Join Cendrine and her High Council on the first Tuesday of every month at 1.30 pm NZT for a free collective meditation

Each monthly mediation will be channelled by Cendrine and her High Council, in resonance with the dynamics happening at that moment.

Facilitated live on Zoom!

Together, we will send huge waves of love, compassion, courage and healing to humanity, our beautiful planet and all the realms that coexist in this reality.

Join us! 

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Live Transformational Programs






All of Cendrine’s online courses are pre-recorded, which means that you can enrol at any times and receive the content when that suits you. You receive lifetime access to the membership portal!

1:1 Sessions

Trance Channeling session, a deep journey with the Arcturians and Cendrine’s High Council, to recode yourself of multidimensional levels, ask all your questions directly to the Council, receive cosmic surgery and so much more!

Multidimensional session from past-lives to start seed, to remember more of your unique soul blueprint, heal ancient traumas and activate a new version of yourself now.