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On Sunday, the 3rd of June from 10 to 12pm

Join Cendrine for a two hours restorative yoga practice with the Chakras as our focus.

You will be able to deeply reset your body and your mind as well as your energy field to enter winter in gentleness and inner warmth. A change of season can trigger a lot in our body and our mind and create imbalances that then results in poor health and a heavy mind. You will be able to draw your awareness within through a gentle restorative practice that will target your chakra system to allow it to be more balanced. You will learn valuable yoga poses to practice at home during winter, to warm your heart. You will learn about the chakras, their functions and how they work on a physical, emotional and energetic level. To finish, you will enjoy a guided meditation to clear your chakras and recharge them. Cendrine will teach you all that she has learnt about the chakra system through her work as a yoga teacher but as well as Reiki master and Spiritual Healer. You will not only learn but as well feel in your body and honour your body as the most important carrier of messages for you. This is like wrapping your soul with a blanket of love…

Will you allow this practice in wholeness to nurture your body, your mind and your soul on the deepest level?

Book now online – $40pp

Sunday, the 19th of August from 10m to 12pm
Join Cendrine for a two hours workshop on hips openers that include yoga, meditation and self-massage and trigger point therapy!
Our hips are really well designed. There hold our body together and therefore our muscles, ligaments and tendons are many to cross the pelvis region and are often thick and strong to hold the bones together and just to allow us to stand and walk. We are indeed a beautiful and complex enginery!
Unfortunately, lack of stretching and sedentarism as well as poor postures and high intensity sports all end up creating tightness around the hips and pelvis, leading to all sort of problems such as sciatica, lower back pain, sacro-iliac dysfunctions etc…
In yoga, the hips are as well considered the seat of our deeply buried emotions. The things that we ignore about ourselves hoping that they will go away. It is said that by working on opening our hips, we allow emotions to be released more easily.
In this workshop, we will work in a safe way to open the hips and strengthen the hip stabilisers. We will as well use different techniques to practice some self-massages and trigger point therapy. We will then work on releasing old emotions through a guided visualisations that will include some practical and simple exercises that you will then be able to repeat at home.
Learn about your body and mind and find some deep relief in this empowering workshop!
 On Sunday the 2nd of Septembre from 10 to 12pm
Join Cendrine for a 2 hours workshop for intermediate to advanced yoga practitioners.
It will be a strong Vinyasa practice where we flow with the breath as our lead.
You should have good knowledge of the basic asanas (poses) as well as personal understanding of your alignment. But don’t worry if you don’t feel like a yogi ‘rockstar’! This is just a way to deep your practice, have some fun and allow our body and mind to explore new ways of moving, which is always gratifying;-)This will be a fun class and don’t worry, two hours of practice won’t be too much! Cendrine will built the class so you will have the ability recharge your batteries and connect to your breath before moving into more advanced poses again. This will leave you feeling empowered and will allow you to experience poses that are not usually taught in our weekly classes.Book now to save your spot!


On Sunday, the 16th of Septembre from 10 to 12pm
Are you tight around your upper back and shoulders? Do you sometimes feel pain around your shoulder blades, neck and upper back?
Join Cendrine for a 2 hrs workshop on ‘heart openers’. We will practice a gentle Yin/Yang yoga class for 90 min before sitting in a guided meditation for 30min.
No need to have any previous yoga or meditation experience. We will use props to find comfort and ease in our physical body to allow it to relax fully. Working on a physical level creates a powerful pathway to then allow the body and the mind to find more peace in meditation. The meditation will be guided and will teach you valuable ways of finding more inner peace in your heart.
In this workshop, we will focus on opening our heart. From a physical aspect, most people get very tight around their upper back and front body; so opening this area of the body can often bring a deep sense of relaxation and letting go. The breath is improved as the lungs expand when more flexibility is restored to the spine and the ribs can expand more fully. As the body opens, we bring more fresh blood around the heart, helping it stay healthy and nourished. From a mind perspective, most of us have had to deal with heart broken and sad events in their lives. We are never immune to feeling pain. Feelings of pain can stay in our heart, well hidden. Having the ability to practice heart opening exercises physically and mentally, can help us find some relief and freedom from the pain. We can learn to bring more love into our self, feeling it from the inside and radiating it all around. We connect to our self and we connect to others from our heart, join us for this workshop and feel the effect of your practice in your daily life
$40 pp


