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Our belief system plays an incredibly important role when it comes to our channelling abilities.

In this transmission, I share how our belief system and channelling abilities are so deeply intertwined and how we can enhance our channelling abilities through quantum resonance and self-work.

If you are someone who believes you just aren’t a channel, then this transmission is for you!

Where is your belief system currently at?

What is your belief system around your own worth when it comes to your connection to the divine? Do you think that you are worthy of connecting to and receiving guidance from such high vibrational advanced beings, do you believe that you are in-fact one yourself?

I have found that many of my students have this belief that they are not worthy and not good enough to channel and this turns into a block.

This prevents people from truly allowing their channelling abilities to open up.

How does channelling work?

To explain how our beliefs can block our channelling abilities, let’s first discuss how our channelling abilities work in the first place.

We can imagine all around us in our energetic field connections which conduit an infinite amount of information. These connections are like pipes. We all have them! It is through these pipes that we channel information from the field or network around us.

The thing is, this field around us is not only filled with high vibrational information from our oversoul network, star family, soul and so on.

It is also clogged up with a ton of junk. This junk includes our limiting beliefs but also our wounds, traumas and so on.

We receive what we emit when we channel

Once we unblock our channelling abilities and open up to receiving information, we need to be a vibrational match to receive high vibrational downloads. What we receive will be what we emit. Our brain will find information that aligns with whatever will confirm our reality. If you believe you are depressed about your life, have no money and are a victim of your circumstances and so on, the information you channel will simply confirm this to you.

How do you know that what you believe is true

How do you know whether anything you believe is true or not? Think about it for a moment.

What is not true is everything that is not of love, and is limiting.

“I’m not worthy, I’m not abundant, I’m not free, I’m a victim, I’m traumatised.”

When you have these beliefs about yourself, what you are doing is channelling the horizontal line of your broken inner child, past life and ancestor wounds and traumas. This also comes from channelling the 3D matrix system which has many different plug-ins that want to keep you enslaved by perpetuating these limiting beliefs.

Everything that enslaves you is not the truth of your divinity

Use quantum resonance to channel the light

If you relentlessly choose to believe you are a being of the light, abundant, free and so on, you will eventually be that. This is just the way things are.

Quantum resonance is another term for the law of attraction – like attracts like.

When we vibrate at a low level, we are going to attract the same vibration.

By learning to vibrate at a stabilised and centred level, we can be the angel behind our human. We can observe the fluctuations of our human experience with so much love and compassion without getting sucked into the drama of life on earth.

We are not damaged

A lot of people in the spiritual community work from the premise that we are all broken. We are traumatised, separated from each other and the divine and it will take us many lifetimes to access the truth of our own divinity and reach enlightenment. What I teach is the opposite.

We are whole already. We are already in the unified field.

We are just learning how to embody the unified field in this life.

This is why we came here to play this game of learning to embody our inherent divinity.

Low vibe attracts low vibe

When we are identified with our lower fractal or lower frequency information, we create quantum resonance with lower vibration information around us.

This may look like meeting lower-vibration people and situations, having bad experiences, unfulfilling relationships and you won’t be able to connect with your soul and spirit guides.

You may also find that you connect with dense entities, ghosts and demons that will freak you out and make you want to close off all of your psychic abilities.

This is why it is so important to do the work on ourselves first before we try to channel other beings and spirits.

Practice daily to kill limiting beliefs

As you go through your days, remind yourself to be the angel behind your human. Set the intention to observe your reality of the centre point of your fractal and set the tone of your day in a way where you can reclaim your power.

Wake up 20 minutes earlier, sit at your altar, set this intention and connect to your centre and your soul. Your intention can be as simple as ‘Today I will be there for myself”.

If you need help with creating a morning ritual, try my Inner Ritual course for just $7.

When you start doing this, you will often have to battle with your mind to justify this practice. But after some time, the mind will become quieter. What we don’t pay attention to eventually dies. It is the same with limiting beliefs.

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