect switched on, to belong to the group of educated people who can change things and make the world a better place. I use to trust the quote that says “Knowledge is power”. I use to think the if I knew all of the underlying games of powers between secret organisations, between powerful countries, would make me more able to deal with what was going on out there; so one day, I would change things.
But as the years passed, it became more and more clear that knowing wasn’t changing anything at all. It wasn’t helping my mojo stay up either; it wasn’t making me feel intelligent at all, as there was always so much more to learn. I started observing that every time I read more news, I felt more angry. My inability to do anything at all about that apart from having long big rants made me down right frustrated. Instead of finding clarity in knowledge, I found confusion, doubts and fears.
The paradox was: the more I tried to stay connected to the world by knowing what was going on, the less I felt connected to others and to myself.
It became more and more clear that the world’s politics is so fucked up and complicated that the little me wouldn’t be able to change a thing. I hated stupid humans, I felt there was no solution to the world’s disastrous state. I felt we were all doomed… I just wanted to move to an other planet where only the good people would go to live happily.
But thank you life, for showing me the way… Thank you to my soul, for taking me on an unsuspected adventure that pretty much turned things around completely. I love how staying open to change and jumping into unknown experiences can teach real lessons; not about the world necessarily, but mostly about the self and how we can learn and grow to find inner peace and happiness.
Life took me to the other side of the world… I chose to live in Fiji, on a remote piece of land on a coconut plantation. We didn’t have electricity and internet so we had no choice but to cut ourselves from the world. After moving to Christchurch a year later, I never really started getting ‘informed’ again as I was pregnant and just wanted to focus on my baby and my new life.
It is only as the years passed that the process became more clear: I wasn’t aware of anything at all in the world, and I actually couldn’t care less. Every time I heard about a natural disaster or terrible news, my emotions started rushing in again, uncontrolled. When I would go back to Belgium, I would actually be chocked to see how much people listen to the news and small talk about it.
So, what about you my dear readers? Would you like to take a moment to reflect on your personal experience, what you have taken from your family and culture, what you have developed yourself, what you believe in? Just take it as a self-reflection practice, there is absolutely no judgment or analysis need right now whatsoever.
Do you find yourself feeling depressed, angry and frustrated after hearing world wide news?
Yes, me too, I still do when news reach me!
It is often something my clients ask me during the private coaching sessions we have together… “How can I stay happy when the world is going crazy?” – “Things seem to get more and more intense in the world, how can I keep faith in the future?”
All these questions are completely legit, it shows that you are part of the world, that you feel deeply connected to others and the earth. It shows that your heart suffers and that your soul needs something more, needs to be reassured, needs to trust that all is well, and that things will be ok.
But what can you do then?
My advice might surprise you… or maybe it won’t as you’ve read the first part of this article;-) You don’t have to agree, but you might like to consider it and practice for a month to see if anything changes at all in your level of happiness:
>>>>>   STOP WATCHING THE NEWS – stop reading the newspaper, stay away from tv, from stuff, from people magazines and the rest.
= Detox your mind
During this ‘News Detox’, put your smart phone down as much as you can. Try to socialise with new people, get out there in the world, help others, practice kindness and generosity. Take walks in nature and practice yoga and meditation. Use your time to create deep, meaningful connections with yourself and others by being fully present.
Look at the world around you and all that’s beautiful in it: the colours of nature, the sun on your skin; the smile of a stranger and the random acts of kindness that show unexpectedly. Practice optimism and positivity all the time and everywhere.
You will observe that when you expose yourself to good things, when you look for meaningful connections with other human beings, when you practice optimism and positivity, while at the same time banning bad news from your reality, your outlook on life and the world around you will change accordingly.
Does it mean that you disconnect yourself from the wold and stop caring about others? Not at all!
It means you are building your happiness, recharging your batteries and trying a new technique to stay happy. It means that you don’t loose your energy, your mojo, your mind over things you actually have NO control over. It doesn’t mean you are an uneducated selfish person. On the opposite, it shows that you have learned better than loose your time and energy over the things that happen outside of your control.
There will always be natural disaster, non-sense in politics and drama all around. You getting all frustrated, angry and depressed over it won’t change a thing – oh yes, sorry it will: it will change you by making you feel miserable.
“Ok Cendrine, but really, I just think you’re being a bit extreme… I really feel that I need to stay informed, at least a little bit.” Is it maybe what you’d like to say to me? It’s ok, I totally get it! I often think I could do with knowing a bit more too…
Off course, most of us actually need to know what’s going on in the world and want to be able to share with others on that level. It’s still a part of feeling connected and be social.
In that situation, it is important to learn to stay detached emotionally so you don’t get sucked into drama and become too angry and frustrated.
If you feel that you need to be more active and do something, then ACT! Do what you can, at your own level but make sure it comes from a place of empowerment to make positive changes based on love, respect and compassion. If it’s having big rants on social media, then that is not going to uplift you but it will keep you on the same low vibrating energetic level. and will drain you of your energy.
Acting can be healing; doing your bit for the environment, for the people around you, for your own health, are all things that are in your control. Acting gives a sense of deep empowerment.
So yes, I act a lot on my own little level and never allow the thought of ‘I’m just one drop in the ocean’ to pollute my mojo – An ocean is made of millions of drops and each and every one counts.
If things are out of your control though, let them pass… You can’t do anything about it, so don’t allow it to kill your joy and happiness; you deserve better than that.
Learn to pray if that resonates with you. For me, it is a form of action.
When I come across some bad news, I say a prayer such as ‘May you help those people in need my God, so they can feel love and peace in their heart’; or ‘May those souls be blessed and receive some comfort right now’, etc etc… Again, it’s a drop in the ocean of good intentions, but every positive brain wave that is being sent out there, will be received. Never underestimate the power of faith and prayers; especially when facing world challenges. All will be well, because that is the only way, that is why we all came here in the first place, as courageous and curious souls. We came here to heal, to love, to learn, to grow, to feel joy and be happy.
So ACT by doing what makes you feel this way, then do it more, and more, until your perception of reality is one gigantic beautiful game where all the actors are, somehow, moving together towards feeling happy and connected.
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