Together, we rise, weaving webs of divine light around the planet, uplifting humanity, one soul at a time!

Join Cendrine and her students now, to connect to your soul and galactic team, and activate your soul purpose and mission pillars!

Online Live Events

This trance channeled galactic journey is here to activate the template of the neo-human of “crystalline 12 strands DNA”. Receive potent frequency shifts, cosmic surgery, divine wisdom and much more in this 90 min journey.

Learn the foundations of Fractal Energetics, the body of work channeled and taught by Cendrine. This two day event will give you all the foundations that you need to become a powerful creator of your reality, understanding it from a completely NEW perspective. This is revolutionary, easy to understand, extremely potent and highly coded. This event is for everyone interested in starting and deepening their understanding of the quantum.

Fractal Alchemy, 5D Quantum University

Fractal Alchemy, 5D Quantum University is delivered through LIVE Webinars and a three day online event. This is the most advanced of all of Cendrine’s programs and Codex. Most sessions are channeled and trance channeled and the journey of each module of the university is an accelerated pathway of evolution.

This New Earth University is here to completely regrid the earth and anchor 5D frequencies in our every day lives.

Please read the information about the Codex to learn more about the unique angle of this university of the New Earth, and the details of the modules.

If your soul resonates and calls you, we invite you to book a chat with Cendrine, so she can channel the highest timeline available to you right now, and see if the program is in alignment with you.

Platinium and VIP options will also be available, please let Cendrine know during your discovery call with her!

Online courses

All of Cendrine’s online courses are pre-recorded, which means that you can enrol at any times and receive the content when that suits you. Each one of these online courses comes with a one year access to bi-monthly quantum coaching facilitated by Cendrine and/or one of her coaches. Therefore, all the students of these three online courses gather all together twice a month to receive guidance and support during their learning, no matter the course they are in. Each new student also get access to a private FB group for all of Cendrine’s students.

Trance Channeling Session with the Arcturians