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On Sunday, the 8th of April, from 1.30 to 3.30pm

yoga, meditation and self-massage and trigger point therapy!

Our hips are really well designed. There hold our body together and therefore our muscles, ligaments and tendons are many to cross the pelvis region and are often thick and strong to hold the bones together and just to allow us to stand and walk. We are indeed a beautiful and complex enginery!

Unfortunately, lack of stretching and sedentarism as well as poor postures and high intensity sports all end up creating tightness around the hips and pelvis, leading to all sort of problems such as sciatica, lower back pain, sacro-iliac dysfunctions etc…

In yoga, the hips are as well considered the seat of our deeply buried emotions. The things that we ignore about ourselves hoping that they will go away. It is said that by working on opening our hips, we allow emotions to be released more easily.

In this workshop, we will work in a safe way to open the hips and strengthen the hip stabilisers. We will as well use different techniques to practice some self-massages and trigger point therapy. We will then work on releasing old emotions through a guided visualisations that will include some practical and simple exercises that you will then be able to repeat at home.

Learn about your body and mind and find some deep relief in this empowering workshop!



Join Cendrine for a two hours workshop on ‘healthy back’.

Most people will experience some sort of back problems during their lives. Whatever the reason, being in pain is always draining and can have a huge impact on someone’s life and mental health.

In this comprehensive workshop, you will learn the basics of spinal alignment, the way to sit, stand and lie down properly, not only during a yoga class but during your every day activities and other sports that you like to enjoy. You will stretch and strengthen your back in a safe way to both bring more mobility and stability.

Learn valuable tips and tricks as well as some self-massage techniques using trigger points therapy.

We will practice a 20min guided meditation that will aim at finding some inner relief from pain and speedy recovery.

Cendrine is a 500hrs qualified yoga teacher as well as a massage therapist with over 8 years of experience. She has seen countless clients and students walk through the doors, suffering from back pain, herniated discs, scoliosis etc… She has a deep understanding of the human body and mind and wants to help others become more empowered so they can live a life free from pain.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a therapeutic class aiming at heal and fix the back. We strongly advice that you ask your GP or physiotherapist for the green light before enrolling in this workshop, especially if you have serious back problems.

$40 pp
Have you ever wondered how to continue practicing your yoga away from the studio? Come join Cendrine in this special workshop where she will offer you short sequences that you can easily do at home amongst the busy holiday activities!
These yoga sequences will give you the opportunity to continue progressing in your practice.An added bonus? Tips and tricks of how to maintain a home practice and how to be effective by incorporating yoga into your daily wellbeing routine.$40pp


Workshops & Events

On Sunday the 28th of January 2018 from 5.30 to 7pm
On Sunday the 11th of February from 5.30 to 7pm
 Soul Circle aims at bringing people together to share about all things spiritual.
People get together to learn about themselves, their intuition and healing abilities while chatting away in a relaxed and safe atmosphere.We explore theme such as healing, clairvoyance, intuition, spirit-guides, past-lives, akashic records, channelling, love, and all that is related to what we feel is inside of us, yet often unexplored and shared.
We go we the flow as we listen to one an other…
All Welcome!
Suggested donation : $15 ($5 unwaged)
On Sunday, the 25th of March from 10 to 12pm
“How intuitive are you?”
More than you think you are!
Join Cendrine for a 2 hours workshop on intuition.
Learn the different types of intuition and how they manifest for you. Learn which ones are more developed and natural to you and which ones can be worked on.
Every one has intuition but most of us have never learned to recognise it as it is. Our rational mind has often taken over and our thoughts process obstruct our ability to recognise what comes from our intuition and what doesn’t.
Our intuition is extremely valuable. It is what comes from within us and what can help us make better decisions in our lives – the decisions that will make us happy and help us grow.
In this workshop will will learn techniques to do just that; to be able to find what your intuition is and to distinguish it from your thoughts process.
We will practice a visualisation that will help you listen to your intuition and hopefully receive some answers to questions that you might have for yourself.
Cendrine will use her own tapping techniques and healing gifts to open your intutive centres by clearing and drawing energy in.
It is a very empowering and rewarding process to be able to silence the mind and listen to our little voice!
On Sunday, the 22nd from 1 to 3pm

Discover about one of your past-life, understand yourself more and heal emotional wounds on a deep level.

Have you ever wondered why you feel so emotional in certain circumstances? Why you have seemingly unreasonable fears emerging? Why a recurring pattern seems to happen over and over again without you having much control over it? Do you ever feel that something is missing, that you don’t feel whole?

With past-life work, you might be able to find some answers to these questions; it then brings a deep feeling of self-understanding that leads to growth on many levels and a general feeling of empowerment coupled with lightness and wholeness.

In this workshop you will be guided through a meditation that will take you deep into a state where you will be able to find a past-life and work with it to heal it and retrieve any soul pieces that have gone missing since then.

