Regular yoga classes in Johnsonville, Wellington

Join us for our weekly Hatha yoga classes and experience the benefits of having a well-rounded practice.

I am an experienced and qualified yoga teacher and have knowledge of anatomy, asanas (postures), breathing practices, sequencing, and philosophy.

My classes are deep and full of little tips and tricks to adapt the posture to each person’s needs. The use of props helps with perfecting the alignment to keep the body safe.

First, we settle down by learning some breathing techniques that will slow the mind and ground us.

Then, we practice postures (Asanas) for about 45min. This is a Hatha practice, which means that we learn to hold poses, to build both strength and flexibility.

To finish, we enjoy a silent meditation and deep relaxation (Savasana).

All levels welcome and newbies too!

It’s a great class for beginners, so don’t hesitate to give it a try, it’s never too late to bring yoga into your life!

Investment: $20pp per class – or pay for term 3 (6 classes): $90

Time: 7 to 8pm

When: Starting on the 22nd of August, for 6 weeks.

Where? Johnsonville Community Centre – Hall

To book your space, please send $90 to CendrineS Ltd 02 0524 0206608 000 with ‘Yoga classes’ as reference.

2 hours??? No way I can practice for that long!!!
Are you saying this to yourself right now?
Let me tell you why you can totally do this, and especially why it’s so good to come to a restorative workshop!
It’s really not about practicing intensively for 2 h so you feel totally drained and smashed at the end.
That wouldn’t be pleasant I agree! It’s quite the opposite actually… Restorative yoga might leave you feeling extremely relaxed and recharged.
When giving ourselves so much time to go deeper into our physical practice and mental practice, we ripe countless benefits.
The first being that we feel happy as, because we did something great!
The second advantage is that we take time to the pose, allowing the body to open gently, in harmony with its own intelligence. Did you know that yoga isn’t so much about reaching perfect alignment, but more about being confident that we are safe in our practice, so we can tune within ourselves to be deeply present with the breath and slow our mind down?
Yep, when we give ourselves more time simply to be, we practice mindfulness and recharge our batteries to the max.
A third great advantage of having a longer restorative practice is that you practice “Interoception”. This is our sixth sense, the one that allows us to understand our body’s language. It’s now being proven scientifically that we can learn to listen to our bodies! Dr Tara Stewart, in “The Source”, explains that restorative yoga is a fantastic way to balance our nervous system out, which can then lead to a better immune system. Then, she goes on explaining that practicing this way can enhance our ability to understand our body and its connection to our mind.
Last, but not least, a great bonus in this amazing workshop: a super-cool guided meditation. Group meditation is the way to go to kickstart your practice and to ripe the benefits of having so many people around you vibrating on high vibes all at once.
So really my friend, it’s up to you to trust yourself, your body and your mind to listen to that little voice in your head going on right now, most likely translating your body’s needs for attention and care: “I should really give this a try”.
Now, the boring facts about me, so you’re reassured I’m not an imposter:
I am a 500 hrs yoga teacher and I have years of experience, both teaching, and practicing. I am the third generation of teachers in my family, and I like to use this fact as a badass way to show how deep my passion runs within my veins.
I am as well a psychic and intuitive coach and healer.
I use all of this to create a powerful mix of deep healing practices!

I am very happy to bring yoga in Johnsonville and I am looking forward to a great restorative practice with all students!

New students and beginners welcome!!!

Investment: $40
Bring your own mat and a strap if you have one
The location is “The Hall” at the Johnsonville Community Centre.

>>> Location: Johnsonville Community building (not in the main building)

>>> To save your spot:

+++ Send me your FULL NAME and cellphone number to info@cendrines.com so I can book you in!

Pay online at

Cendrines Ltd

02 0524 0206608 00

Thank you all in advance – can’t wait to see you!!!



The Super Human Show Episode 2 is on: EMOTIONS

What does it really mean to feel emotions?
How can we have a healthy relationship with them and use them to become a super human, a human that rises to her/his full potential?

How can we allow our emotions to exist without being drawn too deeply into them?

How can we accept sadness, anger, frustrations, without watching them destroy our happiness?

From a spiritual perspective, emotions are great gifts if we understand their deeper purpose.

Join me and learn about all that jazz so you can absorb some deep spiritual wisdom that might very well change your life;-)

My voice, my speech is guided by God Source and I’m at His service, allowing His unconditional love and guidance to flow through me.

Together we will share on emotions. I will as well guide a meditation where we will remove old toxic trapped emotions and replenish our soul with cosmic gifts.

Our friends in spirit will assist us in this ascension… Because this event is very much that, part of an ascension process of our soul, so it can be fully incarnated in our physical body and bring each of us closer to self-realisation.

We are the souls rising my friends, we are becoming the new generation of humans walking on this earth: the super humans.

Don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity that this event is!


Early Bird: $15 pp (until the 9/9 included, then the price will double)

Investment for the show from the 10/9: $30pp


Reserve your seat now, tickets are limited!

Click HERE to purchase the tickets