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For some time, I have felt very called to share a beautiful meditation and activation to help us embody more of our soul blueprint. 

I share a lot about how to anchor in the divine and how to connect with our own sovereign soul blueprint. I realised that there is no such thing as experiencing it for ourselves!

I love guiding my students on many different journeys in the quantum. As we travel in the quantum, we travel within our microcosm, inside our own body or we can travel in the macrocosm, outside of our own body

People often imagine that when we do these guided quantum journeys we leave our body and travel out in the galaxy, but I always work from a place of sovereign embodiment

This means we are always very grounded in this reality so we activate more of our soul blueprint. This allows us to embody our purpose, our mission and change humanity! 

We can, together, weave webs of divine light around the planet! 

We are not here to leave this Earth plane. We are here to be anchored on Earth at the highest level. 

We are here to have a great life! 

Join me to experience more of your essence in this reality through this 15-minute quantum journey. This is going to give us a renewed sense of connection with ourselves and increase our inner peace, faith, confidence, courage and strength for the journey ahead.

When we connect to our unique soul blueprint, we feel a sense of renewal in our energy. We also feel inspired to continue our journey and continue with our mission. 

This can also help us tap more into our creativity, improve our relationships, manifest a beautiful home and follow our dreams!

I always tell my students to come back to themselves. I ask them ‘who are you? why are you here? how do others feel around you? what is your soul’s anchors? what is your soul’s essence?’

Find out about your soul anchors with an exercise here!

souls anchors

Know thyself and you shall find peace. 

We should be in peace all the time! This meditation is going to be wonderful for finding peace within and actualising a higher level of our identity. 

We are the ones who can choose to bathe in the crystalline essence of who we truly are. 

We are the ones that make decisions each day. 

We are the ones that can choose differently so we can align our life with the magnificent beings that we know we are.

I love this meditation and I trust you will love it as well!! I know that many people find these techniques revolutionary, so please share this free meditation around with your friends, fellow lightworkers and starseeds.

Integrate this meditation into your practice so you can do it on your own

Once you know this meditation, you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own space. It takes only 10-15 minutes and you will be blasted with very high frequencies! 

These high frequencies are very easy to integrate within our systems because these frequencies are our own. 

We bathe in the purest essence of what we are. 

It doesn’t get much better than that!

Free meditation audio download!

Listen to this beautiful meditation again and again from the comfort of your own sacred space with ease.

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free meditation soul blueprint

Before beginning this meditation…

I invite you to sit up in a comfortable position. This is recommended over lying down so you don’t fall asleep. 

If you fall asleep or pass out, don’t worry, you can do the meditation again when you are more awake. The more you do these activations and transmissions, the stronger your energy field will get and the more you will be able to stay fully conscious!  

Also, know that even if you are conscious you are still receiving codes and activations but just in a more subconscious way.

Learn more by reading this post on the energetic biology of receiving advanced quantum teachings!




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free meditation soul blueprint

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