5D crystalline matrix

In this transmission, I am sharing more codes from the Sirian Star Race about the evolution of consciousness and more specifically psychic advancement. After reading this post, you will have a deeper understanding of how to connect to the 5D crystalline frequency of the Earth.

Before continuing it is important to first read 2 ways to enhance psychic abilities, which is a previous transmission from the Sirians. This transmission will give us many foundational keys around focusing the mind and concentration. These keys help us to reclaim the purity of the crystalline states of our mental system by emptying the mind with meditation and shifting density from the physical body with movement. By implementing these keys into our spiritual practice we will be vibrating at the highest level available and be in full alignment. This is how we can access the 5D crystalline matrix that I will be sharing in this post.

psychic advancement

Start with connecting to yourself first

Many students ask me how to connect with alternate life forms, star races, ascended masters, earth elementals and so on. It is exciting to be able to do this and it is what many of us truly desire. However, I always remind people to start with themselves first.

We must be able to draw our awareness within our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems. We must be able to understand who we are! And this is a lifelong journey, my friend. We are infinite multidimensional souls and so how could we possibly know everything there is to know about ourselves? 

We don’t! 

We learn to grow in power, consciousness and in sovereignty. The more we are anchored within our pillar of light, the easier it is to receive information from ourselves and to know where this information is coming from.

We receive information on Earth from a very wide bandwidth of frequencies

We have advanced masters walking the earth now and we have not-so-advanced masters here as well. We go from really dense 3D matrix programs to people who are anchoring the Golden Age of Miracles.

These are the ones reclaiming their sovereign, angelic divine frequencies. 

All of us are subjected to information that comes from one end or the other of this spectrum of frequencies. As we go through the Great Awakening, more people will struggle to be able to find where to receive information, what to believe and who to trust. This is part of the awakening process. And the awakening process doesn’t stop.

The evolution of consciousness is accelerating right now. We’re going to see more people having deeper awakening moments as we continue on this journey. These awakenings must be coupled with doing the inner work so we have more power and more sovereignty. Otherwise, awakenings will bring density as we clearly see all of the bad things happening in the world. 

This brings distortion, imbalance and can create anxiety and stress within our systems. This happens because we have simply opened our eyes for the first time and the wheels of illusion are being ripped apart right in front of us. This is why understanding the evolution of consciousness is crucial.

Meditation to embody more of our soul blueprint

You must meditate and come to a state where you feel soul-aligned to activate the codes shared in this transmission. If you need help with meditating and coming into soul alignment, I invite you to download my free 13-minute meditation for soul embodiment. Once we are in a state of meditation we can activate our connection to the highest level of information available on the planet to us now.


soul embodiment free meditation

Our column of ascension & the 3D matrix

5D crystalline matrix

In the graphic above, we have my depiction of us humans here on earth with our beautiful column of ascension or pillar of light. This connects us to the vertical axis below (the earth) and the vertical axis above (our oversoul network & Source frequency). When we are in full soul alignment, we are fully anchored in our column of ascension and fully present in our own energy on earth but also in the higher realms.

The ‘fog’ in the bandwidth of the 3D matrix

As you can see in the graphic above, we have this very thick layer surrounding the planet. This thick layer of fog, we can also call the motherboard, is the database of all the thoughts, actions and emotions emitted by humanity from the birth of creation, all the way to this day!

This thick layer of fog is like a web surrounding our planet and it is full of density, as you can imagine. There have been some pretty unpleasant things that have happened on this planet and all of it is present here. Due to the principle of quantum resonance, we attract what is a vibrational match to us. About 90% of humanity vibrates at a level that matches this dense bandwidth. So the information that most of humanity receives and shares is of low frequency. We, therefore, keep receiving and repeating programs and patterns from the 3D matrix.

For me, even though I do the work every day, every couple of days I still have to protect myself and clear my field. I do this to make sure that the information I receive isn’t coming from this bandwidth of density, the motherboard. 

