belief shift around money

Hello beautiful friends! In this post, I would like to share how one belief shift around money changed my entire reality. 

For most of my life, I believed that money was the cause of all evil, that money creates suffering around the planet and that it should be eradicated. Living my life in this way was not easy. 

I grew up witnessing my mother as a single mum raising three children having all sorts of limiting beliefs and fears around money. This showed me how engrained scarcity and these beliefs around money are in my genes. 

We create our reality from our belief systems

It is very important to be courageous, honest and authentic about our belief systems. If we are triggered and react very strongly to something we hear or see, it simply shows that our soul is ready for us to shift and grow. 

It is our responsibility to calm down our human self, so we can connect to the heart, open up our field and say “Maybe this message will have some keys and formulas for me so I can actually observe what my belief system is and why I live in this reality”.

I used to react very strongly when people would say “you create your reality”. This strong reaction was showing the pathway of self-empowerment that was present for me.

Still, I would say to myself:

 “But I’m a good person, I practice gratitude, I work hard, I’m generous, I’m kind and loving. I do the work! Why can I not have more abundance?” 

I was really frustrated because I couldn’t understand how to bridge the reality I was in, to the reality of my dreams.

Here is an important key for you:

When we bottle our dreams up and we don’t allow ourselves to acknowledge our dreams, we LIE to ourselves. We choose to sacrifice our dreams for convenience. 

How is that anchoring truth, love, freedom, authenticity and connection? 

It is not!

This package of limiting beliefs is actually a plugin from the outdated matrix systems that want to keep us small. This is the general narrative going on in the spiritual world. 

And this narrative has messed up light leaders and spiritual seekers around the planet for way too long!

The narrative around money in spiritual communities is often what’s holding us back from actual spiritual evolution.

There is a story going around in spiritual communities that people shouldn’t charge for their spiritual offerings. 

What is up with that? Why not? 

We need to have a collective belief shift around money in the spiritual community.

The codes I share are free, the downloads I receive are free. They are available for all. People can simply go in meditation and receive these codes, so go for it people, you do have that free access!

What I receive is actually spiritual information residing in the infinite quantum and from my beautiful connection to God. But it is not just me, everybody can have this direct connection to source, angles and their galactic team as well. 

Not everyone has the same level of access though… Not everyone has the courage to take the time and energy to put in the work to access spiritual realms directly. Which is what I have been doing for over 12 years.

I have devoted my life to sit in meditation for very long periods of time, regularly so I do get that direct access. It’s commitment, it’s passion, it’s pure Love!

I invest my money in equipment such as a nice computer, microphone and lighting to create powerful transmissions that are enjoyable to watch and not all shitty. 

I invest my time in meditation to download and create beautiful offerings to share codes and uplift the lives of my students. At that time, I don’t get paid, I could work somewhere else to make money but I choose not to because my work is to be a pure channel to serve the collective!

The money I invest in my business is for the architecture behind the scenes, that allows me to share free, universal codes. 

We invest our money in things, therefore, amplifying the field of connection with those things. Money is an amplifier of energy. If I can choose to invest in my spiritual growth therefore consciously anchoring the path of spiritual evolution in my field.

The universe responds to that by shifting realities much faster, bringing me what I open my heart to receive.

Discovering new pathways of evolution

When we start realising the reality we are living in is not the reality we want to live in, it shows there are pathways of evolution that are there for us to explore. We can do this by having a belief shift around money.

One of the most important keys is to drop being judgemental. Being judgemental is aggressive. It is saying that the other person is wrong and we are right. 

We, humans, can be very judgemental and fiery!

If we remove ourselves from that first emotion that led to judgment. We simply observe that our human is reacting strongly. This shows there is friction somewhere and that now is the time to release something. 

We evolve by removing something from our field, so we can access something new. 

That is the endless cycle of giving and receiving.

We remove outdated ways of thinking and feeling. We remove outdated connections with certain people that have become toxic and draining.

We remove old clothes from our life that we don’t like and aren’t us anymore. We can stop activities that are no longer aligned. 

By removing something we create space for something new to come in.

How I changed my belief system around money

I chose to face my belief system and create a  belief shift around money. When I did this I cried so much!

I received many keys from my amazing mentors who help me recode myself at higher levels of abundance and divine service. This allows me to anchor my mission and be there for my students at a much higher level than I would do otherwise.

Gaby Kowalski and Sundari Aleph have given many of these keys. I want to thank them and honour them.

I have also been able to download more keys through my own meditation and co-creation with money frequency.

Connecting to money frequency

Money is a frequency, like everything! An emotion, a thought, a project, an online course, an object. Everything is frequency and everything is energy.

Money frequency appears to me as a divine goddess, like a belly dancer. She may appear to you differently as you start journeying more into money frequency

When I connected with money frequency, to start with she was really scared of me! She was crying and didn’t want to come with me.

I asked her what was going on and why she was scared of me. 

She replied “You hate me, I’m scared, you react so strongly with me. I don’t really want to come too close to you, because you think I’m evil, that I will destroy you and that I build blocks that make people miserable. I don’t want to hang out with humans who think about me like that!”

Would you like to hang out with another human who thinks you are the root of all evil? 

No, probably not, right?

Why would money frequency want to hang out with us if we hate it so much? 

Money frequency revealed her sadness to me

She said to me, “I’m so sad, so many people are like you. They hate me when actually I allow you to have everything that’s around you. If I did not exist on Earth there would be no buildings or roads or boats. There would be no food on your table either!”

