cosmic surgery

Recently I went through a massive shift where I had to move through an intense amount of density.

There were days when I felt like I was pinned down to the couch, so heavy, like a stranded whale. 

When this happens it is a sign that we are receiving MASSIVE upgrades and are undergoing cosmic surgeries from our spirit guides. This usually happens at nighttime but when we are experiencing huge shifts and accelerated timeline changes, we can be receiving cosmic surgery throughout the day and night. 

At the moment, many of us have agreed before we came here to receive these cosmic surgeries and upgrades in this life which are going to be particularly potent in April 2023, which we are now preparing for. 

When do we receive cosmic surgery?

Most of the cosmic surgery we receive is at night and many of these surgeries happen unconsciously and have also been pre-decided before you even came to earth. As a soul in the quantum before coming into physicality, we may have agreed to undergo a lot of cosmic surgery at a specific time and space. The purpose of this is to upgrade and embody more of our crystalline divine genome in this incarnation.

We can also consciously ask our team for cosmic surgery. If we have a template that we know is no longer serving us for example feeling unworthy of love, abundance, having a healthy body and so on. We can ask our team to help us through cosmic surgery.

But we do need to ask. Because of the universal law of non-intervention, our light beings friends and soul family can’t help us and perform surgeries, unless we ask them to.

However, when we ask them for help, it opens a door and creates a process of co-creation with our light-being friends.

When we receive more from our spirit guides and high council, we open up the gates to receive more from the current matrix system and this reality that we co-create together.

Many of us pre-decided to receive cosmic surgeries in the coming months

We did this so that we could receive more of our soul essence flowing through our body – which is going to be MASSIVE during April this year (2023). 

So at the moment, many of us are preparing, we have already started feeling it and it will feel especially strong after the equinox.

Feeling exhausted, lost, emotional and not sure what you’re doing or why you are here, is completely normal.

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The cosmic weather is very intense

We have also just recently had Saturn move into a new sign which means that people around the ages of 29, 58 & 87 will be entering their Saturn return. This will be particularly intense for those people but the effects of Saturn moving into Pisces will be felt by all.

Saturn brings us tough love and hard lessons that help us mature and advance – this isn’t pretty or easy.

We also have Pluto shifting signs for the first time since 2008 on the 23rd of March 2023. Pluto moving from Capricorn into Aquarius marks the beginning of a new era. It will bring in a lot of new energy and major shifts on a global level.

During April, we will be recalibrating and upgrading and May will be the month that we will begin to integrate the crystalline light that will be flooding our planet.

How to help the body process the influx of energies

We may feel exhausted for no reason. Cold and flu symptoms may appear such as a runny nose, headaches, swollen throat and blocked sinuses.

To help the physical body process all of this, it is important to activate our lymphatic system and make sure that is it clear and functions.

To keep the lymphatic healthy avoid all toxins and only eat high vibrational food. Also, make sure you practice lymphatic drainage techniques. These include:

  • Lymphatic massage
  • dry brushing
  • Sauna
  • Sweating

Anything that gets your body moving and flowing so that toxins can be released more easily. These toxins can be physical toxins from the body and environment but also lower fractal reflection frequencies from all of our other systems: Mental, emotional and spiritual. This can help to clear trauma and patterns that are not serving you.

Your role is to be there for your body!

In my teachings, I always share the importance of embodiment. This allows us to become the highest version of ourselves in this reality and ground and activate our purpose and our mission in this present moment.

The Blue Avians are here to assist us

The Blue Avian frequency is very present on earth at the moment to help humans process and clear this density from their field so that can access and activate and integrate more of their crystalline divine genome and light codes that are coming through.

The Blue Avians help us to release and upgrade our physical, emotional and mental systems. This will help us to change our narrative about ourselves and our lives and help us to use our emotional system more effectively.

Effortlessly receive the descent of your oversoul network in your physical body and connect your energetic body all the way to your light body.

Embody a higher identity & open up new timelines

By the time we get to May, with the help of our Spirit Guides and the Blue Avians, we should be ready to embody a higher identity. This higher identity will be able to open new timelines where you can quantum jump realities to experience more embodiment of your unique gifts and your purpose.

Feel happier but also be of greater service to others and in your contribution to The Great Awakening that is upon us.

I have shifted a lot of density from my physical body in the last few months so it is easier for my body to receive the upgrades coming. I have also taken the entire month of April off to spend time in the sacred land of North India in the Himalayas and Rajasthan.

At the moment, it’s intense, it’s potent and it is very life-changing. I can’t wait to start integrating my new reality!

Don’t ever forget to be the badass Divine Light Warrior Divine Light leader that you came here to be!


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cosmic surgery

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