Workshops & Events

On Sunday, the 5th of August from 1 to 3pm
“How intuitive are you?”
More than you think you are!Join Cendrine for a 2 hours workshop on intuition.Learn the different types of intuition and how they manifest for you. Learn which ones are more developed and natural to you and which ones can be worked on.Every one has intuition but most of us have never learned to recognise it as it is. Our rational mind has often taken over and our thoughts process obstruct our ability to recognise what comes from our intuition and what doesn’t.

Our intuition is extremely valuable. It is what comes from within us and what can help us make better decisions in our lives – the decisions that will make us happy and help us grow.

In this workshop will will learn techniques to do just that; to be able to find what your intuition is and to distinguish it from your thoughts process.

We will practice a visualisation that will help you listen to your intuition and hopefully receive some answers to questions that you might have for yourself.

Cendrine will use her own tapping techniques and healing gifts to open your intutive centres by clearing and drawing energy in.

It is a very empowering and rewarding process to be able to silence the mind and listen to our little voice!


On Sunday, the 30th of Septembre from 1 to 3pm
Discover about one of your past-life, understand yourself more and heal emotional wounds on a deep level.
Have you ever wondered why you feel so emotional in certain circumstances? Why you have seemingly unreasonable fears emerging? Why a recurring pattern seems to happen over and over again without you having much control over it? Do you ever feel that something is missing, that you don’t feel whole?
With past-life work, you might be able to find some answers to these questions; it then brings a deep feeling of self-understanding that leads to growth on many levels and a general feeling of empowerment coupled with lightness and wholeness.
In this workshop you will be guided through a meditation that will take you deep into a state where you will be able to find a past-life and work with it to heal it and retrieve any soul pieces that have gone missing since then.
It is an easy process if done correctly. Cendrine as been working for many years to help people on their spiritual journey and has worked on hundreds of past-lives travels and healing. It has always been a powerful and humbling journey. You are in safe hands!
DISCLAIMER: This is not to replace a proper therapy session. If you need help you should always consult a specialist and receive advice from your doctor.


On Sunday 3rd and 17th of June 5.30 to 7pm
 Soul Circle aims at bringing people together to share about all things spiritual.
People get together to learn about themselves, their intuition and healing abilities while chatting away in a relaxed and safe atmosphere.We explore theme such as healing, clairvoyance, intuition, spirit-guides, past-lives, akashic records, channelling, love, and all that is related to what we feel is inside of us, yet often unexplored and shared.
We go we the flow as we listen to one an other…
All Welcome!
Suggested donation : $15 ($5 unwaged)

On Saturday, the 4th of August from 7 to 9pm

Join Cendrine and her team for a party to ‘Light Up Winter’!

Cendrine will be back from her month of holidays in Belgium and she strongly intends to bring some sunshine back with her!
It will be great to get together, have a good time and get to know each other more.

To keep it light, casual and easy-going; just come as you are, your gorgeous self.
Please keep in mind that this event is for students and clients. If you’ve never been to our studio but have a strong interest in starting yoga or joining in for workshops and private sessions, then we’d be happy to meet you yay!!!
If you’ve got no interest in what we offer and who we are, we’d be happy for you to respect the privacy of the event by not joining – if you know what I mean 😉

Cendrine will prepare some nibbles and finger food (vegan;-) as well as Chai tea. It’s ok to bring your own food if you’d like and your drinks if you wish to have a beer or a wine. There will be some music and awesome people to connect with.

It’s a great way to find some warmth by connecting to other like-minded people… Socialising and meeting new people is often like a breeze of fresh air and can warm you up from inside. Then, who cares about the weather right?

You would make me and my team very happy if you could join. Your support and interest in all that the studio offers is the only way we can keep going!

I’ll see you all there!

FREE event;-)


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