5D crystalline matrix

All of us on Earth are connected to this bandwidth

No matter who you are or how advanced you are, if you are on earth you are connected to this layer of fog. This is because our column of ascension goes through it. No one is immune to receiving information from this layer of density.

At times, we will all receive information from the lower realms of the planet. When this happens, we need to check in and ask ourselves if we’re going to buy into it. We need to check in to see what the vibration of the information we are receiving is, and whether this information is coming internally from our own microcosm or externally from the macrocosm.

When information is perceived to be scary to the macrocosm a narrative of fear tends to persist through the collective. For example buying into the fear of a recession, the fear of disease and the fear of a lack of freedom and abundance. These patterns are how we get stuck in the bandwidth of density. When we find ourselves receiving this information and spiralling into fear and density, we stop and we continue to connect to our column of ascension.

5D crystalline matrix

Piercing through the density to the 5D crystalline matrix

Our column of ascension doesn’t stop at this layer of density around the planet, it keeps going much higher into the higher frequency matrix bandwidth. Remember there is a multitude of matrix systems, not just the 3D one we are all so familiar with. A matrix system is an organisation of information.

On Earth and in the layer above our planet, we have the 3D matrix system which is dense. However, on top of that, we have a more crystalline matrix system which is the 5D matrix. You can see this in the picture above which is represented by the band containing bright stars above the layer of fog. You can see the column of ascension piercing through the fog, to reach this crystalline bandwidth of information.

This crystalline matrix is fully present at all times. This 5D matrix is in quantum resonance with the heart of Gaia, of mother earth. Gaia is working on shifting her realm into these higher frequencies, so that most of us earthlings, you and I, will be fully connected to this 5D bandwidth of frequencies surrounding the planet.

We want to receive our information from the bandwidth of the 5D crystalline matrix

This is where I consciously choose to connect every single day. When I do this, it is much easier for me to see all of the infinite possibilities that are there for me to share my mission and be more connected to the people I want to serve. It helps me to be a better mother, friend, sister and a better person all around.

This bandwidth also gives me a direct connection to what it is that I am here on this planet to do as part of my mission of anchoring the new Golden Age. This information is extremely important and all of us have access to it. 

Many of us face challenges when trying to connect to the 5D matrix. We are plagued with feelings of unworthiness, comparisonitis, guilt, shame, regret and so on. All of these things make it very challenging for us to stay connected to that bandwidth. However, we do not need to be perfect and fully healed from our wounds and traumas to be able to access this information.

Healing is a lifelong journey 

There will always be more healing coming as you go through life, so we keep going. We don’t stop! The more we practise residing at the centre point of our fractal, which is our heart centre and continue to be the witness of our experience and remain the angelic presence behind our human, the more we will be connected to the 5D bandwidth of information.

This is how we accelerate the evolution of the human race and embody the codes of the Golden Age. We ALL have access to this 5D information and now we are being CALLED to receive this high-frequency information and no longer BUY into the dark low vibe bandwidth around the planet. This low vibe bandwidth is what keeps perpetuating cycles of fear, guilt, trauma and suffering. NO more we say!

Activate your column of ascension everyday

By staying fully anchored and activated in our column of ascension by maintaining a strong and consistent spiritual practice, we will be able to access this high-frequency information more effortlessly. This is why it is so important to start integrating the basic keys that the Sirians have shared with us around meditation and movement in my previous transmission about psychic enhancements.

soul embodiment free meditation

As we meditate we ask and request to see our pillar of light pierce through this dark layer of density. We ask it to keep going up until you perceive that you are fully connected to the bandwidth of 5D frequency information.

From this place, we will start observing many shifts in our life as we start to channel messages of crystalline purity. When we are a vibrational match to the crystalline 5D frequency, we open up remembrance pathways within our DNA that allow us to live a miraculous life. We become a walking miracle, we command miracles and we have the best freaking life that we can!


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