Golden Age Spiritual Ministry

In 2022 I founded The Golden Age Spiritual Ministry.

The Golden Age Spiritual Ministry has been in my heart for a long time. I knew that one day I would open a not-for-profit devoted to serving humanity’s ascension process.

My heart desires to be able to witness everyone on this planet find a higher level of joy and fulfilment and to be happy to be an earthling.

This is why I have created The Golden Age Spiritual Ministry, to fulfil that desire. 

In this transmission, learn about what The Golden Age Spiritual Ministry is, its codes, structure and its greater purpose.

Renewal of our sovereign choice to be an Earthling 

If you are reading this it means you are probably an old soul or a Starseed. You are most likely very interested in knowing your soul’s origins. I also love that! And there is nothing wrong with that, but really loving life on this planet is often one of the missing pieces in the creation of our magnificent reality.

If more of us love this life unconditionally and renew our sovereign choice of coming to earth every single day, everything would be totally different.

This allows us to anchor a higher level of freedom by knowing that we chose to be here as a free soul. We can also experience more abundance because we have a level of gratitude for being part of the ascension process and for simply living an awesome life as a human.

There is no hierarchy in the Golden Age Spiritual Ministry

All expressions of being a human are welcome here, inside The Golden Age Spiritual Ministry.

We have no hierarchy here. There is no such thing as being more evolved, more awake, or more ascended than anyone else. All of this can be quite judgemental, creating separation and segregation. In the Golden Age Spiritual Ministry, we stay away from all templates of separation.

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The purpose of the Golden Age Spiritual Ministry

The Golden Age Spiritual Ministry is not only a not-for-profit operating from New Zealand, it is a quantum structure. It is an architecture that is present within the quantum field.

It holds the codes of a certain pathway of accelerated evolution for humanity.

The purpose of the Golden Age Spiritual Ministry is to help people understand more of their multi-dimensionality so we can become the embodiment of our soul blueprint.

The Golden Age Spiritual Ministry has many different wings or offerings that it shares with humanity. The goal is to reach the heart of humanity as a whole and to help people reside fully in their sovereignty.

The Golden Age Spiritual Ministry is simply teachings. And I am a channel of that information. I say I am a spiritual teacher because I channel spiritual teachings but I certainly don’t place myself above anyone. I am also learning all the things about being a human, just in an accelerated way.

The offerings from the Golden Age Spiritual Ministry

The Golden Age Spiritual Ministry is a structure in the quantum. If you are a student inside one of the Pathways, you will have been there many times! 

The offerings that have been born from the Golden Age Spiritual Ministry include a free monthly collective meditation, a membership, The Golden Drop and four different transformational journeys called the Pathways.

The Architecture of the four pathways

These are 5-month live programs of accelerated evolution. Pathway One, Soul Alignment and Pathway Two, Co-Creation were birthed this year. The other two pathways, Pathway Three, Soul Mission and Pathway Four, Leadership will also be birthed in 2023.

These pathways are the four pillars of the Golden Age Spiritual Ministry which create a square. The architecture of the square is a pathway of evolution in quantum architecture. Each pathway is a different room within the crystalline structure of the Golden Age Spiritual Ministry.

The temple of the Golden Age Spiritual Ministry

This creates a golden temple in the quantum This golden temple has many different spaces. When you walk inside this temple there are waterfalls, trees, earth elementals, unicorns and dragons etc within the temple.

The Golden Age Spiritual Ministry represents the highest timeline of planet earth where planet earth resides fully in 5d frequency. 

Here the frequency of the earth is stabilised into 5D. The Golden Age Spiritual Ministry itself is anchored in 12D frequency. It acts as a mirror of what the earth is becoming every single day that passes.

I have no doubt that we are on the path of spiritual evolution and that the Golden Age is there waiting for us.

Golden Age Spiritual Ministry

The Codes of the Golden Age Spiritual Ministry 

Within all of the offerings of the Golden Age Spiritual Ministry, you can expect to find codes of unity consciousness and codes of ultimate divine faith. 

This is unconditional faith in humanity and the fact that humanity is of the light. It is learning to remember its own divinity. 

This is also unconditional faith in the perfect architecture of life itself. This is surrendering into the arms of the grace of Sophia Christ Consciousness, God or Source Consciousness – whatever you want to call it. 

There are also codes of unconditional faith in ourselves. We are here to mirror our divine light back to one another.

We accept every participant in the offerings of The Golden Age Spiritual Ministry equally, no matter their story, their shadows and their heart’s desires. 

We are always here to mirror your own light to remind you that you are powerful beyond measure. You are multidimensional as fuck. And you can have faith in the ascension process no matter what separation templates are being thrown at us from the 3D matrix system. 

The FREE Collective Monthly Meditation

Join the frequency of the Golden Age Spiritual Ministry now by joining our next monthly collective meditation happening on the first Tuesday of each month at 1.30 pm NZT. Join here to receive the zoom link for the next meditation and all the ones that follow.


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Coded Library

Here you will find a database of self-paced mini online courses starting at $15NZD to guide you on your spiritual journey, so you can embody more of your soul blueprint and activate your mission at a deeper level. From learning about intuition to meeting your star friends during some quantum travels, learn how to activate deep layers of connection with yourself, your family and community and your mission.

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Golden Age Spiritual Ministry

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