In this transmission, I am sharing with you four powerful codes that you need to activate the next level of your multidimensional intuition

From becoming sensitive to our intuitive modes to asking our soul questions to connecting with Ascended Masters and star races, our intuitive journey never ends, it just keeps on deepening.

All of this will start to flow more effortlessly and exponentially by practising these 4 very simple and powerful keys. 

These foundational codes are all about what it really means to be an empowered intuitive and are what allow us to ground into our intuitive pathways. 

I would love to encourage you to bring a learner’s spirit into this transmission because you may have learnt a lot about how to increase your intuition already, but by hearing information about intuition differently now, maybe something will land in your field and open a new angle of evolution.

Continue reading to learn what these four codes are and how you can start working with them and play with them now, as you explore a new pathway of multidimensional intuition!

What does it mean to be an empowered intuitive?

Grab a pen and paper and write down these four codes that are foundational keys of becoming an empowered intuitive. 

To me, to be an empowered intuitive is to have profound faith in our inner guidance and to take aligned actions courageously.

Code 1 to ignite your intuition: Faith

I use faith instead of truth because faith has a higher vibration than trust

Trust is something that we cultivate, we learn to trust ourselves, the path, god and the universe.

But trust to me is something that I always activate against an experience or a momentum. It follows a contrast arising in my life and I need to consciously activate it.

Faith is the enveloping frequency, the overarching frequency that encompasses trust and so many other frequencies of unconditional love.

Faith goes beyond our conscious understanding. It is a leap in how we feel the Universe supporting us in massive quantum leaps. 

When we come to trust, we have an experience and we feel trust in our heart. We learn to trust ourselves and therefore we can do what is required for the experience to unfold at the highest, such as public speaking or starting a business. 

We tell ourselves ‘I trust myself, I’ve got this!’.

Activating faith over trust

At times things out in the world can get crazy and it doesn’t make sense. In these moments we want to find trust but it seems to be very challenging as there are so many things that come from all over the place in our lives such as health, money, society, business, friends, family and so on. We feel overwhelmed and the activation of trust is simply a bit too challenging.

This is when we want to activate faith.

Faith is the ability to know that whatever is present in humanity or in our life at the moment, the universe has got it. 

It’s so got this that it knows exactly what is going to happen next.

It knows what is going to happen because there is no such thing as time and space within the quantum and therefore all algorithms of the creation of reality are present in each and every single moment.

Therefore, faith is the ability to trust in your own unique oversoul network, your own algorithm. 

This is knowing that any path you’re going to take, the algorithm of the matrix system is going to change accordingly so you’re going to get to your destination, always! You might walk slowly towards that direction and feel lost at times, but as long as you keep walking with your head high and your frequencies high, then you’ll reach it.

There is no such thing as being on the wrong path

But there is such a thing as slowing down though! 

If we don’t do anything, we don’t evolve much and we’re going to make very little progress. It will be like walking through mud. There is such a thing as wiring our systems to be able to enter into a pathway of accelerated evolution but we are always on the right path.

So, faith is the ability to be so wired into this inner knowing that we breathe faith, we are faith even in front of adversity and challenges. We feel that we are unshakable! 

When we cannot perceive how things can get better because everything seems so messed up, we have our faith. 

Code 2 to ignite your intuition: Have profound faith in our inner guidance and take aligned actions

Our inner guidance is our intuition. 

How can we be in a continuous intuitive state

Is it even possible to be so connected that we are continuously connected? Yes, it is! 

It is very possible and I have been experiencing it more and more almost continuously. 

Being in a connected state is being able to continuously perceive where the information comes from and filter the information accordingly. We activate this by meditating daily.

The importance of meditation

Meditation is a must. 

I always say this to my students! If we don’t meditate then it is very challenging to enter accelerated pathways of evolution and receive our inner guidance because it is only in silence that we can hear. 

It is only in stillness that we can experience full access to our energetic system. 

Because of the quantum principle of complementarity, we cannot be moving physically or in our mind and have full access to our energy. It is one or the other. 

Having full access to our energy allows us to maximise our intuition. 

When we sit in meditation, we activate meditative states within the present moment, which means that we are stilling the mind completely, allowing the mental system to do its purpose.

What is the purpose of the mind?

The purpose of the mind is to be an empty box. 

It is an empty box that receives the messages from our heart’s desires. This is our intuition. Our soul whispering to our heart. 

When we are in a meditative state, it is easier to observe the heart desires. our heart desires are literally our intuition that is starting to speak so harness that more.

When we start bringing our heart desires out, when the structure of the mind is actually fulfilling its purpose, it starts lightening up with the highest level of information that we have through our systems and through our connection to our oversoul network. 

Our oversoul network knows the path that we need to take and how it all fits into the bigger picture.

Sometimes when we receive a heart desire in our meditative state this heart desire feels good. 

But sometimes it might be unpleasant, such as ‘leave your job, leave your home, leave your partner’. We may feel we don’t like it but we also feel deep down in our heart that it is right. 

When that blossoms up, the mental structure can start finding all of the pathways to help us get there.

If the pathways are not present, we also know that we are connected to our oversoul network, which has all of the information that is needed to follow our intuitive messages.

Code 3 to ignite your intuition: Courage 

This is often where the challenges arrive for many people. 

Often we receive intuitive messages that are about activating a dream which is exciting but at the same time a bit (or very) scary because we must step out of our comfort zone to bring them into reality.

Therefore we need to reclaim courage codes. 

