a message from the blue avians

2023 has started with a destructive BANG for many of us, however the Blue Avians tell us that we’re just getting started!

I am so excited to share with you in this post the energetic dynamics that are present at the moment.

I have been receiving many messages from my High Council and the Arcturians about the upcoming month of April 2023.

Maybe, like me, you have had a rocky start to 2023, anyone? 🙋🏽‍♀️

Has what the universe served you this year so far taken you by surprise? If so, know that you are certainly not alone!  

In this post, learn about all the explosive shifts that have been happening in my life and what my team has been telling me about April (it’s going to be a huge month!). I share some advice that my team has given me to share with the world and also what my plans are for the next couple of months to harness these very intense dynamics.

How 2023 kicked off for me!

I’m highly intuitive. I teach intuition! I connect with my team, my spirit guides, the Blue Avians and my high council every day. Yet I never expected what happened to me at the beginning of this year, 2023. 

It happened like a devastating explosion, a huge cataclysm indeed. 

And now that I’m slowly starting to come to the other side I have realised that I didn’t see what happened coming.

I didn’t see the extent of the transformation required and all of the things I was asked to move through.

This has been a great opportunity for me to practice what I teach. No matter how many challenges I am facing and how lost I feel at times when I reside at the centre point of my fractal as I go through the intense wormholes, I can continue to choose love as my guiding force. I keep my faith intact that Sophia God has got this, and my team has got this.

In January everything crumbled to the ground

In January I was facilitating the free challenge Avatar Reprogramming For Channelling (which you can receive part 1 of for free or the whole thing for $17!).

I had the most amazing time, the energy was super high and I had the most people that I’ve ever had in a challenge join me. Avatar Reprogramming is one of the best tools you can have in your quantum magic toolbox and everyone was loving it!

However, after the challenge ended, all of a sudden I had intense exhaustion come and overwhelm me.

I was experiencing loneliness and disconnection that felt so raw. After the challenge, my energy crashed completely and I couldn’t get myself even out of bed. 

It felt as if I was broken. 

My body was full of pain, I was completely drained and my emotional system was all over the place.

I could not stop crying and usually, I’m not much of a crier so that says a lot. One day I was like a little girl curled up in a ball in front of my altar just crying.

I had no idea what was going on. 

So I started to pray to Sophia God.

“I feel so lost right now, I feel broken. I feel like I have hit rock bottom on so many levels. Please God, help me. Please Sophia God, help me. Please my soul, my light-being friends, help me. Help me to stay aligned with myself. Help me to keep my faith intact. help me to move through whatever is arising now with ease and grace.”

I kept on praying and paying. What happened is that the intensity stayed but I was able to keep my faith intact as I could see my reality being deconstructed around me on all levels.

  • Business template.
  • Financial template.
  • Health template.
  • Physical body template.
  • Emotional template.
  • Relationship template.
  • Motherhood template.
  • Ex-wife template.

EVERYTHING guys! It felt like everything I had created was being ripped away. I was like, what the actual fuck is going on??

The process of destruction and rebirth

I know that the destruction process I am experiencing is matched by the rebirth process. We worked a lot of that during the Golden Phoenix Trilogy that I facilitated from November to January. During this process, we went through the three phases of destruction, recalibration and rebirth.

After the cycle of rebirth wound up, I went into a new cycle of destruction almost instantly.

I was thinking, wow if I am experiencing this now, what’s going to come next? What is my next chapter going to be? Because in total honesty, what I am going through right now is the biggest change I have experienced in energy in my entire life.

Yet I see more. Why is this?

Because I have surrendered completely

And not without challenges! Here is the thing, when we are hooked, ingrained and stuck in an outdated template, it becomes part of our identity that we cannot even perceive being without.

We cannot imagine how else we could live or what else is out there. We simply don’t have the neural pathways, thoughts, ideas, or knowledge to give us a solution or a reason for why things are happening.

When the mind cannot find a reason, it’s easy to have an intense nervous system reaction

This is what happened to my nervous system over the last couple of months.

When we are faced with challenges it is important not to judge the self.

When we are faced with challenges many of us look back and say to ourselves that we should have seen it coming, we aren’t intuitive enough that we’re stuck in the matrix or that we are damaged and wounded from our trauma.

When we judge the self, we bring separation into our experience by saying what has happened is wrong. This is how we spiral down.

Maybe you have had a rocky start to 2023 as well.

I speak to many like-minded friends many people report that 2022 was an extremely challenging year. And for some 2023 has started off with an even more destructive bang. Some extremely challenging situations have arisen and out of now where ‘what the fuck’ events have taken place.

If this is you, please never judge your experience. 

When we judge our experience we say that God’s plan is inadequate. 

It is saying that the support we receive from our soul and our spirit guides is not enough. 

It is saying that we are not enough.

When we fall into victim syndrome, we enter into a wormhole that is going to bury us in density. Don’t go there.

Practice unconditional faith

Instead of falling into patterns of victimhood and judgement, I invite you to practice what I have practised which is faith. Unconditional faith in yourself.

“My soul’s got this. My soul knows exactly what’s going on and why this is happening. My human just hasn’t caught up yet!”

Your spirit guides are not lazy. They have not forgotten about you.

They are relentlessly working to support you, guide you and help you. So talk to them!

