the light has already won

I have been receiving many light codes of love and crystalline light recently, directly from God Source. I feel that this new form of light frequency is activating what is already there, in my crystalline DNA.

We all have crystalline DNA already residing within our physical structures. So, we can easily and effortlessly access it if we choose to surrender to grace and to the divine force that is already present within us. We are the fractal of God Source, the fractal of divine consciousness. 

We are on this journey individually to find this oneness that is already present within our cells. Also, we are on this journey to alchemise this oneness by feeling one with our external environment, our macrocosm.

The light is already there

It is potent for us to be able to access this frequency of light now! This is why I decided to call this transmission ‘The light has already won!’ because the light is there already. Remember, that it is always a return to the self that we are encouraged to embrace. This is the path of self-awakening, of self-empowerment. We are fractals of the divine, we already have the codes of that knowing residing within ourselves.

So why are we not fully embodying that yet? 

This is part of the dynamics that we are experimenting with now, through physicality. This is the great transition, the great awakening. Now, more than ever, we are being given and offered many tools for this process of self-empowered awakening of finding the light within.

the light has already won

Believing the narratives that empower us

Sometimes we hear narratives going on about galactic wars or wars in the collective. I will not be addressing this. We each believe what we feel we need to believe in. As long as it is an empowering process, then go for it! We also honour people’s sovereign choice to have different belief systems than ours.

We can also perceive the greater architecture of it all, that we all come from the light, both in our physical and non-physical realities. Within our physical reality, all the different polarities we observe are fractals of source consciousness having a unique experience. 

Our unique soul signature

Each of us has a unique soul signature, a unique algorithm of the soul. Our job is to simply find more of our sovereignty so we can reside within this unique soul algorithm. For that, we are being offered so many pathways of evolution.

As I channel and trance channel and activate my unique quantum soul signature, I am here to share a body of work that I have received access to. This is because I choose to align to my soul’s algorithm, to find more of my sovereignty and to co-create profoundly with my High Council.

The purpose of my High Council

My High Council is there to help me find more refinement around my alignment and sovereignty by sharing their teachings with me. They also help me understand the unique frequencies that I receive directly from Source consciousness. 

Why do I share these coded transmissions freely with the collective?

As I do this, I share this with you. These transmissions that I share freely on all my platforms are coded with certain light frequencies that are going to resonate directly with your soul, bypassing the limitations of your mind. It meets your heart centre, your soul, at the highest.

If it is of the highest alignment for you to receive these words, codes and frequencies now. It is going to allow you to activate this crystalline light inside of you, the one that is already there. 

It is through highly coded transmissions that I offer a pathway of spiritual evolution. I address the highest portion of our fractal and the centre point of our fractal, always! The centre point of our fractal is the heart portal. This represents love, trust, acceptance, divine surrendering into grace.

Quantum Resonance

These highly coded frequencies that I channel and share with you, resonate with your soul. This is because your soul resides in the light already. The crystalline plasma light that is present inside of you already resonates with these codes. This is quantum resonance! 

This is why so many people are more drawn to the teachings that I share with humanity. It is because it is activating inside of you what is already there and what your soul craves to feel, which is your own light. 

Every time you allow yourself to receive my transmissions from the heart, you allow your human self to go through an alchemical process. You literally remove density from your fractal. This includes past wounds, ancestral trauma, past life trauma, inner child trauma. We don’t need to go there anymore when we work with this principle of quantum resonance.

Why the light has already won

Sharing highly coded content that has been channeled from the highest level of crystalline light available now, is my service to humanity. The light has won already because the light is what we are. We are simply walking back into meeting that light that is already within us.

the light has already won

Receiving support to activate the light inside of you

I would love to invite you to walk this path by remembering that every time you feel that you are off track, go within. Ask that the crystalline light residing within you be activated. Pray more! Ask for support from God Source, from the divine feminine creatrix of all things and no-thing.

Ask to be unified with the field of consciousness that matches the highest levels of frequencies. Ask to be fully activated in your sovereignty. To be pure is your soul alignment. Use whatever words resonate with you, that make you feel that the light is being activated inside of you.

This is the alchemical fire of transformation and of divine union within the self. 

The dance of polarities

We simply experience polarities as the dance of life. These polarities are there to allow our fractal to dance with different expressions of the divine self that we already are. We can meet ourselves more with every breath that we take. We can meet other sovereign souls with every movement and experience that we choose to embrace.

Come and meet me there dear one, I am here for you and to hold these templates of crystalline light. The light has won already because we are empowering each other as we experience the great transition. 

My circle of teachings and transmissions

It is important for me to welcome you into my circle of love and into my circle of teachings, downloads and channeled content. 

If you choose to follow all my guidance, it will allow you to remove the hooks that prevent you from finding your own sovereignty. We want to be able to find our own unique soul alignment and embrace it. We get inspired by other leaders and teachers! I get inspired by high-frequency teachers, masters and star beings myself.

From there I receive my own teachings, it is activating my own remembrance. 

The light is all there is

The light has already won because the light is all there is. Love is encompassing of all things. Love is everything! It is inside this beautiful web of love that we all come from and will eventually return to. 

It can take a long time to return to the path of love, the place of grace. We can also feel that we are there instantly as we learn to merge more and more with deeper layers of who we are. We are powerful multidimensional beings. We are magnificent!

By finding pathways of reconnection within the self, we can be at one with divine love frequency. This is the finest refinement of clarity and grace residing within us. 

Please comment on this post and share with your friends if you feel they need to receive uplifting frequencies now. This message is there to boost all the light inside of us so that you feel it within every one of our cells! 

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the light has already won

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