“Animal Flow is a movement system designed to improve strength and mobility through functional movement. It’s fun and challenging and requires a learning process that increases coordination and neuromuscular connections in the body. Most of the movements are quadrupedal, meaning hands and feet are in contact with the ground – like an animal!”

There are six components that are part of the Animal Flow workout, each designed to elicit specific results.

Wrist mobilisations: We spend a lot of time on all four and therefore it is important to mobilise the wrists and start by stretching and strengthening them. With time and practice, less pressure will be felt on the wrists as they will become accustomed to the movements and pressure.

Activations: before we start the practice and the flows, we hold some forms to connect the body (for example static beast hold, static crab old and lifts).

Form specific stretches: we explore a wide range of motion, starting from a static animal form. This increases flexibility and mobility in the entire body (for example, crab reach, ape reach, beast reach, scorpion reach).

Travelling forms: we now start travelling like animals to mimic their movements and condition the body. Those travelling forms greatly improve strength and coordination (for example ape, beast and crab).

Switches: with the switches we learn to move faster from one form to an other or repeat the same one as a drill, we start building heat with gaining speed (for example variations of under switches, side kick throughs, front kick-throughs and scorpions).

Flow: Here we start to have a lot of fun and bring creativity into the mix! We know the forms, stretches, travelling forms, switches and transitions. We put them all together and work in a fluid sequence, seamlessly transferring energy from one move to the next. Flows may be a choreographed sequence practised over multiple sessions, or may be created freestyle!


Cendrine is a certified animal flow instructor; she received her training from the founder of this revolutionary body weight training system, Mike Fitch.


A certain level of fitness is required as it can be an intense workout. Participation in the full course preferable.
Max 10 people

$90pp – 6 weeks course


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