Talk to your spirit guides and the Blue Avians and ask them directly for help

Due to the divine principle of non-intervention, our spirit guides are not allowed to intervene in our life unless we ask them for help.

So now is the time to ask them for help! Pray for their help and of course always thank them for their presence.

Keep your faith strong and remind the angelic presence behind your human, there to observe your human dynamics.

The quantum dynamics of April 2023: An influx of Light Codes are coming

For a long time, my Arcturian and Blue Avian team have been telling me to prepare for something big. They have told me that the month of April 2023 is going to be massive.

There’s going to be a lot happening.

And I can see that the deconstruction of the templates that are happening in my life (and many other people’s lives) is because we all need to go through a massive clearing.

This clearing is required so that we can receive the influx of light codes that are opening up and will be super amplified during April.

It is like the top of our oversoul network will open up tremendously to allow more of our crystalline divine genome to open up and flow through us.

To be able to reach the crystalline embodiment of our divine template we need to get rid of EVERYTHING that is misaligned. 

It is essential to start clearing your field

Imagine that you are literally removing dirt, mud, and stickiness from yourself from all templates – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Once all of this is scraped away and cleared, new energy that is coming in April will be allowed in. 

Your soul will activate more remembrance than ever before if you allow it to do so. 

How can you allow it to do so?

Do the clearing work before April – so NOW.

Ruthlessly get rid of anything that is not aligned – any relationship, food, habit, job, or house etc, get rid of it.

Stop hooking onto things that aren’t aligned.

Ask for the universe to help you during that process. Be courageous in letting go. It’s not easy to let go. 

I have already done this

You know what? I let go of my house. I have no more house. I let go of my house. I put all my things in storage for the first time in my life.

I want to use all divine money frequencies for my healing and for the activation of my crystalline divine soul essence. Right now, this is what I’m being called to do. So and this is what I’m doing.

So don’t be afraid to lose everything because you will never lose the most important thing which is the connection to your soul and your spirit guides. You will never lose your connection to Sophia God. 

They will never go away.

The hand of God will be there to catch you

Imagine for a moment that the world gets destroyed as we know it. We already know it is happening we can see it, but it is going to continue to accelerate in that direction. We know it.

Imagine that you are falling but then there is thing beautiful hand that is going to gracefully collect you and says “I’ve got you, I’m going to love and support you while you purge whatever needs to be purged. Then I’m going to carry you very gently and place you in this new beautiful reality.”

These are the hands of Sophia, God, your own hands, because you are a fractal of source consciousness. Remember that, always. These are the hands of your spirit guides, working as one with your own oversoul network. 

Everything that is happening is meant to be happening so that you will be able to receive the crystalline plasma light that is flowing in.

The galactic portals are opening up and the veil between dimensions is thinner than ever before. 

It is easier to receive cosmic surgery and support from our galactic friends. It is easier now than ever, so ask for it. Ask for their help. And feel them around you holding you in a cocoon of healing light.

Be in your own light as the outdated templates of the world crumble around you. Let it go and know that nothing and no one can ever destroy you.

You think you’ve got this or that for life and then poof, it’s gone because the templates simply no longer apply. So we need to adapt. So I’m adapting. 

Prepare for where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing in April.

What are you going to do in April? 

Where are you going to be in the world? 

With whom? 

How are you going to use this portal for your growth? 


If you can, I would highly recommend that during April you create space in your calendar. If you can, go away in nature for a month and have a retreat to detox.

Surround yourself with people you love

Surround yourself with people you love, that nourish you, uplift your spirits and are grateful for you. 

The Blue Avians are here to assist us

During April. I would highly encourage you to create a powerful spiritual practice. The Blue Avians and I are here to support you in this. For the three-month period from March to May, my team and the Blue Avians have guided me to create a 3-month journey to help us access our crystalline light body in April. 

This is called the Blue Avian Trilogy and is specifically co-created with the Blue Avian star race to help you harness the energies in April so you can increase alignment with your higher self and align to unity consciousness. This trilogy will include live sessions and some pre-recorded videos as well as a High Decree, light language codes, prayers and more to help you create your own spiritual practice during this time. You can access this program for as little as $111 USD (with options to upgrade to receive more coaching from my team & I or 1:1 guidance).

For more information & to register for A Blue Avian Trilogy, click here. 

What am I doing in April?

During April, I have been guided by my team to go offline. Many timelines have been coming and what has finally anchored is for me to activate a timeline of travel for self-love. 

I will be going to powerful places where my soul longs to be, to reactive memories from past lives and to activate a new connection with this body, with other people and with Gaia.

For April I have been guided to go to India where I will spend time in Rishikesh, the Himalayan mountains and Rajasthan. 

How can you work with me in April?

I am reopening the one on one session for March to help people with this transition and with anything that is happening in their life. There are two options for 1:1 sessions with me – 

  1. The Multidimensional Session – book here
  2. The Trance Channelling Session – book here

I’ll be able to share so much with you and help you prepare to receive an influx of light codes happening just especially for you in April. 

After April, I don’t know who I will be or what I will be doing. But one thing is certain – I will be a much-upgraded version of myself! So when I come back to New Zealand, the rebirth, I can tell you will be freaking out of this world. 


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