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On Sunday, the 3rd of June from 10 to 12pm

Join Cendrine for a two hours restorative yoga practice with the Chakras as our focus.

You will be able to deeply reset your body and your mind as well as your energy field to enter winter in gentleness and inner warmth. A change of season can trigger a lot in our body and our mind and create imbalances that then results in poor health and a heavy mind. You will be able to draw your awareness within through a gentle restorative practice that will target your chakra system to allow it to be more balanced. You will learn valuable yoga poses to practice at home during winter, to warm your heart. You will learn about the chakras, their functions and how they work on a physical, emotional and energetic level. To finish, you will enjoy a guided meditation to clear your chakras and recharge them. Cendrine will teach you all that she has learnt about the chakra system through her work as a yoga teacher but as well as Reiki master and Spiritual Healer. You will not only learn but as well feel in your body and honour your body as the most important carrier of messages for you. This is like wrapping your soul with a blanket of love…

Will you allow this practice in wholeness to nurture your body, your mind and your soul on the deepest level?

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On Sunday, the 3rd of June from 1 to 3pm
Do you want to understand life in a simpler way? Do you sometimes feel lost on your journey, not knowing how to detach yourself from all the drama going around? Do you wish you had a simple roadmap that gives you a way to finding more happiness?
Yogic philosophy can help you! Who would have known right?
Far from being complicated, boring and old, some philosophical concepts coming from the yogic traditions are amazingly handy and practical when it comes to understanding life itself. Very often, ‘aha moments’ come when one starts learning about the Yoga Sutras or the Baghavad Gita. It can be daunting but it all depends on how you learn it… who doesn’t need a good laugh and some practical life examples for the penny to drop and the light bulb to shine bright?
Join Cendrine for a two hours workshops full of ‘aha moments’ and ‘is that really so simple?’ lightbulbs. Yoga is far more than just a physical practice but unfortunately this richness is slowly disappearing from our modern ways of teaching yoga. Yet, some text are like little jewels just waiting to be discovered to bring lightness, understanding and joy to the spiritual seeker.
Cendrine loves sharing ancient pearls of wisdom in an easy and accessible way that fits our modern way of life. Life in itself is a complicated gift that can often feel like a burden in our fast-paced society; but it doesn’t have to be this way! You will learn some valuable life lessons, tips and tricks all brought to you by the ancient sages of Indian.
Are you ready to receive a roadmap on how to stay detached from drama, on how to become more empowered and happy?
Join us by booking now on our website!
Goals, Habits & Yoga with Tanya - oh my!
Winter is coming! It is time to make sure that the goals that you want to achieve and the habits that you want to create in your life, do not fall by the wayside over the cooler months. In this workshop you will:
– Find out and create a goal that will light you up and feel excited to achieve over winter.
– Create your own habit planner so that you know how your days will look, and how to keep it up!
– Discover simple morning yoga flows that will kick-start your day leaving you feeling energised.Make sure to bring with you:
– your planner (or device if you use a digital calendar)
– journal and pen: you have to put pen to paper!
$45 per person (cash on the day or internet banking available)
Email: to book your space.


Workshops & Events


On Sunday, the 10th of June from 12 to 3.30pm

Join Melissa for this not-to-be missed event!

Here are the details of the workshops…

Self-love workshop (12-1.30pm):
– Learn basic qigong technique for self healing
– Discussion: Why is self-love so important
– Look at Emoto’s water crystals experiment
– Learn more about yourself
– Fun activities using positive information to raise your vibration
– Relaxation time: Self-love guided relaxation session to nurture yourself

Break for snacks and tea (1.30 – 2pm)

Intuition workshop (2 – 3.30pm):
– Discussion about importance of intuition
– Guided meditation for intuition
– Series of fun activities using gemstones
– Learn about feeling/reading energy
– Send and receive positive information
– Discover more about your natural intuitive abilities
– Discussion time
– Take a gemstone home with you

$25 for one workshop or $40 for both

Contact and book with Melissa directly


On Sunday 3rd and 17th of June 5.30 to 7pm
 Soul Circle aims at bringing people together to share about all things spiritual.
People get together to learn about themselves, their intuition and healing abilities while chatting away in a relaxed and safe atmosphere.We explore theme such as healing, clairvoyance, intuition, spirit-guides, past-lives, akashic records, channelling, love, and all that is related to what we feel is inside of us, yet often unexplored and shared.
We go we the flow as we listen to one an other…
All Welcome!
Suggested donation : $15 ($5 unwaged)


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