It is an easy process if done correctly. Cendrine as been working for many years to help people on their spiritual journey and has worked on hundreds of past-lives travels and healing. It has always been a powerful and humbling journey. You are in safe hands!

DISCLAIMER: This is not to replace a proper therapy session. If you need help you should always consult a specialist and receive advice from your doctor.


Sunday, the 6th of May from 1.30 to 3.30pm

Join Cendrine to learn the basic of radiesthesia, the art of modern dowsing.
The pendulum can be a powerful tool to help you connect with your intuition. It is wonderful to help you find solutions that are in tune with your soul’s purpose. Here, instead of working with the conscious mind, we are taking help from our subconsicous mind, tuning into its vibrations to find the answers that best matches who you truly are.
By learning the basic techniques of radiesthesia, you can save time and energy to make decisions that relate to your job, business, love life, children, house and garden etc…

The pendulum is said to response to the vibrations and radiations of the human body with its environement. Learning how to use your pendulum can help you understand better the path that you are on as well as guide you in your desicion-making process.

We will learn the basics of radiesthesia, the way to obtain quick answers to simple questions as well as use the basic Bovis scale.

We will as well go deeper into this art by using a more complex scale and understand how to mesure the vibrations emitted by you, by objects, or locations. You will be surprised at how much you vibrate, or the impact that certain jewellery, objects or locations might have on your level of energy!

You will be able to practice, ask questions and learn in a friendly and relaxed environment.

If you don’t own a pendulum, a light ring on a piece of string will do well.

Contact Cendrine if you have any questions!
Limited spaces!




On Tuesdays from 7.30 to 9pm: 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th of April

Kinam is a modern mexican psychophysical practice for harmonizing the body, mind and self. The word Kin in nawatl (native language of Mexico) means strength, Kinatia refers to applying strength to achieve equilibrium and kinamiktli refers to a person who is in harmony. The creation of Kinam came from the inspiration of ancient practices of Mesoamerica by Anthropologist Frank Diaz; who studied the Toltec people and discover that the toltec themselves used the word kiname to refer to a person who was in harmony with himself or herself and their environment.
Kinam is part of 7 other practices of toltec culture which aim is to achieve a quality balance life. Those practices are: Toltekayotl (Toltec culture), Nawatilli (discipline and practice), Teochiwa (devotion, ritual and mystical practices), Chipawa (transparency and purification), Teomania (meditation and extasis), Nawallotl (shamanic practice and spiritual allies) and Yekoa (physical exercises).
Kinam in this respect becomes part of Yekoa toltec practice. Its physical movements are inspired by the movement of the sun. Therefore, there are 7 routines or cycles that a person can practice to achieve harmony in them. This cycles are also based on the 7 directions (East, West, North, South, Above, Underneath and heart centre) this cycles are conformed by 5 movements each, that come in hand with a vocal intention and a numerical breathing technique.
The 7 routines are: Tlawistlampa (East), Tlekotlampa (Above), Huiztlampa (South), Tlakotlampa (Centre), Cihuatlampa (West), Temoktlampa (Underneath) and Miktlampa (North).
Each cycle works on the different energies of each direction and the movement of the sun. As the sun rises the energy of our bodies awakens with it and as it moves into the sky so our energy uplifts with it too; to later descend and drop our energy into the earth to receive the energy of the moon and the night sky (work with dreamtime).
This series of exercises help to achieve harmony in yourself by understanding how our energy levels transit through the day and the night.
In a kinam class you will expect to be receiving the practices of the 7 cycles divided in two sessions. Morning practice consist on doing the first 4 cycles) and Afternoon practice consist on doing the 3 last cycles of the sun.
This class will always be accompanied by elements of ceremony that Xiuh Janiki carries as keeper of oral tradition of ancient Mexico.

$33 per class

Contact Andria for the bookings!!!


This is a six weeks course, starting on Thursday the 15th of February from 6 to 7pm

Zhineng Qigong is a moving meditation practice that can help to heal the body of physical and mental illness. Not only that, it also helps to balance emotions, bring clarity, a sense of inner calm, and bring about higher levels of consciousness.

In this Six week Course you will:

– Be introduced to basic theory of Zhineng qigong
– Learn basic qigong method (la qi)
– Learn the first Method (Lift qi up, pour qi down method)
– Learn some parts of the 2nd method (Body mind form method)
– Learn methods that you can take home and use in your daily life
– Feel vibrant, happy, and relaxed.
– Discover that you can create a healthier body and mind
– Learn a practice that will be beneficial for your general well-being

“Hi, I’m Melissa. I am passionate about helping people find inner peace, so that we can in turn create peaceful societies and a peaceful world. I have been on my journey of personal development for a long time now and have explored yoga, meditation, and many other paths to healing. I have been practicing qigong since 2013. I have found qigong to be a one of the most transformational tools in my journey of personal development. In March 2017, I trained in China as a teacher of Zhineng qigong Levels 1, 2, and 3.”

To Book, contact Melissa



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