Excitement is an emotion felt in the range of possible frequencies available to us in this reality. Therefore, it coexists with its fractal reflection: despair.

Excitement is a shifter of frequencies that is there to remove lower frequencies holding us back in an outdated reality. By experiencing excitement, we are being given the chance to download an idea, a frequency from the quantum, and then to birth it to life. We are being offered a portal for ascension at a time where we are ready to create a new reality.

After that moment, that experience of the emotion, the fractal reflection of it will be automatically created: despair.

Despair is taking us in the lower quadrant of our reality to bring back a false sense of unity within the self.

Have you felt that before? Great excitement and then a few hours or days later, feeling really down, wondering why?

Our mind and physical self are not conscious of this process most of the time, about the fact that we navigate in the above and below fractal reflections at each and every single moment of creation.

Therefore, we identify ourselves with wide ranges of emotions and we create inner tension.

This movement of restriction, experienced after excitement, expansive movement, is proportionate to the latest. If we are not aware of the process, we often stay stuck in the lower quadrant for a long period of time, until we feel excitement again…

This is often the ups and downs experienced by humans. We navigate between these two fractal reflections, unaware that we are enslaved by this unconscious loop.

Now, you are receiving this Quantum Healing teaching, so you will learn how to anchor your unity point with greater mastery.

When you are expanding through excitement, observe the frequency of it. Allow it to exist and birth the crystal (idea, download) coming to reality through this portal of co-creation. When it lands, receive it with gratitude, express all that comes in words, in writing. Then, say ‘thank you for the experience’ and chose to shift your frequencies to higher ones residing within the spectrum of ‘peace’.

Take a walk in nature in silence and contemplation, meditate, make love to your partner in divine union… Find a way to experience peace and inner calm after the enthusiasm, therefore the fractal reflection below won’t exist.

The low will evaporated as you anchor yourself in the one unifying point of inner peace.

Peace is above fractal reflection for it is the unity point of all. Residing in Peace is the highest possible frequencies and the one we need to learn to anchor ourselves into, at every single moment offered to us.

This way, you will anchor yourself and your new creation in a new reality that you create in this very moment, as you enter in the Mastery of your reality.

This is advanced Quantum Healing transmitted from the Arcturians and Andromedans.

May you receive from your heart portal, entering a space of freedom from the unconscious waves of realities merging at each and every single moment of creation.



We were born to be free, reclaim the power within

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