Cendrine’s Offerings:

  • Trance Channelling Arcturian Healing, her revolutionary containers for Quantum Shift
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Online Membership ‘We are the Souls Rising’

If you’re curious to know more about Cendrine, here is a short story for you…

“Born in Belgium under the sign of Capricorn, I was highly psychic, seeing and hearing all sorts of things on an everyday basis. I was raised by my mum, living with my two younger siblings. Mum taught us about spirituality in many forms, but it was a hard time for her, being by herself with three young children. I closed up to the spiritual world to try to navigate the turbulent waters of every day human life. From my father, I learnt yoga. His own mother opened the first yoga school in Belgium in the sixties and I was very close to my amazing grandma.

I lost myself as I grew up… I suffered from many addictions that took me years to get rid off. I went to University without knowing why, just ‘because it’s what we do’… I studied Law, Political Sciences and International Relationships. I guess I had to understand why human societies are so complicated. Uni was mostly spent partying hard and I never really knew what I was doing.

It took me getting married and moving to Fiji for a year with my ex husband to start realising that I was lost. Anger, sadness, depression were regularly coming, affecting me and my relationship profoundly. I got pregnant while we lived in Fiji and this is how we decided to move to New Zealand. We happily lived in Christchurch, then Hanmer Springs for 5 years. There, I worked as a massage therapist, after learning in Christchurch, weaving that on the studies I had already done as hobby back in Belgium. I met some great friends and started to discover myself from within. All started flowing with more ease, and I was on a constant quest for expansion.

I needed more… So much more than what I was…

We moved to Wellington, then two years later decided to separate. It was mutual and the best decision we took, to give each other the freedom needed so we could each live our lives the way we wanted, in mutual respect, raising our daughters together.

I did two yoga teacher trainings in New Zealand, (I had already done one in Belgium). I became a Reiki Master and learned other healing techniques such as EDINA. I have worked relentlessly on bettering myself, by knowing myself more and more. I have done countless coaching, trainings, courses and healing sessions, each taking them more to the core of who I am.

My psychic abilities came back about 11 years ago and I have learnt to Master then and deepen them to the level that I can now Channel Source and the Powerful Arcturians.

Now, I am happy, free from addictions and living from a place of presence and surrendering.

I am extremely grateful to the journey I get to experience every day as it takes me deep within myself but also closer and closer to other human beings. I love working with others as I always learn something and my heart is always so touched by all the stories that people share in trust with me.

I am dedicated to help others grow by realising that they are the Light, they are Love, already!

I now use all my offerings to reach the lives of others, in service of humanity and the Light that we all are.

In Light,

In Love,

May you be blessed,