the 4 primal codes

How can we align all areas of our lives, so we can accelerate our evolution and experience the best of life?

How does this relate to aligning with our quantum soul blueprint?

In this post, we are going deep into Quantum Architecture by using some simple and effective pathways to apply these teachings to our everyday lives.

The 4 primal codes are the foundation of all lives

The 4 primal codes are the foundation of life itself. All life forms have these codes within, but many people haven’t activated them in all dimensions of their lives.

When we start activating these 4 codes in all dimensions of our lives, we start to accelerate our evolution. All the planes of our existence start to align with our unique quantum soul blueprint, activating a huge vortex of expansion.

I have been downloading this body of work for some time now and it has changed my life. Now, my Galactic team and I are sharing it with the world! 

I feel called to share this unique content with you because last week I facilitated the very first event of my brand new Fractal Alchemy, 5D Quantum University and it was absolutely mind-blowing.

During the event, we refined our understanding of how to work with the 4 primal codes, and I just couldn’t wait to share this quantum architecture with more people. 

It is actually simple to understand and apply in our everyday lives. The results from this unique way of shifting our experiences have been tremendous. 

How did I come across this knowledge of the 4 primal codes?

I go through all sorts of really fascinating journeys in the quantum. On this particular journey, I was taken into a very unique place, where souls are being born. It was absolutely fascinating to witness! 

All of the codes and frequencies reside within oneness or God Source if you prefer. These frequencies dance together. 

Within these infinite amounts of codes, four codes are the primal frequencies of all of creation. All forms of existence on planet Earth and across the galaxies in the universe have these primal codes within them. 

This changes our entire perspective of co-creating with other humans, and also co-creating with advanced star races. We can really feel to a new extent, how much we are actually really in “this” is together.

The cosmic heart

When it comes to humans, we all have these 4 primal codes within us. But we each have 8 more codes. Together, these 12 codes are the intrinsic frequencies of a soul when it is born. These codes will influence the soul’s pathways of evolution through different time and space realities.

What I observed on my journey is the quantum is that when all of these codes come together, they create a cosmic heart. So we are literally born from the heart! 

The cosmic heart will take the time it needs to bring all of these codes together. It will create more connections between all of these frequencies until the cosmic heart evolves and expands into a soul frequency that can choose to go on a journey. This frequency is our unique quantum soul blueprint.

The new soul needs to choose where to incarnate first. It could be on planet Earth, but it could also be on Sirius B or Arcturus!

The primal codes simplified

In Fractal Alchemy, we go deep into the unique quantum soul blueprint that we each have so we can really activate all of our codes and much further than that. We learn to activate all facets of our lives from these 4 primal codes, so we can really bring our unique soul mission to planet Earth.

Everything that I teach is very advanced in the realms of Quantum Architecture, but one of my magical tools is that I can break it down and simplify things. This keeps the learnings grounded and easy to embody as a human. 

Because yes, it is awesome to be able to talk to aliens and talk about complicated quantum technology, but if it doesn’t bring any changes in our everyday lives, what difference does it make?

For this post, I would like to share with you something that is really practical and that you can take home with you and practice.

I really encourage you to apply what you learn today. Grab a pen and paper and take notes!

The 4 primal codes

The 4 primal codes are:

  1. Love
  2. Freedom
  3. Abundance
  4. Connection 


Love is the very first code because it is what we come from and what we return to. Love is a frequency that infuses everything that we do. This includes how we are with ourselves and others and with our thoughts and our environment. There are many facets to Love, such as romance, parenthood, friendships, loving our pets, loving ourselves and so on…


Freedom is the ability to feel the movement of expansion in all that we do, in all that we are. We are free in our physical body because we exercise and are healthy. We are free in a partnership because we know our boundaries and honour the ones of our beloved. We are free to travel, to create a new business, to move house etc. Freedom is felt from within and aligned actions anchor it in our reality with greater depths.


The abundance code is to be aligned on all levels, in all facets of our lives. We can think about abundance in turns of money but also as an abundance of time, of fun, joy, connection, adventure and so on. It is the deep knowing that there is an unlimited amount of these frequencies available for each human, always. 


When it comes to the primal code of connection, let’s consider all its facets. It is very hard to be really happy if we are not connected to ourselves and we don’t know who we are. If we are disconnected from the self, we don’t know what we need to feel happy. There is also the need to be connected to our planet, to our friends, to our children and to our parents. If we are not connected, then we can feel lonely.

Now, check out this graphic below to understand how to align all aspects of your life to these 4 primal codes, so you can increase your connection to your unique quantum soul blueprint.

4 primal codes


Using the graphic above, take a pen and paper and prepare yourself to be fully honest, so you can align all dimensions of your life and increase your connection to your quantum soul blueprint.

At the centre of the graphic, place an area of your life, such as ‘romance’, ‘friends’, ‘children’, ‘physical body’, ‘work life’, or any other area of your life. Then, observe how this area connects to each one of the 4 primal codes.

For example, it could be ‘parenthood’.