This is a divine masculine frequency, a penetrating force

This is saying ‘I see the discomfort, I see the fear but I am not going to turn back from it and walk away, because I choose evolution and choose to penetrate the portal of fear’

This teaches us how to work more with courage and to be able to take quantum leaps into a new reality 

link to fear portal & avatar reprogramming

If we ignore our intuition it will become weak

When we don’t pay attention to something, that thing will eventually get weak and even disappear in the background completely. 

This is the case with plants, pets and every other living frequency. Intuition is a living frequency as well that is part of who we are. 

It is like a web of information that is shared through this web.

If we receive intuitive messages and we disregard them and push them aside because we don’t like them, it’s eventually going to make our intuition weak and starve and become non-existent. 

So if we really want to be an empowered intuitive, it is important to be able to reclaim our ability to see courageously what the intuitive messages are saying.

This will allow us to see even further and deeper into our intuitive messages. 

We will be able to start perceiving intuitive messages about the collective, about our purpose, our health and about the people around us. Often this is confrontational. 

Acknowledging all intuitive messages

If we can be courageous in acknowledging what our intuition is saying right now, that is much better than ignoring it completely. 

We are courageous simply by acknowledging it. 

We don’t necessarily need to take aligned actions straight away or at all but acknowledging courageously what our intuition is saying, is honouring that frequency of intuition that we want to have more of!

The different pathways of our intuitive abilities 

This is important because it is going to nurture your intuition. 

It means that instead of having a dying plant, it will start blossoming and blooming into beautiful flowers which represent the connection with new pathways of intuition. 

It could be the pathway of understanding your own soul, who you truly are. It could be the pathway of understanding your oversoul network and your higher intelligence as we are also experiencing lifeforms in alternate realities on different star systems. 

Our intuition can also start blossoming into teaching us more about our mission, purpose, service, divine union, our health, having children and whatever else we want to receive intuitive messages about.

When we courageously honour our intuition, the whispers of our soul and our heart desires, it means that we are wiring our intuition up so that it can grow. 

Allow your intuition to feel safe with you

When we do this it is like our intuition feels safe with us, it feels loved and seen. 

When a frequency feels safe and loved then it can blossom, grow and expand. This is the same with all of us! 

If we live in an environment with friends or family members that make us feel safe and loved unconditionally, it allows us to blossom.

If we are in conflict constantly arguing about all sorts of things, safety is not present. We are not safe because we constantly have to defend ourselves, to defend our choices and our way of thinking. 

This constant interaction of arguing and fighting will not make us feel safe. When we don’t feel safe, it is very challenging to relax. Our intuition is easily blocked if we are stressed out, so relaxation is very important. 

It is important to have an environment that will promote your wellbeing so you can start expanding more into your intuition.

Our intuition is a divine feminine frequency

Intuition is more of a feminine frequency because of this, it blossoms through the quantum dynamics of the divine feminine. 

Divine feminine quantum dynamics are anchored into relaxation.

When we are very relaxed, the coil of our DNA opens up so we can have full access to the resources that are present in our DNA. 

Within our DNA we have our genes, within our genes we have our atoms and within our atoms, we have the nuclei and electrons. 

These contain all of the information about ourselves that is also present in the oversoul network.

Within our physical body is all of the information we need right now! 

So, it means that when through observing the quantum principle of residing in the divine feminine frequency, we are fully relaxed and therefore the DNA fully opens up and we can receive the information that is present within. 

This information is always there to bring more vibrancy, more life, more love and abundance and more insight into why we are here.

How stress affects our intuition 

It is important to activate the relaxation mode which allows our intuitive channels to open up tremendously. 

Maybe there is information inside of you that wants to come up, but if you are so stressed and anxious all the time, this information simply cannot come up to the surface.

When we are stressed and anxious, our primal brain is in reactive mode. 

This means we pay attention to our external reality because our brains think that we are in danger. Our body prepares ourselves for danger when we are stressed and in fear. 

This turns into a vicious cycle of being constantly stressed and worried.

Asking ourselves questions with our intuition 

We reclaim our sovereignty by activating the code of faith and meditative states. We go inside and we relax! 

When we relax our physical body, it means that we open up the pathway of intuition and we can therefore start asking questions to ourselves.

It is important to be able to ask ourselves questions to have more refinement about the messages we receive. 

So learn to ask questions to yourself, learn to ask what something means or if something is the right choice, or if this is the right moment to take a certain action. 

Code 4 to ignite your intuition: Discernment

This code is particularly important to anchor right now. 

Being able to activate discernment is life-changing

Discernment is the ability to filter the information that comes from outside in such as from the media, friends and the collective and also to bring discernment from the information that comes from the inside out. 

For many of us, this information from the inside out that needs to be discerned comes from the agitated mind.
Yes, the mental structure is here to activate our intuition and our heart desires, but you may have noticed that the mind doesn’t do this effectively all the time!

The mind is pretty much in its own program running through different scenarios and anchored into different belief systems. 

It is important to bring discernment when we know our mind is agitated, which can be most of the time for some of us. 

Observing the resonance of information

Being able to bring discernment allows us to observe the resonance of the information. 

Quantum resonance comes from being a vibrational match to information

Information vibrates at a higher level of frequency than matter and energy. So when we receive information, we can feel in our physical body the quantum resonance it is activating, or not.

If we bring into our body certain information such as going shopping to buy new shoes, we can observe how that makes us feel. 

If we feel happy and excited we know that it is in quantum resonance with our being. Our inner being gives back a signal through excitement and joy that is elevated emotional frequencies.

If we bring this same information in our field and we feel tired and depleted of energy just at the thought of going shopping it means there is no quantum resonance there because my physical body, my inner being is simply sharing that this is not for now. 

We learn to activate discernment by feeling into the quantum resonance that comes with the information in our field.

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