Join me for an hour of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama (breathing practice) and meditation.

Every Thursdays, I’ll be there for you Live!!!

Now more than ever, we can create the time to do what will benefit us on all levels, so we can stay healthy and sane;-)

You don’t need much: a bit of space in the lounge or the bedroom is good enough!
A yoga mat, a block, a strap (like a bathrobe belt), a folded blanket are all plus you can use if you have them.

The class is for all levels.

I’m really looking forward to hanging out with you Live!!!

We are all in this together and for that, I’m happy to be of service to the community. Let your friends know, so they can join too!

Follow this link to meet me there:

Be good my friends,



Regular yoga classes in Johnsonville, Wellington


Join us for our weekly Hatha yoga classes and experience the benefits of having a well-rounded practice.

I am an experienced and qualified yoga teacher and have knowledge of anatomy, asanas (postures), breathing practices, sequencing, and philosophy.

My classes are deep and full of little tips and tricks to adapt the posture to each person’s needs. The use of props helps with perfecting the alignment to keep the body safe.

First, we settle down by learning some breathing techniques that will slow the mind and ground us.

Then, we practice postures (Asanas) for about 45min. This is a Hatha practice, which means that we learn to hold poses, to build both strength and flexibility.

To finish, we enjoy a silent meditation and deep relaxation (Savasana).

All levels welcome and newbies too!

It’s a great class for beginners, so don’t hesitate to give it a try, it’s never too late to bring yoga into your life!

Investment: $20pp per class – or pay for term 1 (9 classes): $135

Time: Thursdays, 7 to 8pm

When: Starting on the 30/1, for 9 weeks (No class on Waitangi Day)

Where: Johnsonville Community Centre – Hall

To book your space, please send $135 to CendrineS Ltd 02 0524 0206608 000 with ‘Yoga classes’ as reference.


‘Quantum Squaring’

LIVE Trance Channelling of Arcturian Healing

On the 4/4/2020 at 4pm, our beloved friends the Arcturians will bring us some powerful healing.

ZOOM Link: https://zoom.us/j/689840597
Meeting ID: 689840597

We will quantum jump our square aspects: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual into another multidimensional level of Oneness to bring more Unity within our ourselves.

+++ Take our whole society into a quantum jump to help us all ascend and shift with more ease into a society that we create, based on Love and Cooperation.

The number 4 is deeply grounded into mankind.
It is a practical number that concerns life’s organisation.
A number of “being”, it is the number that connects mind-body-spirit with the physical world of structure and organization. Four symbolizes the safety and security of home, the need for stability and strength on a solid foundation of values and beliefs.

-> I received the message that this powerful portal is there to help us completely reorganise our human structures, from a molecular level, to our society in general.

That will certainly bring some pretty mind-blowing activations codes again
+++ Predictions of the changes happening in our society!

I can’t wait to Trance Channel for the Arcturians again…
Feeling magnetic, deeply grounded in Gaia and super cosmic is really another level of experience!

Make sure to drink a lot of water before hand,
Grab your crystals to help you stay grounded and recharge them with powerful energies,
+++ Have a pen and paper handy as I’m feeling we might need them;-)

Be good,
Be safe,
In Light,
In Love,


PS: These Transmissions happen regularly, when the Arcturians ask me to hold them.
We love working together and they want me to offer these for FREE, which I totally agree with as it is so valuable for all of us.
If you’d like to make a donation to help support me in this work, that would be greatly appreciated.
You can send whatever rings true to your heart to
Cendrines Ltd
02 0524 0206608 000

Thank you in advance for your generosity;-)