I observe a strong Love for my child, it’s obvious to me, I feel it deeply, I know it with all my being.

But then, when I connect it to freedom, I realise that I often feel a lack of freedom when they are around. They need a lot of my attention and I simply can’t do what I’d like, it’s frustrating.

Also, sometimes I feel that the day goes so fast that I had no time for myself, no time to play with them and listen to their stories because I was running around doing a thousand things. Therefore, an abundance of time isn’t really anchored.

Then, I do what I can to stay connected to them. But I also honestly know that I could do a lot better, by putting my phone down for example and play a board game with them.

By doing this exercise, I consciously realise that the area of ‘parenthood’ in my life isn’t fully aligned to the 4 primal codes.

I don’t beat myself up, certainly not!!! I am here, in this life, to learn and grow, and this is a process.

Using this exercise to find aligned actions

From doing this exercise, I can consciously take aligned action to anchor me more deeply in myself and increase my frequencies.

I might choose to play a board game with them for an hour with no distraction. This will increase our connection and time moves more slowly when I focus on one this at a time. I will feel more abundant because I will create time to be with them. I will also let them know that after the game, I will put my earphones on for 20 minutes and meditate, so I connect to myself and I feel free!

I would like to encourage you to do this exercise in all areas of your life. This will allow you to see how deeply aligned you are to the 4 primal codes, and which areas of your life require more of your attention.

This exercise is there to help us increase our frequencies and align deeply to our soul, on all levels.

By bringing all aspects of who we are together in alignment, we will create a huge acceleration of our evolution. 

We are not trying to reach perfection, but rather to embrace this practice with the frequencies of joy and playfulness!

The 4 codes’ intrinsic alignment with each other

The codes of Love, freedom, abundance and connection dance together to amplify our frequency and collapse timelines that are not aligned to our highest good. For example, let’s take abundance.

Abundant money wants to have an amazing relationship with all the other codes. So abundant money has to be fully aligned to freedom. Money needs to be free to be fully aligned to love. I love money so much that I just want money to be around me all the time because money is awesome.

When I have all of this money in my life, I am free. I am freer than I have ever been before because I can give. With all of this abundance of money, I can give to all the people I love, which increases the connection I have in my life.

This is when we can start observing the beautiful dance of these 4 primal codes together.

The embodiment of quantum teachings

If you are looking at really going to the next level with your life, it often starts with the most basic embodiment of Advanced Quantum teachings. It is about embodying in all aspects of your life the foundation around these primal codes of love, freedom, abundance and connection.

Our everyday life is our spiritual life!

A lot of people separate their everyday life from their spiritual life, but actually, there is no difference between the two. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

We are going to keep on experimenting with life until we actually integrate the lessons.

We can accelerate our evolution with self-study, love and compassion and non-judgment. We simply observe the area of growth and work on bringing higher degrees of alignment.

Remember to be patient and to also really be detached. Don’t project any outcomes onto an experience arising in your field, especially negativity.

Let’s take the example of toxic relationships

Maybe you are always calling a similar type of person as a partner, and always leaving the relationship with a broken heart and bitter taste in the mouth.

We bring mirrors into our life, so they can reflect our areas of growth. It is as simple as that. What they say, what they do, what they project and what we project all leads to the same purpose: evolution.

When we are manifesting these toxic relationships without knowing how these things are happening. Then the experience keeps on being repeated over and over and over again. We start feeling trapped and often wondering what is wrong with us and the world. 

When we place that in the centre of the square and observe how it aligns to the 4 primal codes, it will be extremely revealing…

For some of us, we have zero connection with ourselves, so we must have a partner to feel pretty, to feel desirable, to feel that we are worth it.

We also have zero connection with abundance if we feel the need to have a partner so life is ‘easier’. We get to pay the bills together and save money by living under the same roof. But actually, space might be needed and be very beneficial. 

There is zero connection to freedom because we are scared that he cheats on us and therefore follow his every move and wonder if he’s thinking of someone else. We aren’t free because we are trapped by our fears, and we also trap the other person that we love.

Even sometimes, we aren’t actually in Love with that person… We need someone in our life to feel some kind of love. But really, it is like a small patch trying to fix a big hole within our heart.

Take full responsibility for your life!

Doing this exercise will allow you to take full responsibility for your lives and give you guidance on what to align first, by looking at what area of your life has the least amount of codes connected to it. 

This is a powerful pathway to evolution!

Play with the 4 primal codes and apply each of these codes to your unique experiences!

If you are interested, you’ll be happy to know that you can study advanced Quantum Architecture such as this one, and much more in Fractal Alchemy, 5D Quantum University!

If you feel called to know more, I would love for you to book a discovery call with me to discuss whether Fractal Alchemy is fully aligned for your soul at this time. I will channel any guidance that is needed. 

You can find more information about this 18-month codex in the Fractal Alchemy 5D Quantum University Brochure

If you are a light leader, a missioned soul here to serve. I would love to chat with you!

May you stay connected to love, abundance, freedom and connection in everything that you do because you are a magnificent being!

We were born free, reclaim the power within!


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4 primal codes



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