"Life should be a continuous source of inspiration." Parahamsa Yogananda

I have some amazing news! In February, I will be opening a "Yoga and well-being Centre in Johnsonville"! The Centre will offer Hatha and Vinyasa classes level 1 and 2 as well as Yin yoga; a treatment room will be used for massages, reiki, spiritual healing and more. Other amazing yoga teachers and therapists will join me to offer you the best classes and services that you will find in the community.

I will be working less hours until the opening on the 11th of February; there is so much to do to get ready! Check out my online calendar or contact me to book your treatment. My apologies for any inconvenience created by the reduced hours of work.

Deepen your practice


Join me for workshops on yoga, meditation and spirituality to deepen your practice and know yourself better. Many new events will happen in 2016. Don't miss out on great opportunities, sign up to my newsletter! Go to our Workshop and events page to know more about what's coming up next and how to register
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Know your body, know your mind

Yoga and meditation

Connect to your body through the practice of yoga and ripe the numerous benefits that come for coupling it with a regular meditation practice

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Relieves pains and aches


Choose from relaxation massage, to deep tissue, myofascial release, sports massage or pregnancy massage and feel anew!

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Heal body, mind and soul

All things spiritual

Choose from spiritual soul healing, spiritual coaching, readings, Reiki, EDINA

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Skype Sessions

If you can't make it in person, why don't you try a Skype session? The results are as amazing without having to leave your home!


We fix a suitable time and meet on Skype


Find a quiet place, get comfortable and relax...

Online Booking Option

Use our online booking system to find a suitable time or contact me if you can't find anything online! OUTSIDE OF HOURS APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE

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