what does quantum really mean

The term ‘quantum’ is used by many people at the moment but what does it mean?

In this transmission, learn what ‘quantum’ means to have a deeper understanding of the terminology that I use in my teachings. 

I will be sharing what quantum means to me specifically as it has been channeled from my oversoul network and my spirit guides. 

In this transmission, you will learn:

  • My perspective on the meaning of ‘quantum’
  • The dynamics of duality concerning the quantum
  • How we can work on our quantum selves by balancing our polarities
  • How we can feel the quantum within ourselves

The foundational teachings of the quantum

For me, ‘Quantum’ refers to the interaction between two different particles. The quantum is between our microcosm, our inner world, and our macrocosm, our external world. This is the dance between the masculine and the feminine polarities.

If we think about the polarities of the masculine and feminine, the quantum is the dance between both. It is the organic merging of both. 

The masculine & feminine dynamics of the quantum

The first dimension

The quantum was created from the foundation of life itself. The first dimension, the zero point of creation, came from the all-enveloping divine feminine frequency. This frequency is about relaxing and moving inwards. Some mystery schools refer to this as the dark womb or the womb of no-thing. 

There is stillness and everything resides there. Everything co-exists in this space. 

Then there is a movement of the penetrating force of the divine masculine. This force resides within the womb of the divine feminine. The divine masculine asked the question, ‘who am I?’.

To be able to answer this question of wanting to know thyself, there need to be copies made of fractal reflections. 

Learn more about fractal reflection theory here!

The second dimension

In the second dimension, one fractal simply copies and pastes itself into another fractal. Two mirrors start interacting and observing each other, reflecting on one another and asking ‘who am I?’. 

Then the dance of life starts between the two polarities, creating duality.

Duality is not negative, duality is simply what is. It is what allows us to understand who we are. This is the quantum. The quantum is born from everything that dances with itself. It is the attraction of polarities. 

It is realising that everything that’s inside me, is a mirror to everything that is outside of me. And on the opposite, everything outside of me is a mirror to the inside of me. 

The quantum, therefore, is the microcosm going to the macrocosm and vice versa. 

The relationship of the quantum

In mystic schools, we would call it the Holy Spirt. Or as Isis says, it is the Horus. Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris. Horus is the dynamic between them that became the child, representing the relationship. 

The quantum is the relationship between all things. This is the foundation of the teachings that are given in most modern mystic schools where teachers are now reactivating this quantum terminology.

We can reach union within the self by allowing the masculine and feminine polarities to dance with each other. This is just like the yin and the yang which is what this symbol represents.

yin and yang symbol

The polarity of the feminine & masculine

The feminine polarity is the lunar frequency, the negative polarity. This is the inward movement and represents our microcosm, our inner world. This is our flow state and intuition.

The masculine polarity is the opposite. This is the solar frequency, the positive polarity. This is the outward movement and represents our macrocosm, our outer world. This is a penetrating force and is about healthy boundaries so the divine feminine can flow inside of it.

Both of these frequencies dance beautifully. We know the sunrises in the morning and sets in the evening. This is a divine masculine frequency that says we are safe to experiment with life when the sun is up and at night our body needs regenerating. 

And the divine feminine has an experience within that. 

This is represented by the sun but also by many other things such as seeds that grow into trees. Or the mother who has a child growing in her belly for specifically 9 months. 

We can see that both polarities are equally important!

How to work on our quantum selves

We are always learning to balance these two polarities. At times, we may feel more masculine or more feminine frequencies within and around us. This is fine! Sometimes we need to be in our divine feminine flow relaxing, journalling, channeling, walking in nature, staring at the sky, etc. 

At other times we feel this surge of energy to work, create offerings, work out and organise in order to activate new timelines. This is the penetrating force of the divine masculine. 

When we are in these movements, we allow them to simply be. 

We don’t experience ups and downs

Many people ask me why they experience so much oscillation. But we don’t experience ups and downs as such. In this current reality, a down is simply divine feminine frequency arising! We need to rest. But we can feel confused because we are not taught this, we think that it is bad to want to do nothing. 

We may feel lost. 

But this is because we don’t realise that this is just a time for introspection and reflection and everything is okay!

Feelings of being down are usually caused by the resistance to enter into the divine feminine flow of inward movement. 

Reclaim your quantum self by realising that at times you will feel like slowing down or speeding up. Both are equal. 

This is how we can feel the quantum within us through the dance of these polarities. 




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what does quantum really mean

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