Private mentoring with Cendrine 

Cendrine and her High Council of Light offer private channeled mentoring as a one-year container, with monthly 2 hour sessions and direct access to her through voice notes.

“Receive deep loving guidance from your High Council and your soul, as we co-create the sessions together. If you feel that there’s a next chapter of your life ready to be activated but you wonder how to get there, I can help. Me and my team of light beings can see where your blocks, deepest fears and old programming reside. We can see the connections between your inner child, past-lives and ancestors timelines to extract all density with ease and great effectiveness. We can receive the information you desire to have about your connections to the galactic realms, as well as ancient civilisations, so you can remember the truth of your multidimensionality and reactivate dormant gifts and memories that you need know about to anchor your divine purpose on our planet. If you know that you are here to rise, to serve during the ascension process of humanity and to be a unique warrior of light sharing your message with humanity now, this one-year mentorship with us will help you access heights you didn’t even know where there before! This is a deeply transformative container and we would be deeply honour to work with you”

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The Golden Phoenix Trilogy

Join Cendrine for the second edition of the Golden Phoenix Trilogy!

A profound 3-part quantum healing journey to activate your highest identity for the new year ahead, so you feel deeply resourceful in your ability to move mountains and manifest your dreams!

Starting on the 4th of October at 6pm PDT

Certification Program

foundations of channelling

Free Live Events

Join Cendrine and her High Council on the first Tuesday of every month at 1.30 pm NZT for a free collective meditation

Each monthly meditation will be channelled by Cendrine and her High Council, in resonance with the dynamics happening at that moment.

Facilitated live on Zoom!

Together, we will send huge waves of love, compassion, courage and healing to humanity, our beautiful planet and all the realms that coexist in this reality.

Join us! 


All of Cendrine’s online courses are pre-recorded, which means that you can enrol at any times and receive the content when that suits you. You receive lifetime access to the membership portal!

Pathway One Soul Alignment
Pathway Two Co-creation