She continued, “I don’t get it, I’m the medium between everything and everyone and yet so many people hate me.”

I thought: “wow that is so intense”… 

I asked her how she can continue living like this. 

She said, “ because more and more leaders have started awakening their consciousness to the fact that I am completely neutral. I just exist. It is the belief you place on me that is going to lower my frequency, thereby lowering your energy and your reality. When people tune into me and they love me, I want to dance with them. I would love to dance with you Cendrine, are you ready to dance with me?”

I said, “Yes, I am ready to dance with you!”

She told me: “first allow yourself to dream instead of lying to yourself. Realise you have all these dreams and to accomplish these dreams, it will mean doing the work. It means opening pandora’s box of your childhood, ancestors and your past lives. But most of all your belief system and fears. It will mean that you must be courageous. Are you courageous?”

I knew I had the courage to do this work!

I am a spiritual warrior, here to lead others and I’ve always known that! This was a profound belief shift around money.

Recoding myself with money frequency

From that day on, we started working together.

Day after day I shifted. I recoded myself with money frequency. Every time I was about to spend something and every time money was coming into my bank account, I would take a moment to tune into money frequency and thank her so much for being there. 

Everything I touch and wear I am grateful for to money frequency. Every time I drive on the road I thank money for allowing me to drive around on the roads.

I am so much happier since I’ve connected this way with money!

Every day in meditation I call this frequency in. Money frequency is my best friend and my strongest ally in my field now. Money sits on my council with the rest of my galactic team. 

I can tell you, money is outrageously magnificent! 

My entire reality changed

Through reprogramming my belief system around money, I witnessed in complete awe my life shifting faster and faster.

I went from living with nearly nothing to scaling my business to six figures in literally no time. By the end of this year, I will scale to seven figures, I’ve got absolutely no doubts about that. 

I am excited and happy but it is also so normal because I have shifted my belief system into a higher level of frequency where I don’t owe money, I channel it. Money is a frequency in my field that I can freely access. 

It is free to come and go. When it comes it comes and when it goes it goes!

Money wants to be free to dance

I don’t enslave it or judge it. It is not mine. Sometimes money wants to stay with me for a little while and then “poof”, it decides to dance over here or over there. I allow money to be free to dance wherever she likes so she can help me anchor more pillars of abundance and happiness in my life. 

Sometimes, still, I feel unsure about the action to take. 

I was told I need to save and put money in a box for a rainy day. But money wants to be free to dance and anchor more abundance, not be put away. She told me “You channel me, you don’t own me.”

I didn’t know what to do from that. She said to me “How about this… I can stay here a little bit, but I also want to dance here and there. Can you allow me to do that?” 

I said, “yes, of course!

I keep a little bit of money aside but also I allow money to dance on a holiday, on a haircut, on new clothes that make me so happy. 

Money has allowed me to buy better equipment so I have better sound and video quality, I can have people working as part of my team. I share my abundance with awesome humans who therefore also anchor their divine missions. 

This helps me create a web of divine light, so I can reach more people, help more people.

The codes I download that are free can be shared. Some of the codes are really high frequency, so I spend hours raising the frequency of my physical body and hours in meditation to receive these codes.

These codes are part of my paid online courses and my university, Fractal Alchemy. But at other times they are shared in my free offerings. 

belief shift around money

We are divine leaders, not broken healers

The level of freedom I have now is allowing me to feel relaxed, joyful and happy. This is what a divine leader, light warrior and revolutionary is here to be doing.

We are not here to continue propagating belief systems that keep light leaders enslaved. This is not the time any more of the broken healer, the broken teacher. 

When teachers give without receiving anything in exchange they end up depleted of energy and sick. They have to work to pay the bills and share their spiritual offerings in the little free time they have.

One of the strongest plugins of the 3D matrix system is to make this belief system spread out like wildfire. The 3D matrix system knows very well that if light leaders receive good money in exchange for their gifts, the potency of the codes exchanged is amplified.

I have given online courses for free in the past.

What happens is people don’t do the work and go through the content. They don’t shift and no exchange of frequency occurs. 

When people invest money they shift much faster, which was definitely the case for me.

Between yoga trainings, courses, retreats, business schools and mentors I have spent at least $500,000 on my training! 

I have wired money into my spiritual evolution, so I can be here for you. I channelled all my money into spiritual evolution and bam! I shifted rapidly. 

The 3D matrix system doesn’t want light leaders to be paid

This is because the shift from 4D to 5D frequency will happen much faster if money frequency dances freely!

I would like to invite you now to observe your belief system around that. Does it serve you to step up as a missioned soul and a divine unique spark of the divine? 

We didn’t come on Earth to live a shitty life, we didn’t come here to suffer and purge karma. That is also from outdated paradigm systems.

We came here to have a good time! I strongly believe that. 

Suffering happens and challenges happen but we learn, we bounce back and we build our inner strength, our love and our compassion for others.

Through all of the coded transmissions I share, my intention is to rewire us into 4D and 5D frequencies so we can remove these plugins that no longer serve us.

May you learn to love money unconditionally. To tune into the frequency of money and to dance with her unapologetically! 

May you learn to be courageous enough to observe your belief system and create your own belief shift around money. 


I am here to poke and shake the tree! 

I have had enough of lingering in outdated paradigms of victimisation. 

We are here to reclaim our freedom, to reclaim our power. Because we were born free beings. 

You are a magnificent soul because you chose physicality at the time of ascension. That in itself already shows your courage! 

May you embody that courage now.

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