Receive the Replay of the free Global Event “The rise of the Fallen Angels into the Golden Age of Aquarius” and the many key of ascension offered through this captivating story of humanity. This is brand new information never shared before. Be ready to be mind-blown and shift into a higher embodiment of your true angelic nature!

The spiritual revolution happening on earth now is only starting, We have prepared for this moment in time for eons. Can you feel it?

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Watch the replay of the free global event “The Courage To Lead”

Amplify your courage to step in a higher leadership role, for yourself, your family and your community! The time has come for you to give your unconditional YES to amplify your purpose and activate your destiny fully, with courage!

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Frequency, The Body and Ascension

Cendrine and Ariel Tang are joining forces for this FREE 90-minute masterclass!

Together, they will teach you how to use frequencies consciously and effectively to upgrade your avatar body and help it with the ascension process.

During this masterclass, you will receive an integrative approach that will allow you to stay in alignment with the truth of your soul, and your body, while also knowing how to help you

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How to communicate with your spirit guides

In this 90-minute masterclass, learn how to start to consciously communicate with your spirit guides so you can feel more divinely supported and guided in your mission as an Earthling of the light! 

Sign up for the masterclass for FREE or choose to upgrade and join a 75-minute quantum healing journey in conjunction with the masterclass $19 USD.

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Belief Generator Workshop

In this 90-minute workshop, Cendrine will help you get rid of all limitations preventing you from stepping up in your power and therefore preventing you from creating a powerful connection with your light family.

Learn about channelling, quantum resonance and manifestation, fractal reflection theory, soul-alignment exercises and receive access to a BONUS quantum healing journey

Belief Generator is Part 1 of a 4 Part workshop, called Avatar Reprogramming. You can receive Belief Generator for free or choose to purchase the entire workshop for just $17 USD!

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Ignite deeper layers of connection

A 90-minute masterclass to help you feel supported at all times, no matter what

Learn about the dynamics of the awakening process and how to maintain healthy relationships with yourself & others as your awakening journey progresses. Receive a free audio download of my meditation & prayer for connection when you sign up.

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Activate Your New Pathway of Evolution

A 90 minute live workshop filled with keys for quantum evolution.

Understand how evolution works through the architecture of pathways of evolution so you can become conscious of what steps to take next on your journey.

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